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Product Thursday: Introducing Journeys to make your marketing effortless

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My best friend Robin’s great grandmother was in denial and shock (that’s how she put it in one of her letters) – for she thought climbing the stairs of Tennessee State Capitol back in 1908 put her above and beyond other grannies her age.

That was her ‘flex’ as we call it today. But that day, on the 1st of October 1908 Henry Ford’s automobile company had two plans. One was to create history and the other was to stab Robin’s great grandmother’s flex to the ground.

The Model-T Image courtesy: History(dot)com

The Model-T was the first-ever automobile that was mass-produced for the everyday American. It was made possible by Henry Ford’s vision and the toil of thousands of engineers and shop-floor workers. They demonstrated Model-T’s prowess by having it climb the stairs of Tennessee State Capitol and reach the top of Pikes Peak.

This was only possible because of engineering-led automation.

And almost 116 years later, engineers and designers at Bookee decided to shake up Robin’s great grandmother’s vintage soul once again – by creating the most powerful marketing automations for fitness studios like yours.

Introducing, “Journeys”

Journeys will make your marketing effortless. Traditional tools and manual efforts are both fossils now – old, buried and looked down upon – quite literally.

With Journeys you can now visualize and optimize your marketing campaigns. “It’s intuitive and user-friendly” – we’re highlighting this because our Head Of Engineering wouldn’t stop raving about it.

Journeys is a powerful new feature that allows you to create automated email sequences and workflows through a simple drag-and-drop interface.

This tool gives you a clear, visual representation of your entire marketing strategy from welcoming new clients to nurturing long-term relationships.

What makes it brilliant?

  1. Works the way you imagine it:
    With the drag-and-drop interface, building your email workflows is easy. Connect different actions, conditions and events to create a seamless client journey. Visualize every step and make adjustments to ensure your communications are always on point.

    Megan’s yoga tribe automated review collection and started ranking top on Google with a 3-step implementation. {Image of the journey}

  1. Talks to your customers like a human:
    Create highly personalized experiences for your clients. Whether you're welcoming new members, promoting special classes, or re-engaging inactive clients – Journeys allows you to tailor every interaction based on individual behaviors and preferences.

  1. Gets things done:
    Automate your email sequences with precision using advanced triggers and conditions. Set up workflows based on client actions such as class bookings, membership renewals, or specific engagement triggers. Ensure your messages are timely, relevant, and impactful.

Journeys prove that it can happen without you spending time or your money

How Studios Are Using Journeys:

  • Megan’s yoga tribe automated review collection and started ranking top on Google with a simple 3-step implementation.

  • Templeshape studio increased their revenue from new signups by 28.4% and the journey setup took like 94 seconds.

    See how you can do it too!

How to Get Started

Getting started with Journeys is simple:

Head to your CRM > Marketing Tab > Journeys

Create Your Workflow: Use the drag-and-drop editor to start building your automation. Add triggers, actions, and conditions to map out your email sequences.Launch and Optimize: Make adjustments as needed to maximize engagement and conversions.

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