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Bookee: Built for Dance Studios

Dance away worries with studio management software that simplifies business and gives you back time to ‘dance’.

Benefits (ROI) of using Bookee’s Dance Studio Management Software

Studios dancing to the tunes of success with bookee

Gain new customers with ease

Say goodbye to multiple marketing tools and integrations. Experience the power of an all-in-one marketing suite.

Build relationships & retain clients

Personalize digital and in-studio experiences with automated messages and a delightful client experience.

Get one day back every week

User-friendly and future-ready tool, that is easy to get started with and saves you a lot of time.

Everything that moves your business, in one place

Takes two to tango — Website & Apps

Beautiful & easy-to-use design for your clients
Drive intro offer sales with an optimized website
Convert more visitors into paying clients
No developer needed - all changes are real time
Unique link for all your services & pricing options
Be on top of numbers with Google analytics integration
Create your own beautiful, easy to use and optimized dance website with Bookee
Powering Vibe Vault Fit, Pennsylvania
Open Website
Smooth & beautiful design that clients love
Be on top of their mind with a brand look & feel
Drive upsells with pop-ups and notifications
Keep clients hooked with reminders & promotions
Get a branded app for your dance studio with Bookee
Powering Vibe Vault Fit, Pennsylvania

Feel their pulse and market just what they need

Acquire more customers for dance studio with Bookee easy to run marketing campaigns
Do zero-cost marketing with Referral Program
Acquire new members with Classpass integration
Retain & engage clients with email & SMS drip campaigns
Showcase your best with newsletters & promotions
Email, SMS & push messages for 24x7 engagement
”Bookee is easy to use and is very user-friendly. It is easy to see how many people are booked into our classes, and is easy to add more/remove classes.”
Pole & Dance
”Bookee has really elevated my brand and simplified my backend. The Client Facing App is sleek and easy, a complete upgrade from our last software.”
The Chrome Bar

The most powerful software for dance studios on the planet

Class Scheduling

Manage & automate all aspects of class scheduling & booking

Appointment scheduling

Enable customers to book 1:1 or small group sessions

Facility scheduling

Open a new revenue stream by accepting bookings for your facility


Curate a series of classes and workshops for your clients and instructors


Turn your studio into a virtual studio with the help of Zoom or any other software


Create your library of videos that your clients can watch anytime

Retail & e-commerce

Sell anything and everything to your clients —products, merchandise, and more

Memberships & packages

Set up subscriptions & packages for your customers


Collect in-person payments via Bookee’s POS or with integrated Stripe physical POS


Save time with Bookee’s automated billing for memberships


Collect online and offline payments seamlessly

Discounts & promos

Set up discount & promo codes to attract & retain customers

Gift cards

Create your cards and send them with a personalized message

Task management

Allocate varied tasks to the right employee everytime

Contracts & waivers

Simplify legal tasks by setting up contracts, wavers, and signatures digitally


Send questionnaires to learn about your customers, get feedback, and more

Check-in kiosk

Enable self-check to save time on managing attendance

Reports & Analytics

Learn more about your customers and keep a tab on sales & payments

Roles & permissions

Assign specific tasks, responsibilities and permissions for your staff

Staff clock in & out

Track staff attendance digitally and save a lot of time every day


Create different templates for staff payroll based on their involvement in courses, classes & appointments

Bookee Business App

Enable your staff members to check their upcoming class/appointments and client details.

Client profile

Gather and store customer details and assign custom tags to segment them

Lead management

Manage your leads at every stage of the funnel without much effort

Branded Apps

Use your own branded app to enable class booking and purchases for your customers

Bookee Client App

Leverage Bookee’s native app to enable class booking and purchases for your customers

Website builder

Use our website builder to spend significantly less time and money on website development

Website widgets (connect)

Simplify bookings for your customers with Bookee’s website integration, while retaining your branding


Automated messages for booking confirmation, class reminders & waitlist clearance and a lot more using email, SMS & in-app notifications

Inbox (2-way SMS, email)

Engage in 2-way conversation with your customers


Send promotional emails and SMS to your customers in minutes


Set up drip campaigns for audiences based on their behaviour

Referral Program

Launch rewards-based customer referral marketing program

Google analytics & Meta pixel integration

Track user-behaviour on your website and measure success

Explore how bookee helps you at every step


Switching is easy.
We do the work for you.

Join 100s of business owners who have left their legacy gym management software behind

Go live in 24 hours
No business downtime - migrate overnight
“Find another quota around how easy moving was”
Jo from Jo Exercise

Get support in minutes, not days

You’ll never be a number in a queue. Get priority support from a team aligned with your business goals.

Speak to the same person each time
We listen, care and build for you
Support that cares
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Rated 9.7 on G2

These studios 2.4x revenue in 12 months of joining Bookee.
When will you?

✅  We train your team on Bookee

✅  We clean and move your data from old software

✅  We update your website pages - schedule, pricing, signup, etc

✅  We build & launch your branded apps - both iOS & Android

✅  We migrate your business overnight - no business downtime

✅  Work 1:1 with a product expert - expert in your business

... wait, there's more

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