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Bookee vs Acuity

Acuity is great if you're looking for software for appointment scheduling. However, it's not great for managing class bookings and courses, nor will it help you with waitlists, payroll, and marketing.

But there’s bookee for everything Acuity can’t do.

Built with bookee

Top reasons why Acuity clients are switching to bookee

Critical features

Acuity is not designed for fitness businesses. It lacks essential features like a branded booking app, POS, VOD, payroll management & marketing tools. All of which are included with bookee.


Acuity lacks waitlist management and automated cancellation charges, resulting in a loss of revenue. Bookee's automated waitlist and cancellation management ensures that you never lose money on an unfilled spot.


Acuity's calendar is hard to use and lacks important features. Bookee's calendar allows you to easily view your schedule by day, week, and instructor, and also let’s walk-in customers check in, submit attendance, and make bookings.


Acuity only allows bookings from their app, and doesn't provide data on the number of bookings. Bookee offers a Branded App, which typically generates 88% of bookings.

Customer support

Acuity's support is only available via email, which can lead to hours of frustration. In contrast, bookee offers the fasest support via phone, text, or email.

Excited to know what bookee can do for your business?

Okay, let's make it easier for you!

Business Function
Lead Management

Without lead management, you’ll be unable to track and target your leads, making it difficult to acquire new customers

Access Management

Without access management, You or your staff will spend hours keeping a check on your clients’ access eligibility


Without a proper POS in place, you are susceptible to regular payment failures, leading to bad customer experience & increased workload on front desk manager

Payroll Management

If your software lacks this, you’ll either spend hours calculating & disbursing salaries manually or you’ll have to settle for a payroll software that’s not made for fitness businesses


Without the option to substitute instructors, you run the risk of cancelling classes, hence revenue loss, due to instructor unavailability

Task Management

Absence of Task Management leads to staff missing out on performing critical tasks because they’ve no idea about who’s responsible

Website & Apps

Branded App & website are the primary sources of getting bookings, hence are sacrosanct for driving sales

Memberships & Subscriptions

Memberships & subscriptions are the easiest and surest ways to generate recurring revenue from your customers. Imagine not having that option of assured earnings on the table.

Contracts & Waivers

With contracts & waivers not built-in, you’ll have to look for a separate integration to avoid legal risks, which is an unnecessary hassle you can avoid

Marketing & Growth
Email Marketing

Email marketing is a great tool for driving acquisition, retention, and revenue. Without it, you miss out or have to use something like Mailchimp, which can be a pain.

2-way SMS

If 2-way SMS is missing from your suite, you are losing the opportunity to personalize communication and resolve client issues instantaneously

In-app Notifications

Not using in-app notifications means missing out on the best way to provide timely information to clients, failing to upsell and cross-sell, and losing revenue.

Customer Analytics

Without monitoring customer behavior, you cannot know if your efforts are bringing in new customers or how engaged your customers are with you.

Don’t take our word for it
higher sales
Pole & Dance
new revenue
Booster Transform
more client visits
The Pilates Vault
"I am constantly growing"
- Jennifer, The Pilates Vault
”Just there for me and what I need”
- Nam, Tree of life studios
”We are super happy”
- Maria, Big Day Fitness
”Your app rocks”
- Jennifer, The Pilates Vault
“Bookee is a blessing”
- Tracy, Cert Fitness
”Complete upgrade from our last software”
- Alethea, The Chrome Bar

“bookee is a blessing”

- Tracy, Cert Fitness

”I am constantly growing”

- Jennifer, The Pilates Vault

”We are super happy”

- Maria, Big Day Fitness

”bookee is so easy and effortless!”

- Cicelee, Mandala Yoga

”Your app rocks”

- Bobby, Big Day Fitness

”So responsive to everything”

- Malauie, Soul Movement Yoga

”Complete upgrade from our last software”

- Alethea, The Chrome Bar

”Everything is neat, nice looking and customer friendly.”

- Damien, Booster Transform

”Just there for me and what I need”

- Nam, Tree of life studios

Fastest to onboard & support you


Your memberships, cards on file, reservations — everything will be moved to Bookee overnight.

No dedicated onboarding support

Disjointed training experience

Dedicated Onboarding Manager

Unlimited 1:1 training


Get priority support from a team aligned with your business goals.

Wait for hours & days for support

Explain the same problem multiple times

Go through countless workarounds


Get support in minutes

Speak to the same person each time

bookee listens, cares, and builds for you


These studios have increased their revenue by 2.4x within 12 months of joining Bookee, when will you?

✅  We train your team on Bookee

✅  We clean and move your data from acuity software

✅  We update your website pages - schedule, pricing, signup, etc

✅  We build & launch your branded apps - both iOS & Android

✅  We migrate your business overnight - no business downtime

✅  We assign a dedicated business consultant - expert in your business

... wait, there's more

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