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Product Spotlight

Product Spotlight: Unlocking Revenue Streams With Video On Demand

Customer Success Team
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Bookee’s Video-On-Demand (VOD) feature is helping fitness businesses deliver greater value to their clients and open up an entirely new revenue stream. Here’s how:

24x7 Video Content

Your video-on-demand classes can be accessed by members both on mobile and web - 24x7. All they have to do is sign-up on your website or app from where they can gain access to your paid content within seconds.

Vibe Vault Fit studio's video-on-demand playlist powered by bookee.

End Multiple Memberships

Clients often get confused between multiple platforms, because each one has a separate login id and password. Switching between them can be tiresome and confusing

With Bookee’s VOD, your clients no longer have to deal with multiple memberships. All they need is a single login id with which they can access all your in-studio, live streaming and VOD content.

Best Alternative to Vimeo & UScreen

Integrating Vimeo to your website is challenging. Uscreen on the other hand is very expensive.

At just $10/1000 mins of video upload, Bookee costs much less than UScreen and unlike Vimeo, it fits right into your website.

Space BodyMind Consulting's video-on-demand offer powered by bookee

Cross-Sell Fast

Every fitness offering is displayed on your one and only branded website. Selling bundles and hybrid combinations of courses becomes easier.

VOD customers can discover live streaming, Live streaming clients can discover in-person.  So on and so forth. When everything exists together, there's less hassle and faster conversion of existing clients into paying VOD customers.

Your One Stop Shop

If you ran a grocery chain, you wouldn’t have a separate store for beverages and another one for fruits and vegetables, Everything would ideally exist together.

Similarly, who would want the worries of making a new account on a different platform when they could just login to your one-stop website and directly pay for whatever content or class they like.

Mandala Yoga's video-on-demand playlist powered by bookee

Track VOD Subscriptions

You can very easily figure out which one of your customers are subscribing to VOD content, because instead of existing on a separate streaming platform, all your data can be accessed via Bookee's solo and all-in-one dashboard

A single software for all your fitness classes and VOD content works like a charm. It costs less than two softwares and is much simpler to manage.

Our client stats show that having a single space for all fitness types can bump up your revenue by up to 18%.

That’s because when everything’s available under a single shed, it becomes easier for customers to discover things fast and choose what they like.

Take a tour of our VOD features. Click the button below.

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