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Increase bookings of fitness business with BookeeIncrease revenue of fitness business with Bookee
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Bookee is for you. And you only.

Whether you're a single instructor live streaming on Zoom OR a brand spread across countries - Bookee is built to help you find your version of success.

All in one

All the simple and advanced business management tools in one subscription.

Easy to use

No code software designed to impress your clients by giving your business a million dollar look.

Virtual tools

Seamless live streaming & video on demand integrations into your services.

Great support

We care for you. Our mission is to help you find your version of success.

Live streaming & on demand

Be where you clients want you to be

Meet the power of one
No more multiple logins and memberships for your clients. Bundle live classes and VOD together, and organise everything on a single pricing page.
Happy clients
Make your brand a reality
Beautiful websites and customer apps that will make your brand stand out.
Master the art of upsell
From group classes to appointments; and in-person to live — Bookee has everything you need to start growing your business.

Your clients will love this!

Bookee Branded Customer Mobile App
Customer Mobile App

Stunning branded apps

Branded customer apps that are crafted to delight your clients at each step. All our pricing plans include branded mobile apps as standard.

Increase bookings
Increase your bookings
Increase volume and frequency of your bookings by driving 95% of your member bookings from the branded app.
Ring fence your community
Stop losing members to apps that steal clients from you and promote your competitors. Retain every member with your own branded member app.
Love message
Get closer to your members
Get 4x better engagement with push notifications, don’t let your messages end up in promotions or spam.
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Website Mobile ReponsiveFitness Business Website
Website Integration

Clean website design

Elevate your brand and convert more visitors. Time to say goodbye to - widgets, external checkout pages and your website developer. This is the way forward.

Monetise social media
Take clients from Facebook or Instagram to a booked class in 2 clicks. Drive sales and bookings with unique links for each class.
Win trust and eyeballs
Allow clients to book, purchase, manage account - without ever leaving your website.
Convert more visitors
Smart multi-page integrations that take visitors from first visit to signup & purchase faster.
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Christiane The Space BodyMind Fitness Business Owner

To my great surprise I not only found a software that met all my needs and streamlined my business, but I found people who actually care about what we are developing..

Christiane Piano, The Space BodyMind
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We will help you -


Get new customers

Make your studio stand out amidst intense competition. Combine our in-studio & virtual tools to build a brand that the world values.

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    Website integration
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    Referral program
  • Tick Icon
    Gift cards
  • Tick Icon
    Trial memberships
  • Tick Icon
    Lead funnels
  • Tick Icon
    Lead email automation
  • Tick Icon
    Discount codes

Manage your business

Let our software handle the managerial side of your studio while you spend time getting creative with your classes.

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    Classes & workshops
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    Live streaming
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    Video on demand
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    Waitlists & booking policy
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    Customer tags & timeline
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    Point of sale
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    Payment gateway
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    Recurring memberships
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    Email notifications
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    SMS notifications

Grow your brand

Supercharge your studio’s growth by offering existing customers a great experience and pulling in new ones by the power of social media.

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    Branded member apps
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    Push notifications
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    Reports & analytics
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    Mailchimp integration
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    Franchise setup
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    Regional memberships
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    Multiple timezones
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    Staff roles & permissions

Worried about switching? We will do that while you sleep.

Our onboarding has been labelled as "TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE" by business owners like you.

We move all your data overnight, so that you wake up to happier clients.
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    Move all your data overnight
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    Zero business down time
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    Totally free

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