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8 Way To Win Big With Your Online Fitness Business!

Customer Success Team
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You’ve already taken your fitness business online. Everything's set up as it should be. Still, the revenue just doesn’t seem to come. Now what?

Is there anything more to this game? Or was it all just so hyped up?

If things aren’t going your way right now, chances are that you haven’t explored the depths of your online studio yet. 

Setting up an online studio is one thing, it’s like opening up a showroom but then what?

Customers aren’t gonna just come in on their own, they need to be pulled in using every trick you got in the book. That’s how things get moving.

That’s perfectly the reason why we thought it might be time for you to enter the next level in the online game, and learn some ways that can help you win big.

Here are some actionable marketing strategies that you can put to test.

1. Moment Marketing

Moment marketing is all about capturing the moment and getting into it. 

Every now and then you see things hitting the roof. Random stuff going viral almost in an instant. Tap into this momentum and gauge audience attention.

Your fitness brand needs to go viral, and the way that can be done is by associating with these viral upheavals that keep trending almost every day. 

This intensifies the work for your content guys, who need to efficiently track and hunt down new trends, customize and create innovative brand copies and push them out for fast-track consumption.

Pretty much like a social media page, your business will become a daily dose of fun for people seeking continuous entertainment. 

In this fast-paced world and low attention era of social media, you must prove your worth as a one-stop destination for your target audience’s online fitness consumption needs.

2. Testimonials, Reviews, Rating

This is important. Hands down. A customer just doesn’t visit your website and buys your services. Instead here’s the process through which a customer avails your business:

  • They see your advertisement
  • Forget about it for sometime
  • See another advertisement
  • Google up the studio name
  • Read reviews and ratings
  • Find some credibility in social circles
  • Text friends if they’ve gone to the studio before
  • Search around social media for opinions
  • Check out your online studio and services
  • Read forums, more reviews and community blogs
  • Send in a chat request via website
  • Maybe decide it’s worthy to book a trial

Your brand’s credibility is tested at each step of this whole process. That’s the reason why brand awareness matters so much. Your videos, studio website, blogs, everything.

To enhance the worthiness of your business, make sure to encourage your existing customers to review your business. Prospective customers often binge read such reviews, and thus it’s essential to your marketing stratagem.

If you have a high rating on Google-approved review platforms, these can be incepted into your Google search ads. Customer Quotes & ratings can further be used for social media posts.

3. Partnerships

Engage in online partnerships with businesses that can complement your product. Say you are an online yoga studio, then your focus should be to collaborate or co-market with a yoga equipment business. They promote you and you promote them. How do you do that? By soft-selling their business to your clients every now and then.

This can even be done by proposing partnerships to say...fitness trackers designed especially for lightweight exercises. Not just that, workout earphones, speakers, food supplements, health doctors, every business associated with your industry.

This way you can build a network of business partnerships. This way each company’s audience gets exposed to the other company, creating efficient marketing streams.

4. Real-Time Interaction

Make your website design interactive. Embed it with fun tools like a BMI calculator, health advice generator or calorie counters.

Use these tools to receive information from your prospects and customers, and then use your experience to offer them some free health advice, a customized fitness program, proper training milestones or some courses and diet plans. 

Evolving your online fitness business as a one stop shop for your prospective customer to keep in check their lifestyle and fitness needs is an effective way to pull in more traffic.

The ideal way is also to offer content that people want to read via blogs and fitness guides, things they will find valuable enough to keep revisiting your online fitness studio again and again.

No effort goes in vain. Every step you take at upping the ante of your fitness website is bound to accumulate over time.

Your customers someday might just wake up and say to themselves “Hey, my fitness regime is actually working out.” 

And then they’ll think of you, and how you went the extra mile to help them see the results that they’d always wanted.

5. Free Trials & Referrals

You already know these tactics. But have you put them to practice? 

Referrals. You may consider them a bit orthodox. Even email marketing is a little old school. But you know that orthodox becomes traditional and traditional becomes classic as long as the strategy’s effective and the revenue keeps coming in. 

Online Referrals say like a month off for an existing customer if they refer to a friend (who also gets a trial) is nice. This enhances your network of members, mostly friends & family, and the word of mouth can spread. 

Result? Long term engagement and commitment from a loyal customer base.

Free Trials on the other hand have become almost a precedent to successful long term conversions. Everyone’s doing it, it has become a bare minimum expectation. 

Chances are you’re already offering free trials, or at least discounted ones. If not, configure an offer and promote them right now! See how that works out for you. 

6. Auto-Payments

Recurring bills that charge a customer on an automated basis ease-out two things, first your members don’t have to go through the hassle of paying up again. 

Let’s be honest, if someone is pestered for payments again and again it pisses them off.

It requires a lot of will just to pay up every month, self-doubt can creep in, and a person can reconsider what she’s doing. 

Better yet to keep customer commitment intact, and just keep recurring billing on. 

It’s convenient to make payment options flexible like weekly, monthly, quarterly. And the plus point is, you get paid on time, isn’t that a great thing?

7. Start Micro-Blogging

Blogging is a marketing tool. Through tutorials, guides, and other pieces of user-targeted advice you can attract and build an audience.

Blogs aren’t your thing? Try micro-blogging. It’s popular and exploding. People are now interested in small pieces of content whether via social media or through your studio website.

Although your website is more suitable for long-form content, you can customize it for scrolling and increase traffic just like Imgur or Reddit. Short-form blogging can be put forward through instagram,

Want to take it to the extreme?

Craft a special mobile app that offers all your guides, content, videos, courses alongside the micro-blogs you publish to make fitness highly convenient, accessible, and on-the-go.

Bookee can help you with that. Check out our dedicated studio mobile apps that personalise fitness for your clients!

8. E-Mail Marketing & Live Chat

Yes, it’s old. And you’ve already tried it or are trying  it. But what works, works till it works. 

It still serves as an essential tool for attraction and retention of customers. All you gotta do is keep pushing out weekly emails reminding customers about new things, fitness advice, and literally any topic you can touch to pull their attention.

New customers, new leads, all can be tapped in using e-mail marketing. 

If you’re bored of mail marketing, there’s always Live Chat that you can enable on your website and ensure real-time doubt resolution and prospect conversion.

Bonus Point: Continuous Re-marketing

Your fitness studio gets retained in a prospect’s mind if it continuously gauges their attention whether through mind-blowing ads, extremely targeted content, on point blogs, videos, content, or social posts. 

The more a consumer sees your brand and your online propositions, the more it gets retained in their mind. Sooner or later an incentive offered by you in the form of a free trial, referral scheme, bulk discount, or smart pricing is bound to lure them in.

It can be tough to commit to a new fitness product for prospective clients, thereby reminding it gently and consistently is a good way to drive bookings.

Summing Up

In conclusion, it’s pretty necessary for you to keep up your marketing game and keep innovating.  If your marketing is not efficient or continuous, people might forget you after the first trial class or two. Your brand needs to become a part of their life, so they deem it as an essential necessity. 

These are a few ways you can move forward with your online fitness business. At times some techniques might fetch quicker results and others may not, but ideally you should always aim for the long run.

The world is your home. In the realm of marketing, anything can hit the right spot at any possible time. What’s important is to keep exploring what works, what does not, and keep trying new things.

Wish to start your online fitness business? Set it up in under a week with Bookee. Schedule a 15-minute call with us below.

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