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13 Essentials Of A 2022 Gym Website

Customer Success Team
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We know running a gym is not as simple as it seems. It's a very competitive market out there. It takes a lot of effort to acquire new members. To raise awareness and interest in your gym, you must promote it well.

So, what's the best way to get people in the door? But before that, you mustn’t forget that you also have to be able to win them over with your facilities and services once they walk in the door.

Your gym's website is a vital part of making a strong first impression and is one of the greatest marketing tools. However, not every gym website is equal. The best fitness website designs stand out from the crowd, serving current and potential members better. So, without wasting any time, let's break down the elements that make up a great fitness website.

01. Responsive & Engaging Design

A great website has a user-friendly interface. This implies that the user should be able to use the gym website design without having to think about it. The user experience includes a responsive design. This means that your fitness website should be mobile-friendly and adapt to the user's device automatically. For those unfamiliar with the concept of responsive fitness web design, it simply implies that a website looks attractive and functions effectively on mobile and tablet devices as well as desktop computers. It's important to have a responsive website, especially for fitness-related firms.

Also, a professional and eye-catching web design may make a huge difference in the value of your website. A stunning gym website design reveals who you are to visitors, encourages them to stay longer, and eventually converts them into members of your gym. Never underestimate the impact of a well-designed website. When it comes to making a good first impression, the look and feel of your website must appeal to your potential clients.

02. Client Testimonials

Visitors of your fitness website want to know whether you have a good gym or not, and they aren't going to take your words for it that's something inevitable. To build trust and confidence in your gym, they need to see other people saying good things about it.

How frequently do you read the reviews when a new film is released? What about a product you're planning to purchase online? You always do, right?  There are reviews for restaurants, movie theatres, clothes stores, and any other product or service sold.

Add a page to your gym website where you can share all of your gym's good reviews with visitors. These are reviews from Facebook, Google Plus, Yelp, and other sites. Of course, you must first get the reviews in order to manifest them. Request your members to post a review the next time they visit your gym. Learn to create a gym survey that holds the power to retail clients.

03. Appealing & Optimized Home Page

The home page acts as your gym's virtual front door. It is responsible for a great deal of your website's traffic. Despite its popularity, many gyms fail to effectively optimize it.

Your gym website, you see, has to wear a number of hats. Rather than considering it as a specialized landing page focused on a single activity, it should be developed to cater to a variety of audiences and origins. And, in order to do so successfully, it must be built with intention. To put it another way, you'll need to include components that attract visitors, educate them, and encourage conversions in your gym. Make use of appealing features, interface, fonts, and colors to attract more traffic to your fitness website.

04. Descriptive services Page

A page on your fitness website that lists the courses and services you provide along with some additional information about it is a great way to attract new members. Because different individuals interpret words and phrases differently, being clear can assist prospects and members understand exactly what a class entails.

If you're teaching HIIT classes, mention how difficult they'll be, how long they'll last, and what kind of experience the clients would need. Overpromising and underdelivering is the most common way to let your prospects and members down. To make the most of your fitness website’s services page, mention every tiny service you offer along with full-fledged details.

05. Contact us Page

This may seem something obvious, but you'd be surprised how many businesses FORGET TO INCLUDE THEIR CONTACT INFORMATION. You've certainly seen these types of businesses and have been irritated by them, especially when you want to get in touch with them.

You should have many options for clients to contact you, including a prominent "Contact Us" page that is linked throughout the gym website, and if you're a local business (with a physical presence or an emphasis on local clients), your address and phone number should definitely be posted on every page of your fitness website (preferably in the header for your phone number).The following is a list of the necessary contact information you must have on your gym website:

— Contact Number

— Business email

— Address (If you don't have a physical address, at least provide the city/state)

— Social Media Links

06. Lead Forms

If you want to grow your gym business, you definitely need embedded lead forms in your gym website. Lead forms allow visitors of your website to fill out a form with fields such as Name, Email, and Phone. These forms can be as basic as a contact us form, where you are just handed the individual's contact information to follow up on, or they might contain unique offers such as an e-book or a free trial membership in return for their contact information. The shorter the form, the better. People are far more likely to fill out a form with only a few fields than one with five or more. Instead of using phrases like "submit," use action words in your call to action. Now, follow up on the leads you've received through your lead form!

07. Class Booking and Schedules

A printed class schedule is available at most gyms and fitness facilities. Others provide members with a printed schedule that they can take with them. That's fantastic for your current members, but what about potential clients that plan to come to your gym?

Online class booking and schedules are the other two essential elements that must be available on your gym website. They may check the timing and determine if it is convenient for them to use your services at their chosen time on your fitness website itself. With online class bookings, they may also register for a class online on your website which is also beneficial to your current members.

Online class booking has become the necessity of every fitness website now as the clients want convenience and wouldn't want to visit your studio just to book a class. Make sure your clients get everything in a few simple clicks on your fitness website. Have a look at how easy it is to automate your memberships and other business tasks with Bookee.

08. Online Store

When people are in the gym, they want to feel and look their best. We're not psychologically engaged if we don't look our best and are comfortable in what we wear to the gym. The best gym websites are now addressing this concern by creating their own custom-designed apparel lines — a win-win scenario that increases customer loyalty while also promoting the studio to potential new clients.

It's a fantastic idea to integrate an e-commerce platform on your gym website if you offer health and fitness products. Make discovering and paying for things as simple as possible for visitors. If you own a gym, you may sell protein powders, branded water bottles, and track pants. Visitors should be able to quickly explore the site and make purchases. Selling branded health & fitness items might help you generate more revenue for your gym. Here’s how Jane is selling more than she can handle with her online store at Bookee.

09. Irresistible calls to action

A call to action s the most important thing you'll need while building a fitness website. Without it, the majority of your efforts will be completely wasted. What is it that you want individuals to do when they come to your gym website? Even if you enjoy giving things away for free, the actual reason is that you have a service or product that would benefit them that you are prepared to trade for financial gain.

Your call to action should be simple, easy to read, and repetitive. The visitor should not be confused about what you want them to accomplish. A good gym website design and copy both contribute to irresistible calls to action that encourage users to take action on each page of your gym website.

10. Member Portal

In the digital era, member satisfaction is dependent on flexibility, efficiency, and convenience. A member management portal gives your gym website an extra layer of usefulness. A member portal enables your members to manage their own memberships, change payment information, monitor their bookings, and simplify their tasks in a few clicks. This simplifies your administrative operations while also giving your members total control over their membership options. Members may cancel appointments online and get automatic class reminders through a member portal on your gym website, which also helps to decrease the no-shows.

A member portal is essential while building a fitness website for your gym to keep up in the competitive market.

11. Fresh & SEO Optimized Content

All of the pages on your fitness website should be thoroughly optimized for search engines. SEO not only improves your search engine rankings but also improves the whole user experience. Adding fresh and relevant content, as well as optimizing for mobile and search engines enhances your website's performance. One of the most important advantages of SEO is that it assists you in attracting high-quality visitors. When someone who is actively searching for the service your gym provides or a content piece of your blog comes across in their search, it establishes trust and generates a high-quality lead. This person already gets interested in the content and services that you provide.

To stay current and relevant, you'll need high-quality visuals and fresh fitness website ideas. You will rank better if you have good pictures that are real and relevant. As we all know, the content will always be the king.

12. VODs and Live Streaming

With COVID being another constant factor of the clients' changing demands, almost all businesses of every nature went hybrid. A sophisticated fitness web design must be integrated with digital workout videos and live streaming schedules as it is imperative to suit the flexibility of the clients and make memberships of your gym easily available. Check out how Bookee does this in a few simple clicks.

With a 'Start trial' button, you may attract customers to use your videos on demand right now. If your physical gym is currently closed, the majority of visitors will most likely be directed to your online platform. Thus, it is really important to have a hybrid business set up on your fitness website so that your revenues don't stop coming even if your physical sessions shut down due to unforeseeable circumstances.

13. Secure Hosting

Your gym website must assure the safety of its visitors in order to turn them into your loyal clients. Privacy and security are important subjects, and you must protect your clients' information at all costs. If your website has a booking feature and a member portal, you'll almost certainly be storing payment information and other sensitive information. E-commerce fraud is growing more widespread in the realm of online payments. You would need a secure fitness website that safeguards all member information and payment information.

Learn to create a good first impression in just 7-seconds

FACT: We have a seven-second attention span, therefore it's critical to attract the interest of your fitness website visitors right away.

Your gym website has seven seconds to grasp the attention of your traffic by explaining who you are, what you do, and for whom you do it.  Make sure you’ve every element which is in the list above on your gym website to ensure they have an ultimate user experience in just 7-seconds. The top gym websites make it very obvious what their homepage is for. You could also try to make a video for your home page with a brief, catchy title. Don't go too far out of your comfort zone or be too quirky.

The concept is to give 7 seconds to a person who visits your gym website to figure out what your gym does by looking at the homepage of your website. If they don't accomplish it in these seven seconds, then it's possible that you need to make some changes to your website.

The modern fitness website features have entered the market and if you don't have those on your website then there are chances of your lagging behind in the competitive market. It's crucial for your gym website to have those in 2022 and Bookee offers you the much-needed highly attractive website integration of these features that seamlessly fit into your existing gym website design. Go through the top fitness websites powered by Bookee to see how we do it.  Book a demo with us to turn your website into a client-magnet.

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