Bookee vs Mindbody

If you look outside the marketing gimmicks the choice between Bookee and Mindbody is very simple. And that is the reason 90% of the Bookee clients are ex-Mindbody.

#1 Feature Comparison

Paying more for an outdated platform?

For Mindbody, the long feature list on paper does not translate into real-world success without multiple paid integrations

The best way to compare the two software is to compare Bookee's Pro plan ($199) with Mindbody's Accelerate ($279 + addons) plan.
Ease of use
Clunky & difficult
All in one
Truly all-in-one solution
Requires multiple paid integrations
Payment processing
No hidden charges
0% commissions
Saved card info with you
Hidden charges
Hidden commissions
Saved card info with Mindbody
All pages inside your website
Unique URLs for marketing
Mobile first design
External developer not required
Single page
Redirects to external Mindbody store
No unique URLs
Not mobile friendly
External developer required
Customer app
Industry best
iOS and Android
Branded app in every plan
Dedicated apps from $89
Outdated and expensive
iOS and Android
Marketplace app that steals clients (How?)
Dedicated apps from $499
Live streaming
Unique link-free Zoom integration
Never create or share link, end to end automation
Mindbody’s streaming platform
Expensive and buggy
Video on demand
Bundle with existing pricing options
Cannot bundle videos
Staff app
iOS and Android app for staff
Check-in kiosk
iOS and Android app for staff
Check-in kiosk
Training & support
1 week training & unlimited support
3 month training & poor support

#2 What Mindbody cannot do

What are you losing?

No fully integrated website
Clients cannot purchase classes, workshops, retail products, on-demand videos — without ever leaving your website.
Poor conversions from social media & email
Lack of unique checkout links in your website leads to 70% of the traffic from social media and newsletter dropping off
No branded app
You cannot engage and retain clients with your own branded mobile app until you pay more than $500 to Mindbody.
No integrated virtual features
Pay another $99 (or more) to automate your Zoom classes through third party tool. Cannot bundle on-demand videos in an existing pricing options.
No unified brand experience
If you’re a multi-location studio, Mindbody will limit you from offering a standard brand experience. Client will be lost between multiple logins.

#3 stealing your clients

Mindbody is stealing your clients

Your client’s loyalty to your business hurts the new Mindbody model. Meanwhile frequent switching helps them. This is where Bookee has an ideological difference with Mindbody.

When you choose Bookee, we bring you closer to your clients. We do not try to make them our clients.

The real #StopTheSteal

Until you are not paying $699/month for the ultimate plus tier, your clients will be forced to use the Mindbody app — a marketplace where your clients are bombarded with offers from your competitors.

End result? More clients leave you for the competitor. And while Mindbody will advertise the number of clients it got to your studio, it will never share how many valued clients left.

Your growth - not our profit

Mindbody wants to change the customer behavior to switch frequently. This will turn your clients into Mindbody clients.

We find this unethical since you trust & pay Mindbody with your business. Therefore when you choose Bookee, we bring you closer to your clients. We do not try to make them our clients. Even our base $99 tier we offer a branded app store to improve retention.

We value transparency

Mindbody’s payment processing charges starts at 2.75% but ends up being much higher. Culprit? Hidden charges. Each payout you get lower than what you expect.

That's where Bookee is significantly different. With Bookee & Stripe partnership you get the transparency of world's best payment provider. One-day settlements and not a single hidden charge.

#4 Summary

When to choose Mindbody, and when Bookee?

Bookee is perfect for studios who want one complete solution and don’t want to pay for third-party paid integrations
Bookee is designed to increase online sales and bookings — for in-person and virtual services
Bookee will make your clients love you — and they will tell you how great your website and app is
Bookee is an ideologically different company which is focused on helping you retain your clients, not steal them from you
Bookee is the most easy to use software out there, and unlike other products we know what a great design means — simple yet powerful
Mindbody can work for you if your business model doesn’t require any online presence and your client's book by calling
You only make sales in-person, not through website or mobile app
You are happy to pay 30% more for an old brand name — which suffers from frequent downtime

#4 Switching is easy

Free overnight switch

Why switch now?

You are losing upto 20% of your online sales. What is that worth?
You are paying more to waste your time and your team’s time

Switching to Bookee

Has zero switching costs
No business down time — you go to sleep on Mindbody and wake up to Bookee
We do the work for you, forget all the data hassles

How we make this possible?

We work really hard behind the scenes to make your switch feel like a blink. And we do it for one simple reason — so that ambitious business owners do not kick the can down the road until it's too late.

90% of the Bookee clients are ex-Mindbody.
Don't get left behind.

We hear the same thing every time a business moves to Bookee - can't believe it would be this smooth and easy. What's stopping you?
• Free 14-day trial • No credit card required