5 Awesome Fitness Business Websites Powered By Bookee!

Learn how to create a great fitness website with this quick guide and see 5 fantastic examples of websites from fitness studios at the top of their game.

n today’s world your fitness website speaks a lot about your business. It’s where visitors get a chance to discover your services and you get a chance to convince them that they are worth their time.

The fitness industry has been growing lately. More people, more trainers, more studios. Everything's becoming huge. With people having so many fitness choices like Yoga, CrossFit, HIIT etc. new studios can face a tough time standing out.

Getting new members to try your classes is challenging. To do that you have to ensure that your marketing game is solid. And once you generate sufficient awareness and interest in your targeted consumers, people will start walking in through your doors.

Not all fitness websites are created equally. Some are better than others. Why?

How To Make A Great Fitness Website?

Fitness websites have different needs compared to any other business. They must have certain elements to ensure that they meet their intended purpose.

Let's check them out.

01. Class Schedule

Fitness studios that offer classes must update their schedules online. New prospective members can discover them and figure out what class they want to try and when they want to try it.

Soul Movement Yoga's web-integration with class schedule for online bookings powered by bookee

The good thing about a class schedule is that it improves awareness. If people don’t know about your class schedule online, they may not bother visiting your physical location. For existing members, looking up classes becomes fairly easy with online class schedules and that surely helps in retention.

02. Online Class Bookings

Now that you’ve the schedules posted already, wouldn’t it be great if people could directly book a class even before visiting your facility. That surely sounds convenient. And it certainly is.

Space BodyMind's web-integration for online bookings powered by bookee

The great thing about online bookings is that it helps you plan your classes in advance because you would know how many people will be coming in apart from on-spot registrations.

Else at times popular classes can get really packed and people have to show up at the studio extra early just to get a spot. Online bookings help you avoid that hustle.

Right before a class begins, members can easily hop on to the My Account page on your website and enter a live class just by clicking the available link under the My Bookings section.

My Bookings web-page on a fitness website for clients to join an upcoming class

03. High Resolution Images

Instead of using stock photos, great fitness websites must take advantage of striking images that inspire visitors.

Function PCP's fitness website with multiple pages like booking & pricing, powered by bookee

Photo-shoots of your fitness facility are also a great way to show-case your environment and the classes you conduct, whether you own a spin-cycle chain, a boxing ring or a Zumba studio.

These images can often take up a good part of the website’s home-page and therefore must grab the visitor's attention immediately.

04. Mobile Friendly Website

Enormous number of your visitors are coming in via mobile devices. Search engines also rank your websites based on how mobile-friendly they are.

Bookee's mobile apps to drive class bookings and see weekly class schedule

It becomes unsaid then that your online marketing game must have a mobile friendly website which doesn’t crack up your images or compels users to zoom in.

Avoid having a mobile website that's a shrink-down version of a desktop website. The mobile website must be designed for mobile devices separately. Period.

05. On-Demand Video

Modern businesses are boosting their sales by encouraging clients to see what they have in store.

Bookee enables studios to build an entire video on demand library which can be accessed by customers on-demand.

Vibe Vault Fit studio's barre VOD playlist powered by bookee

However for new customers who are still considering your classes, you can offer them a couple of videos for free as a trial offer to build interest.

Let them try before they buy!

06. Trainer Bio

Trainers have the greatest potential to engage clients and build a loyal following. Members in turn wish to work with trainers who they trust more. That’s why it’s important to have a dedicated page for your trainers and instructors with their bios, certifications and other fun facts.

Vibe Vault's Fit's fitness wbsite with a dedicated page for fitness trainer's biography

These descriptions add personality to your studio. They also help market your services to new members when they feel confident about a trainer and their experience.

07. My Account Page

This page is a dedicated dashboard for studio members where they can access all important information related to their upcoming class bookings, the memberships and packs that have been activated and so on.

My Account web-page on a fitness website for clients to view all their class bookings

Clients can even access and update their saved credit card information and take a quick glance at their past payment history within seconds.

This page gives your customers better control to track their memberships and purchases.

08. Location & Hours

Your business hours help people know when they can workout at your facility. Your location tells them where they can workout, especially if you have multiple branches.

Soul Movement Yoga studio website's contact us page

These details become essential, not just for new visitors but also for search engines. Having an address and other contact details listed on your website improves discoverability on Google for people who live around your facility.

09. Blog

If you wish to keep your audiences engaged, then a blog on your website can help you do that. On your blog you can share your workout tips, fitness thoughts and write detailed articles that resolve problems frequently faced by your ideal clients.

Mandala Yoga's studio's online blog titled "Be The Lights"

10. Pricing & Checkout

Just like booking a class, advanced online websites these days have options to enable online purchases by visitors via their pricing and checkout pages.

These online purchases can include class-packs, drop-ins and monthly unlimited memberships. But they can also include common in-studio necessities like a water bottle or a yoga mat.

Fitness studio website's pricing and checkout page with intro offers and monthly memberships

Having the ability to buy things online ensures less friction for your members while you get to improve your sales.

Now that we have laid out the elements that make a great fitness website, let’s see how these are so perfectly placed in some of the best fitness websites powered by Bookee.

The SPACE BodyMind Consulting

The moment you open up the website, you are soothed by a calming imagery and messaging. Below that lies a simple “Learn More” button that leads you to a page describing the fitness founder’s philosophy.

 Space Bodymind Consulting's home page with a clean and peaceful design

On the top-right there is a distinct ‘RESERVE YOUR SPOT” button where users can sign up for a class in no time.

The website also has the scheduling page which neatly lays down all the classes that are being offered, each one ready to be booked with a single click.

Space BodyMind's Consulting's web-integration for online bookings powered by bookee

The best part of the website is a lightbox that appears on the home-page, offering new visitors Space BodyMind’s video-on-demand series which are essentially bite-sized BodyMind yoga sessions.

Space BodyMind Consulting's VOD offer powered by bookee

Space BodyMind's courses which are delivered in parts and have a very guided purpose also add to the wholeness of the studio's fitness offering. Certainly calming.

Space BodyMind Consulting's "Accessing Vibrancy" course

Vibe Vault Fit

Bold solid colors hit you the moment you enter Vibe Vault’s website. Quickly the studio presents its trial offer for incoming visitors i.e. various hybrid services like in-studio, live online or an on-demand fitness class.

Scroll down further and a one minute long yet extremely engaging video comes up which beautifully showcases the studio’s facility and the vibrant classes they hold.

Vibe Vault Fit's home page with multiple fitness trainers and owners

A call to action below the video saying “We want you to join our Vibe Tribe!” leads visitors to a dedicated Facebook page, welcoming them to join and become a part of their community.

The studio’s mobile apps are put up on display below where visitors and members can download them for a  24 x 7 booking experience.

Vibe Vault Fit's mobile apps powered by bookee to enable class bookings from anywhere

The different kinds of classes Vibe Vault offers be it barre, wellness, dance fit etc. have dedicated video libraries. For instance check out their Barre Pump video set which is a six-part video-on-demand series that incoming visitors can access whenever they want, wherever they want.

Vibe Vault Fit's Barre video-on-demand playlist with six different barre pump sessions

The whole video-on-demand page, centered towards their barre routine, is built neatly and is visually appealing. Immediately it incites an awe in visitors and acts as a solid revenue stream for the fitness studio!

Seek Studio

Seek Studio’s home page is out-rightly captivating. High resolution imagery coupled with excellent typography makes the studio’s messaging stand out.

The copies themselves are well written and in-line with the studio's core offering i.e. a combination of functional fitness and mindful movement.

Seek Studio's home page describing functional fitness and mindful movement

The location “Salt Lake” is made clear in the copy below which further highlights the kind of facility they have: “Best Yoga + Functional Training + Indoor Cycling”.

This unique combination makes it clear that Seek Studio is a boutique fitness studio meant for people who want to strengthen themselves physically and mentally.

Instagram posts of Seek Studio are also embedded in the form of tiny tiles just before the page ends, enhancing visitor’s connection with their day-to-day class routines.

Seek Studio's description involving its core strength as yoga, strength training and indoor cycling

The “Learn More + SIGN UP” button leads visitors to a dedicated page for all the classes they offer and their respective schedules, making it easy for visitors to know, decide and book any class easily.

Seek Studio's scheduling web-page for direct class bookings, powered by bookee

If one clicks the “Passes” section on the top-most bar, they are led to an online pricing & checkout page where they can easily buy different duration passes and unlimited memberships at the click of a button.

Seek Studio's pricing and checkout page with memebership options and class packs

Definitely impressive!

Mandala Yoga Collective

Before even mentioning what the studio offers, the website very subtly states the idea behind the studio by defining its first name “Mandala”.

Mandala Yoga Collective's fitness website home page

Going down below, Mandala Yoga follows the popular and well-received practice of offering a free trial in the form of a video from its VOD playlist, improving visitor’s awareness about their classes.

Mandala Yoga's video-on-demand playlist powered by bookee

Back at the home-page a simple yet powerful offering of “New Student Special” is presented to visitors which leads them to Mandala Yoga’s web-store.

In the web-store, visitors can purchase monthly unlimited memberships, single drop-in classes, on-demand content as well as gift cards for other people.

Mandala Yoga's pricing and checkout page with on-demand library access and gift certificates

Mandala Yoga’s “About Us” page very clearly highlights the studio’s principles along with naturalized images of the people who stand behind it. That instills a calm yet humane presence behind the studio’s guiding light or its core ideals.

Mandala Yoga's our mission page describing its core values and ideals

Booster Transform

Booster Transform’s home-page has an entire carousel of extremely vivid and well-shot images depicting the facility and its trainers using different equipments and performing perfect exercises.

Each slide in this carousel has an accompanying call to action that leads visitors to their area of interest, be it an intense Barre workout or the Europe exclusive Lagree Ramp.

Booster Transform's home page offering its Lagree method as a effective & challenging workout

Booster Transform’s mobile apps are also linked to Google Play and App Store. Going down below the fold, the next section clearly talks to the visitors about the ways in which they Booster Transform can help them become fit, be it through workouts with targeted goals, or by boosting their endorphins.

Booster Transform's web-page talking to visitors about targeted goal based workouts

The studio’s three different locations are clearly placed out on an embedded map below, and if one were to book a class at any one of them, they can simply click the top-right navigation button, and they are led to the scheduling page where any of the available classes can be booked in few clicks.

Booster Transform's multiple locations marked out on a map with pins on Zurich

Booster’s team is also very vividly displayed in their Team section where anyone can learn about the trainers, their lives and interests.

Booster Transform's about section with dedicated pages for trainers and their bios

This ensures that the studio not just remains to be a physical space but is perceived as a community that connects people who are passionate about fitness with those who want to be passionate about it.

And that pretty much sums it up.

A great website can definitely boost your marketing efforts. It can convince visitors to join your studio and book a class within seconds.

If the website is poor then it can create a bias in the visitor’s mind. Even if you’re offering awesome and purposeful classes, people won’t be compelled to join unless they see that awesomeness on your website.

Bookee offers you highly attractive website integration that seamlessly fits into your existing website design.

  • Increase conversion rates by making your website more discoverable.
  • Visitors can sign-up and pay for a class in just three clicks.
  • Your personalized web-store can help sell more credit-packs and memberships.
  • Offer a great booking experience to your existing members.

Makes visitors feel premium, curious and compelled by your online fitness brand.

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