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Bookee vs Mindbody

We loved Mindbody. It was great in 2010.
But in 2022, it's losing you money.
  • Why choose Bookee?
  • Feature rich
  • Easy to use
  • Great member
  • Honest pricing
  • Fast support
  • Growth tools

What makes Bookee special?

Design your clients
will love
Feature-rich and clutter-free? We say YES! So will your members ❤️
Support that
cares for you
Speak to the same support person each time who understands your business
60% less
We don't like to say better, faster, cheaper — but that is the truth

Let's make it easier for you!

Mindbody’s long list of features & paid integrations will leave you confused and frustrated.
As for Bookee, every new feature is brewed in-house and designed such that it finds you just when you need it.
Delightfully easy to use
No third party integrations needed
No hidden charges, no commissions
Saved card info with your business
Link free zoom integration
Apps to increase retention & upsell
Client expErience :
Fully branded client experience
Client logins with your business
Website built for marketing
Beautiful branded apps from $89
Support :
Go live in 24 hours
Unlimited 1:1 training & support
Speak to the same person each time
We listen, care and build for you
Clunky & difficult
Multiple paid integrations needed
Hidden charges & commissions
Saved card info with Mindbody
Buggy & expensive live streaming
App promotes your competitors
Client expErience :
Broken website experience
Clients frustrated with Mindbody login
20% new clients drop off on website
Outdated & expensive apps for $499
Support :
2 months of training
Slow and unresponsive support
Explain same problem multiple times
Countless workarounds
“I talked to all the other software to compare. Bookee feels like they are just there for me and what I need.”
Bookee Testimonial
Nam Joti K.
Owner at Kundalini Yoga

Prices that are great for your mind & body

No hidden charges ever. Pinky swear 💅
  • Plans
  • Savings 💸
  • Mindbody Ultimate /
    Bookee Pro
  • Ultimate
  • Pro
  • 60%
  • Mindbody Ultimate Plus /
    Pro + Branded apps
  • Ultimate Plus
  • Pro + Apps
  • 52%
  • Plans
  • Savings 💸
  • Mindbody Accelerate /
    Bookee Essential
  • Accelerate
  • Essential
  • 65%

    Move all your data from Mindbody for FREE

    Sit back and relax!
    Your memberships, cards on file, future reservations — everything will be moved to Bookee just the way you want it.
    Your onboarding specialists will make sure we miss nothing.
    “Bookee is sleek and easy, a complete upgrade from our last software.”
    Alethea A.
    Owner at The Chrome Bar

    90% of Bookee clients are ex-Mindbody

    Bookee RatingBookee RatingBookee RatingBookee RatingBookee Rating
    “I was with Mindbody for about 20 years. The accessibility, being able to talk to an executive at any point of time, that Bookee provides is unheard of. “
    Bookee RatingBookee RatingBookee RatingBookee RatingBookee Rating
    “I have used Mindbody for a very long time and I never loved the experience. Bookee is so efficient that I almost never have an empty machine. “
    Bookee RatingBookee RatingBookee RatingBookee RatingBookee Rating
    “Bookee has been so responsive to everything and the product is very clean. It is so much better than the other options out there. “

    Make the switch tonight!

    No business downtime — you go to sleep on Mindbody and wake up to Bookee.
    ✅ Dedicated onboarding champion
    ✅ Zero switching costs
    ✅ 0% data loss
    Best support in fitness and wellness industry

    Your passion.
    Our purpose.

    Learn how we can help you impress clients, increase your revenue, and save time.
    Thank you for opening my eyes sensei
    I will go with Mindbody
    Spend $499 and then come back to Bookee