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How To Retain And Acquire Members With A Fitness Survey?

Customer Success Team
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Don't play the guessing game anymore. Know what your members feel about your gym with a fitness survey. A fitness or gym survey is the most effective approach to learning what your members think and feel about it. Most of the time, you'll have to inquire personally about the perception of your gym in their minds. Many members may be on the verge of quitting your gym, and you will have no idea until they cancel their membership. It's far more difficult to get them back than it is to keep them interested.

In fact, one out of every 26 consumers will raise an issue with the gym. The others will go on and cancel without addressing any concerns. Those additional 25 workers may make a significant difference in your fitness business. This is where a fitness questionnaire/survey comes into play.

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Pros of circulating a fitness questionnaire at your gym

There are innumerable benefits that you'd observe when you circulate an effective fitness questionnaire. The following are the four core advantages of carrying out a fitness survey in your gym amongst your members.

  • You can better customize your offerings by conducting gym surveys. For example, knowing what your gym members want and what their goals are, helps you to provide the greatest and the most suitable fitness regimens or routines.
  • You may segregate your consumers by their goals or membership level to personalize your fitness questionnaire also. This is a crucial approach for the success of your gym's retention strategy as people tend to get flattered with a personalized approach.
  • When you receive the fitness questionnaire back with all the answers, you'd also acquire the information you need to troubleshoot problems at your fitness facility. You may not realize anything is missing or damaged unless it is pointed out to you. Thus, the fitness questionnaire is one of the helpful tools to introspect and better your services.
  • In a fitness questionnaire, members have the chance to express themselves and they feel heard, thus leaving your gym more satisfied.

13 must-include fitness survey questions

The fitness survey is a fantastic tool to get answers to the gym-related complexities that keep you up at night. With the correct goal, questions, and tone, you can learn a great deal about your clients' conscience. Let's have a look at the must-include fitness survey questions.

  • How did you hear about our gym?

This is one of the most suitable questions you could begin your fitness questionnaire with. This is an important question to ask when you want to ascertain which marketing channels and promotion platforms are working for your gym. You will know which channel or strategy is performing well and is bringing in more members to your fitness facility.

  • What is your top reason to join our gym?

This is a pretty accurate question for your fitness questionnaire when you want to know what attributes of your gym differentiate you from your competitors. This gives out a clear picture of the USP as well as the essence of your gym. The reason a person would want to join your gym might help you figure out what stands you out from the competition so that you can promote that specific feature moving forward.

  • What made you cancel your previous membership?

This question in your fitness questionnaire would reveal the weak spots of your competitors so that you are prepared to cater to the specific needs of your clients that your rivals couldn't. Learn from the mistakes made by other gym businesses when it comes to member retention. Maybe the client's previous gym lacked personal attention or they were disappointed with their faculty or equipment.

Knowing what exactly didn't work out for them could help you to focus your attention on those things. However, if you can engage with and understand your members from the very start, you can definitely minimize the member churn.

  • How often do you visit the gym?

This sort of question may be used in market research and general feedback surveys to determine how frequently members visit your gym which may be further used to determine which days most individuals work out and how long each visit lasts. This question in your fitness questionnaire enables you to schedule your classes in a way that is most convenient for your members.

  • Do you have any specific fitness goals that you wanna fulfill? If so, please list them.

A fitness goal assessment survey question is important to ensure that your members are satisfied and their goals are being fulfilled. The purpose of this question is to learn what your clients desire to achieve so that you may assist them in achieving their goals on a personal level. They will renew their gym membership only if they see improvement in results.

From your fitness questionnaire, find out their goals and know what are obstacles they are facing in achieving their goals. As mentioned earlier a personalized approach always makes them stay at your gym.

  • Share your experience of working out at our gym?

This is an important question for a fitness survey when you want honest feedback on your member experience. You'll know which areas to work on and which areas are performing well. If you figure out what the finest portions of your gym experience were, you'll know which features you'd wanna promote. While you may be amazed to learn that your gyms are doing better, and your customer service is outstanding, you might be still lacking in some places. With so many various aspects of a gym, fitness questionnaire data may assist you in making decisions that affect your members' entire experience.

  • Would you like to share any other feedback for our team?

It is possible that you may have missed something in your questionnaire, thus it is important that you ask for their honest feedback despite the things you mentioned. To maintain the attention of your members, a fitness questionnaire should be brief. It's obvious that you won't be able to include all of your desired questions in a single survey, so this question lets your members give insightful and miscellaneous details about your team other than the questions you've asked.

  • Would you recommend our gym to a friend?

This is an excellent question when you want to know how happy your members are with your gym. The response to this question in your fitness survey reveals a lot about their satisfaction level. This might be done using a one-question also. Simply assign a 1-10 scale to members so that they can respond fast. When you're pleased with a service or product, you usually tell your friends about it. One satisfied member could result in 10s of satisfied members for your gym. The word-of-mouth marketing strategy is that effective.

  • How would you rate our staff and customer service?

Customer service is critical to your gym's success because it keeps customers happy and allows you to extract more value from them. Businesses may save client acquisition expenses and create a loyal following through excellent customer service. Great customer service, later on, serves as case studies. The quality of customer service is further displayed through testimonials and reviews delivered by your members. This question of the fitness questionnaire lets you collect your members' both positive and reviews.

  • How much would you pay for a gym membership?

Pricing is an important aspect of your membership decisions especially when you are starting out. The location of your gym, your market position, and the types of members all factor into the cost of your gym membership. Finding out how much individuals are willing to pay through your fitness questionnaire for a gym membership might assist determine what a certain demographic is willing to pay for. Check out the eBook for pricing models and see how can you practically price your gym services.

  • Do you prefer group classes or individual training?

Knowing how your members prefer to exercise is beneficial and a fitness questionnaire is an excellent way to gather that information. Their replies are the most useful tool for determining where to focus your future offers and contests, as well as how to change the timetable of your facility. If more members prefer group classes then it is better to schedule more group fitness classes so that a good number of clients visit your gym.

Also, group classes help you to build a community-driven and interactive fitness session and thus are somehow popular these days. Solo classes on the other provide a more personalized approach. We can say, the answer to this fitness survey question would help you out in making a couple of class and time table related decisions.

  • What type of equipment do you enjoy working out with?

This is a question that would lead you to more fruitful investments in your gym equipment. The question reveals a lot about the preferences of members working out at your gym. It is essential to know their equipment type in order to provide the satisfaction they are looking for. Some may like standard cardio equipment others may like weight training equipment. When in doubt, before investing in the gym equipment, make sure you go through the detailed analysis of this fitness survey question.

  • Would you like to schedule a fitness consultation with one of our trainers?

This question of your fitness questionnaire helps you to test the reliability of your instructors and fitness consultants. If your members are willing to book their session of consultation with your instructors then it is safe to say that they believe in your gym and your faculty. With the right trainers, you can rest assured that your gym has a long way to go.

How to distribute your fitness questionnaires?

Now that you have a set of questions you need to ask, you might wonder about the channels to distribute this fitness questionnaire/survey.  We know that a fitness survey is not something mandatory for a member, so make sure the surveys are easily available and short. So, how can you distribute a gym survey in the simplest manner possible? Here are a few ways how you can distribute your fitness questionnaires in the most effective manner.

01. E-mail Survey

It's time to start using email marketing to engage your members if you haven't already. Gyms have an email list built into the sign-up data that they may utilize to give extra value to memberships through personalized content. Email marketing often surpasses social media and traditional advertising when it comes to customer retention.

Email is also a great way to get your gym surveys out there. If you send out regular emails to your members, they'll expect to hear from you, which means they'll be more likely to respond to your new survey. New sign-ups, cancellations, and abandoned surveys may all bring up the right chance to ask for feedback without missing a beat, thanks to the automated emails.

02. Social Media Survey

Gyms may use social media to communicate with new and potential members. You may not only use your social media profile to post a complete fitness questionnaire link, but it's also a great method to get fast replies on specific topics through polls/survey questions on whichever platform they are applicable.

Encourage members to participate in your gym's improvement and retention by asking them questions on social media. You may ask:

  • Which class do you think we should add to our schedule?
  • When you're on the treadmill, what do you like to watch on TV?
  • After a workout, what's your go-to meal?

03. QR Codes

People use their phones to listen to music, podcasts, and track their physical activities while at the gym. They may quickly scan a QR code that connects them to your fitness questionnaire page with just a device in hand, allowing them to provide feedback while on the go.

You might use QR codes to promote your business:

  • To ask them about cleanliness, facilities, or amenities in the locker room
  • You could also ask students to rate their instructor or share their thoughts on music, class size, or style on their way out of a class with a quick survey.
  • People can submit open-ended replies regarding their workout at your front desk.

04. Text Messages

Email is a fantastic way to send a fitness questionnaire, but with open rates averaging around 20%, it isn't always enough to get enough replies.

Text message surveys are a wonderful method to get feedback because they have a 98 percent open rate and an 8 times higher response rate than email. You could have your members text a word or phrase to your phone number so that you could send a link to your fitness survey questions or the survey itself. Put up posters with the keyword in your gym so that your members don't miss it.

Explore and grow more

Check out more ways like fitness challenges and gym promotion ideas to retain and acquire more clients for your gym. Make the best use of modern fitness business management software to circulate fitness questionnaires and automate your tasks as it has everything you need to save time money and effort. Book a demo with us to switch to an easy-to-use and feature-loaded business management software.

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