Practically Pricing Your Fitness Services

A Complete Guide For Fitness Studios

Stuck between pricing too high and pricing too low? Can't seem to find the right balance? Check out this master guide with the most clear-cut strategy on pricing your classes the easy way.

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Inside the Book

Working backwards from your cost
Pricing triangle
Pricing based on your studio type
Pricing based on membership types
Lower prices = More classes sold?

Pricing is both an art & science. Time for you to perfect it both ways.

The most definitive 20-page guide to pricing your fitness services in a way that gives your clients the best value for their money

Learn about the pricing triangle and why having a hierarchy in your pricing structure matters.

Select your studio type and membership options and find the right pricing strategy for your business.

Should you lower down your prices in hopes of more revenue? Find out the answer in this book.

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