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Product Thrusday- Personalize your client experience with Bookee forms

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Are you tired of manually collecting forms from your clients at your studio? Frustrated with not having all the necessary information as your customer relationship starts to build? Say goodbye to these hassles with our latest feature

Bookee Forms

Let's dive straight into it. Bookee Forms is your magic bullet for customer interactions. Whether you need to screen your clients' fitness level through self-assessment forms or have specific courses for your well-accomplished clients, Bookee Forms has got your back. Running a teacher training program? Fret not! Cut down on your workload with Bookee's automated forms that gather all the essential details you need.

Our favorite part?

You can automate the form-fill process through triggers such as membership sign-ups or course purchases. This feature not only saves you time from managing physical forms but also offers an attractive, digital experience to your customers. You can either embed the form onto your website or send it directly to your clients' email with zero fuss.

How to set up

  • Just open your CRM settings, select ‘Create Form,’
  • Choose the type of form you want, either Activity or Embed.
  • Build your form with easy drag-and-drop features.

Importantly, all the data collected through the form is stored securely in your CRM customer profiles.In summary, Bookee Forms is all about efficient, automated, and personalized customer interaction. Give it a try today and see how it revamps your business.Plain and simple, it’s about time you get your business on its digital A-game. Don’t lag behind, get ahead with Bookee Forms. Let the transformation begin!

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