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Why go with Bookee vs Momence?

We ❤️  Momence & it’s feature-loaded software but it lacks in crucial areas such as 24X7 customer support, lack of training & onboarding & transparency in pricing. Bookee on the other hand provides a dedicated onboarding manager & trains your staff and offers the technical support your business needs every day.
  • Why choose Bookee?
  • Enjoy transparency in payment transaction — no hidden fees
  • Dedicated Onboarding & Training manager - trains you & your staff
  • 24X7 On-call customer support
  • Guest Passes & Booking management for Children
  • Set up special pop-up classes for multiple days in a week
  • Differentiate Credit Rollovers for Privates & Classes
  • Easy password reset for your customers (also they don’t keep being logged out 🥸)
  • GDPR, HIPPA & SOC2 Compliant
  • Send automated push notifications to your clients
  • In-App Announcements & News
  • Group messages (Push or SMS) for class attendees

              Everything Momence can do, Bookee does it better

              Clients loves bookee

              “Bookee has been so responsive to everything and the product is very clean. It is so much better than the other options out there.”
              230% growth in sales since joining Bookee
              Testimonial by Malaurie From Soul Movement Yoga
              Malaurie Barber
              Owner, Soul Movement Yoga
              “The customer experience is great. Everything is neat, nice looking and customer friendly. As a user it is also impressive. And above all their customer support is amazing.”
              44,397 yearly growth in bookings
              $51.3k new revenue from Bookee's referral program
              Testimonial by Damien From Booster Transform
              Damien D.
              CEO, Booster Transform
              “I have used Mindbody for a very long time and I never loved the experience. Bookee is so efficient that I almost never have an empty machine.”
              195% increase in unique client visits
              Testimonial by Jen From Pilates
              Jennifer Miller
              Owner, The Pilates Vault
              "Bookee is easy to use and is very user-friendly. It is easy to see how many people are booked into our classes, and is easy to add more/remove classes."
              156% increase in sales
              37,987 yearly growth in bookings
              Caitlin S.
              Instructor, Pole&Dance
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              It’s easy to switch from Momence to Bookee.

              Switching from Momence can seem daunting at first, especially if you have been with them for a long time. We’re addressing your concerns here, so that you can make the right decision for your business.

              Rest assured, we'll help you make an informed decision for your business.

              Is there a free trial period?
              Bookee offers a 14 day free trial. We recommend having a quick chat with our product experts first, so that you can make the most of your trial period.
              Will bookee help me get out of my contract with Momence?
              You can use Bookee at zero cost while you are bound in a contract with Momence. You only start paying Bookee once the contract with Momence ends.
              Do you charge an additional fee for 1:1 onboarding like Momence?
              Bookee offers a 14 day free trial. We recommend having a quick chat with our product experts first, so that you can make the most of your trial period.
              Will you help me with setting up Bookee for my studio?
              You bet!
              We’ll work with you to create an onboarding plan, train your team, set up your account and migrate your data to make sure that you go live ASAP.
              Will Bookee train my team?
              Of course!
              We’ll train instructors, front desk manager, web developers and marketing team on their respective functions using real use cases.
              How long is the onboarding process?
              Not much!
              Typically 2-4 weeks depending on the size of the business
              How much work will I have to do to migrate my data to Bookee?
              You just need to do four things,connect your Stripe account to Bookee, get payments & subscriber data from Momence, fill an intake form from Stripe to enable data transfer and set up data on Bookee, which we’ll help you with.
              Will I have to collect client credit card data again?
              Many merchant processors will provide you with your client’s encrypted credit card information upon request for a nominal fee. After the data is exported from your existing system, the Onboarding Specialist assigned to your account will do the rest.
              Will Bookee move my client’s data?
              For sure!
              Bookee will migrate all the data for you. Only in case if any data is not available then we will reach out to you.
              Will Bookee move my future classes and appointments data?
              Yes X 100!
              We will be bringing in all the future appointments and class bookings
              Will my clients have to do anything in data migration?
              Not at all!
              All your clients have to do is download the mobile app and start booking after you are live on Bookee.
              Will there be any downtime in my business when I make the switch?
              No chance!
              We migrate the data overnight, when you and your clients are not active. You’ll wake up the next day, and everything will be functioning on Bookee.
              Is my data and my client's data safe with Bookee?
              Your data safety is our primary responsibility. For payments we use Stripe, which is certified as PCI Service Provider Level 1. This is the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry. We are also about to become GDPR and HIPAA compliant
              Will bookee charge additional fees on Credit Card transactions like Momence?
              No way!
              We believe in protecting your profits, hence, unlike Momence, we don’t charge any additional fees on credit card transactions or direct bank transfers

              Fastest to onboard & support you


              Your memberships, cards on file, reservations — everything will be moved to Bookee overnight.

              Requires multiple days to migrate

              Disjointed training experience

              Go live in 24 hours

              Dedicated Onboarding Manager with unlimited 1:1 training


              Get priority support from a team aligned with your business goals.

              Slow and unresponsive support

              Explain the same problem to multiple people

              Go through countless workarounds


              Get support in minutes

              Speak to the same person each time

              bookee listens, cares, and builds for you


              These studios have increased their revenue by 2.4x within 12 months of joining Bookee, when will you?

              ✅  We train your team on Bookee

              ✅  We clean and move your data from momence software

              ✅  We update your website pages - schedule, pricing, signup, etc

              ✅  We build & launch your branded apps - both iOS & Android

              ✅  We migrate your business overnight - no business downtime

              ✅  We assign a dedicated business consultant - expert in your business

              ... wait, there's more

              💸 Still not convinced? Get a free 14-day trial  👉