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What Are People Looking For In Online Fitness Classes?

Customer Success Team
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Online fitness classes can be a bit confounding. Trainers aren't always sure how to handle their clients while they're functioning and teaching from a distance with screens in between. Clients want to know that they are getting the greatest value from their classes. And gym owners want to make sure that their business succeeds whether their clients are in or out of the gym. Let's get started and learn more about the arrangement of online fitness classes in this blog.

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What are the pros of offering online fitness classes?

To further assist its members, the greatest gyms and studios have upped their game. They have already started offering live-streamed sessions and on-demand fitness content. 75% of individuals who use virtual exercise also attend in-person classes. As of 2019, 57 percent of the world's population is online, indicating that the online fitness sector was well equipped ahead of the pandemic.

Traditional gyms, health clubs, and fitness studios that excel at what they do have embraced a hybrid strategy that combines on-site and online fitness solutions.

Online fitness class trends

Here are the statistics of some of the best online fitness classes:

  • From 2019 to 2021, gyms and studios that provide virtual workouts see a 12% rise in in-person class participation.
  • An increase of 25% from 2019 to 72% [2021] of fitness club owners formed and started offering an on-demand or live streaming service.
  • People ride 21% more and work out 10% longer when they exercise in groups (in person or via live streaming) [2020].
  • Those who participated in live stream or on-demand workouts exercise 20% more each month on average than those who did not [2021].
  • Yoga (32 %) is the most popular online fitness class, followed by HIIT (15.6%), Pilates (8.3%), and Barre (7.9 %).

What are people looking for in online fitness classes?

So, what do people want from their online fitness classes? What motivates them to attend an online fitness class and continue with them on a regular basis? Here are some points to keep in mind while offering online fitness classes.

01. Broader access to the studio services

You now have the chance to bring in clients who previously would not have been able to attend your programs because they are no longer restricted to a specific venue or location. When people join a gym or studio, they are not only investing in their physical fitness but also in the quality of the trainers and teachers. To connect with those potential consumers and persuade them to invest in your fitness business, make sure they understand that your trainers and instructors are the best people to guide them through their fitness journeys and are available to them most of the time.

02. Flexibility to workout from any time and anywhere in the world

The ability to participate in online fitness classes from anywhere, at any time, is a significant benefit of online classes. To access their favorite class, all they need is a stable WiFi connection and a screen or mobile phone. Online fitness classes make it much easier to stay on track with your workout program without having to juggle a hectic schedule. You can provide this freedom to your members if you use the correct gym management software, one like Bookee.

Bookee demo

Whether you retain your calendar or class schedule and sync it with your in-person classes, know that some of your customers' calendars may need to change to match their personal situations. With fewer restrictions on peak vs. off-peak space availability, this could work in your favor. If expanding your online class business becomes a successful element of your business, it may also allow you to coach clients in multiple time zones.

03. Conduct more one-on-one sessions.

With one-on-one training and sessions, you can devote more time to your client's specific needs and goals. Giving each of your clients a little extra time will go a long way toward ensuring their long-term loyalty. It's also a way to show that you care about them. Customers who value your time and impact will take advantage of the option to meet with you one-on-one if it means you will focus on helping them reach their fitness goals, whether you include it in all of your regular packages or as a side offer.

04. A screen in-between makes them feel comfortable

Lady doing yoga online

Not only can online fitness classes provide access to experts and qualified trainers, but they also provide additional availability and time for one-on-one interaction. Customers can let their guard down and be more vulnerable when it comes to their fitness needs and wants when they are at home and in a familiar, comfortable situation. Everyone wants advice on how to reach their fitness goals, and many individuals find it easier to do so when there is a screen between them and the other person.

05. Pricing should reflect the value of the classes

Although switching to online fitness classes appears to eliminate access to your studio or location, your classes are about more than simply the prices; they are about the value your consumers receive.

If you're only taking online classes for a short duration, don't instantly assume you need to earn & save money. Clients are members of your community, and they want to enjoy the total benefits of their fitness classes with you. Your time investment in one-on-one personal training is the same regardless of the location so you may keep the price similar. That may not be the case for a massage therapist.

Bookee Fitness guide

So, make sure that your pricing matches the value your online fitness classes bring out, regardless of where or how you deliver them.

06. Easy to carry out workout regimens

Lady attending yoga online class

It's possible that your consumers don't have the same exercise equipment that you do in your gym or studio. Make your classes easier to follow by proposing that your clients buy the equipment ahead of time or letting them know what they can substitute. If your client has been a long-term client or is well-versed in your style of exercise, they may already have their own training equipment, but don't get into an unpleasant conversation assuming they do. Before organizing your online fitness classes, utilize your forms and documents tool to ask your clients if they have their own gym equipment at home and, if so, what kind of gym equipment they have.

07. Let them prepare ahead of time

Give your customers advance notice of what they may expect from your online fitness classes. Will you be introducing new techniques? Are they taking a break from your regular in-person classes? Find out what makes your new class style unique and communicate the advantages.

08. Convenience at a click with the Bookee app

The tools in your Bookee app dashboard can assist you in quickly, efficiently, and easily offering online fitness classes. The first thing you should do is schedule a demo call with us. Once you've signed up with us, we'll begin setting up your lessons and adding them to your Bookee calendar. Now, your attendees would be able to attend your online classes with effective zoom integration of Bookee without any hassles. Learn how to build your fitness business from scratch in this blog.

Tips for online fitness classes

Couple doing butterfly yoga

An online fitness class is a great way to reach people who might otherwise be hesitant to participate in one. You'll have more time to connect with each individual, which is a plus. Many clients who want to connect with reputable trainers and professionals would benefit from this. While this may be tough to achieve in person, there are several measures that can be taken to ensure your customers are happy.

Here are a few tips for conducting an online fitness class:

Tip #1 - The class must add value to clients’ fitness journeys.

First and foremost, make sure that the class is effective. It's vital to remember that your students should have a consistent and fun experience. It's also worth noting that bad feedback can hinder future enrollment in your classes. So, even if it's an online class, you'll need to create a solid fitness culture.

The best online fitness classes will provide you with feedback as well. This is the most effective way for receiving feedback and improving your product. You will benefit from your clients' input. Your students may choose not to participate in your online fitness class if they are dissatisfied with it.

Tip #2 - Certified Instructors

Also, double-check that your instructors are fully licensed. If they aren't, you are putting your clients at risk especially when it comes to a risky exercise. Also, if an online fitness class doesn't progress, you may notice people quitting your classes. So, ensure that you have expert instructors on board to teach online fitness classes.

Tip #3  - Class should be affordable

A good online fitness class should be reasonably priced. The majority of online fitness classes cost between $10 and $20 per month. This is because of the cheaper overhead costs and the larger audience.

Some of the fitness classes are even free, and they are ideal for those who do not want individual attention. Studios often do free classes to establish a brand name and garner leads.

Tip #4  - Stable Internet Connection

Before you start a new online fitness class, make sure the workouts are appropriately tailored to the physical abilities of your clients so that you don't waste time in the class.

Some people have difficulty following online instructions. It's important to have a solid internet connection if you are offering online classes. Your internet connection should be fast enough to stream video. Online fitness classes can be difficult to conduct if your internet connection is unstable.

Tip #5  - Communicate effectively and demonstrate exercises

Without the aid of hands-on learning, we must excel in other forms of feedback, specifically through language,  Remind the client that working out together online is a safe environment for them to ask questions and practice speaking up about any pain or discomfort. When you verbally tell a client to perform an exercise, they will turn their faces toward the camera and stare at you eagerly. So, while you're speaking, show how to do an exercise so that they know what to do next.

Now’s the right time to take your fitness business online

Fitness experts and gyms can use the Internet's enormous power to stay connected to their communities and, in certain cases, convert this into an opportunity to bring people together through online fitness classes. Here are 8 ways to earn big with your online fitness studio.

Taking your fitness business online is a major step, and the path to success will not be easy right away. In the current world circumstances, retaining as many members as possible is an unavoidable move. Your next step should be to expand your gym by attracting new members and showing existing members that, despite moving some services online, you can still deliver excellent value and member experiences. You could excel in every arena of this with a fitness business management software like Bookee. Book a demo with us now and explore the fitness-specific features making things easier for you.

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