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10 Smashing Fitness Challenge Ideas To Boost Client Engagement and Retention

Customer Success Team
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Fitness Business Problem #101:

Incoming Clients - Positive

Client Retention - Negative

If you are a fitness business owner, and are facing the exact same problem, then we’ve got you covered.

The most frustrating and challenging task as a fitness business owner is to retain your incoming clients. Member engagement and retention are crucial for every gym or fitness center. Over the year lots of new members often opt-out due to one of the most common reasons, lack of motivation and this is something every fitness center owner has experienced.

What’s the best way to tap into this problem as a fitness center?

Well, we do have a solution for you. One of the time-tested ways of boosting member engagement is to run a fantastic fitness challenge in your gym.

When it comes to engaging your clients and motivating them to keep coming back to your gym, a workout challenge is one of the finest techniques. Physical challenges for adults are also great way to spice things up for your clients and can help in improving retention rates. You may use them to keep members interested and focused on their goals. This can eventually lead to a greater rate of member retention and also pushe your clients to higher fitness levels, giving rise to a result-oriented fitness journey.

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Pros of conducting fitness challenges at your gym

Running a fitness challenge compels your members to continue their gym memberships and also attracts new members to the gym. It immensely benefits your fitness center in a variety of ways, including:

Motivates Clients - Fitness challenges have an end date that tends to motivate your clients to meet their set goals in a given time frame. Instead of taking forever to crush the goals, fitness challenges keep their focus on a deadline, and your members would be more encouraged to keep going since they’ll be able to see their goal.

Provides Structure - Structure is another benefit of running a workout challenge in your studio. Through a group fitness challenge, you’ll be able to structure the regime of your clients in one go and then reflect on the progress of your clients. You're more likely to keep track of your client’s progress with more such unique fitness challenge ideas executed time to time.

Generates new leads - A free & Inspiring workout challenge idea is likely to entice potential members to provide their contact information. Because of spam filling the inbox of everyone these days, individuals are cautious about sharing their contact information. Converse with potential members and develop a relationship by pitching and attracting them with your fitness challenge, which can be great for marketing purposes.

Promotes referrals -  Out-of-the-box workout challenge ideas also promote referrals for your membership. Fitness challenge participants are likely to tell their friends and family about it. Perhaps they'll want to get in on the action as well. As a result, these sorts of events are amazing opportunities to acquire recommendations.

Drives sales - Along with the mentioned advantages, fitness challenges provide your the chance to increase sales. Offering participants the chance to purchase a package of items that will help them make the most of the challenge, such as equipment or vitamins, is a great idea.

Educates the audience- Challenges are great way to add value to your client's membership and help them learn new things. To prepare them for the fitness challenge, you may hold a seminar where you can provide them with all the information they need to succeed. Thus, leading to the successful education of the clients about something new.

Loyalty maximization - When current customers take part in fitness challenges, they put in more effort and are more likely to experience benefits as a consequence of their efforts. As a result of these activities, they will establish bonds with other members, which will motivate them to stay at your gym rather than looking for a cheaper membership fee.

Group relaxing after fitness challenge

How can you generate ideas for fantastic fitness challenges?

There are plenty of sources to spark novel and out-of-the-box fitness challenge ideas for your fitness center. Every fitness genre has a lot of potential but using the right ideas and strategies at the right time is what you need to make your fitness business a success. Fitness challenges are a great way to drive success for your gym. These success-driving fitness challenge ideas are not easily found on the internet rather they are ideated from the scratch and executed with brilliance to bear favorable output. 

Take a deep dive into the below-mentioned sources to extract one of the most effective and engaging ideas for your studio:

  1. Social Media - Social media is an ocean full of witty ideas. Scroll through every possible social media platform until you find some successful fitness challenge idea.
  2. Podcasts - Listen to some fitness-inspired podcasts from the thought leaders of this specific industry to conceive some exceptional ideas.
  3. Blogs - Read, read and read. Read as many fitness-related blogs as you can to get a better idea of what the market is looking for. With the knowledge of market demand, you will be able to come up with excellent fitness challenge ideas and successfully execute them.
  4. Advertisements- Nowadays, we witness a multitude of inventive and thought-provoking fitness advertising. Think up a great workout challenge for your gym based on some of these interesting ads.
  5. Competitor analysis - Conduct an efficient competitor analysis to know how your competitors are keeping up with the market. Get inspired by their strategies and create something unique and original.

Creative fitness challenge ideas for corporate wellness

Health issues can have a negative impact on the productivity and long-term profitability of a company. Your fitness studio can incorporate easy fitness challenges for employees into your corporate wellness program to reduce the healthcare costs related to your employees. This can be done by fabricating an engaging workout challenge for them. Some of these innovative corporate weight loss challenge ideas may include:

30 mins walking fitness Challenge

Are you all set to get up and start walking? There are many ways to fit the 30 mins Walking Challenge into your daily life and workout regime. Toning and strengthening your thighs along with your calves would just takes 30 minutes of walking per day.

30 mins walking fitness challenge

30 days Office Workout Challenge 

When it comes to corporate wellness programs, many office challenges are conducted for the provision of bonus incentives which ultimately motivates the employees to take part in the challenge. This 30 days office workout challenge would bear perks, activity-based benefits and bonus for employees. These challenges would have a short-term influence on an employee's health but results in the decline of healthcare expenses in the long run.

Man performing push-ups in a corpoarte suit

8-week Nutritional Regimen Challenge

8 week nutritional regimen challenge focusses on a healthy meal plan. The easiest way to lose weight is to follow a healthy diet plan that is specifically designed for your body type, age, level of exercise, and genetics, among other factors that influence weight reduction. An 8-week nutritional regimen is a great technique to promote weight reduction and inculcate healthy eating habits in the routine of your members.

Nutritional Regimen followed for fitness challenge

Healthy Meal Challenge

Reward members who eat healthy meals on a regular basis, both at work and at home. Encourage your members to post healthy food recipes or healthy eating selfies on their social networks. You could also start a new challenge to teach your members how to make nutritious meals at home. Healthy eating is equally important as a disciplined workout regime.

Woman confused with hotdog but choosing dumbbell for fitness challenge

30 Day Push-Up Challenge

With so many ways to increase or decrease the intensity of a push-up, it's an ideal base exercise for a fitness challenge. A 30-Day Push-up Challenge is a great way to increase your strength and muscle no matter what your current fitness level is.

Group of people carrying out a push-up challenge

1-min Lunges challenge

The challenge is to do maximum lunges in one minute. This fitness challenge involves lunges which will help you to improve stability and strengthen your legs and hips. It also improves balance, stability, and coordination.

Woman performing 1 min lunges fitness challenge

1 min Burpees challenge

Burpees are easy to do anywhere (no equipment necessary) exercise and 1 minute isn't a lot of time to perform burpees. The aim is to do maximum burpees in one minute which is an ideal high-intensity interval workout that is great for promoting fat loss and improving the health of your heart.

Group fitness challenge for 1-min burpee

Daily 30 mins exercise challenge

This 30 mins exercise challenge is an effective way to keep you moving and in shape throughout your day. You may be under the impression that you don't have enough time to work out. But you definitely do. A high–intensity, short-burst workout increases your metabolism along with toning your muscles. You can boost your metabolism and build muscle with this 30-minute quickie workout.

30 mins exercise challenge in the gym

Now let’s see how you can develop a sensational workout challenge for the members of your gym.

Individual Fitness Challenge Ideas v/s Fitness Challenge Group Ideas 

To get a better understanding of members’ behavior, you may create fitness challenges that are tailored to each individual. So, gyms may identify at-risk members and intervene if one is disappointed with their progress or the service they get by collecting data through these fitness challenges.

While individual fitness challenges are more constructive, gym owners should also explore ways to organize challenges that might appeal to a wider spectrum of their audience and inspire people to develop a stronger connection and loyalty for the gym. 

Man running fitness challenge

It is possible to organize fitness challenges in a variety of ways. Use wearables, for example, and schedule tournaments using an app. Members' best scores can be shown on leaderboards in a gym which will in turn push them to work harder and compete with others. To stimulate member interaction,  you may want to hold easy fitness challenges that result in the establishment of groups, further leading to every members’ involvement in the gym. 

According to a recent study, pieces of equipment that keep track of users' personal bests and encourage them to perform better might be the motivation needed to keep members coming back to the gym. They will also feel like they are part of a larger community.

Fitness challenge cheer up by gym team

5 prerequisites to create your fitness challenge

Here are five things you must keep in mind before you create your first fitness challenge:

  1. Specific - The workout challenge must be aligned with the long-term or short-term goals of the person or group who will be taking up the fitness challenge. Before, designing a fitness challenge make sure you consider the diverse needs of your members.
  1. Quantifiable - The workout challenge must be easy to measure. This could be in terms of weight loss, muscle gain, being able to run a specific distance in a period, and much more.
  1. Ambitious -  Members join a gym for a result-oriented experience. The challenge must encourage members to establish challenging goals because if you make the goals too simple, they won't obtain the satisfaction they need to stay in the gym.
  1. Realistic - The workout challenge at the same time must be realistic also as non-realistic goals would lead to feelings of demotivation & disengagement. The establishment of unrealistic goals will set them up for failure as they’ll struggle to achieve them. With the challenge, members' expectations of themselves must be properly managed.
  1. Deadline-based - The fitness challenges must be time-bound, so as to induce motivation in your clients to complete a specific challenge within a given time frame. This creates a sense of urgency and would result in frequent member visits to your gym.

Now, that you are equipped with all the prerequisites and are certain about the setting of your fitness challenge, you must go through the following fitness challenge ideas. Mentioned are some brilliant workout challenge ideas that will keep members coming back to your gym.

10 smashing fitness challenge ideas to boost your engagement and retention

Let's dive right into what you came for, the top 10 fitness challenges that you can try out at your fitness studio or gym today!

1. Holiday Fitness Challenges

Running easy fitness challenges at different times of the year is ideal. It's no secret that by the time January rolls around, many have set their New Year's resolutions and are eager to shed some holiday pounds. To attract new members and encourage existing ones to return after the holidays, consider holding fitness or transformation challenges like the January exercise challenge or new year fitness challenges around this time of year.

2. Most Gym Visits Challenge

This challenge may incentivize and motivate your members to come to the gym more regularly. When members visit the gym as often as possible, even for a 20-minute workout, you may award them for others to get motivated. 

3. Most Calories Burned Challenge

Since the focus is on results rather than techniques, your members have a lot more flexibility in terms of physical activity. Running, swimming, rowing, walking, or any other form of exercise that they prefer can be performed to shed calories and achieve their goals. Even when people aren't exercising and just indulging in physical activities burns some calories. Thus, these easy fitness challenges might motivate them to at least get up and move. As a result, it's a good alternative for older people and beginners.

4. Charity Challenge

Join hands with a local charity group. A local charity can keep members engaged as they can help the group collect money for a good cause by doing their bit for the community. The charity can raise money in return for every kilo that your member loses. You can also organize a fitness event and offer lessons that are tailored to each individual's fitness needs which is just one way of raising funds for charity.

5. Before v/s After Challenge

A transformation challenge can do wonders for the membership of your gym. People with transformational goals tend to visit your gym frequently to meet their goals. This is a simple fitness challenge idea is pretty simple, you don't need any high-end technology, except for having to show before and after pictures which can also be promoted on social media.

6. Mindfulness Challenge

Mental Performance is as important as physical performance. This is not only true for one's professional life; mental health is important in all aspects of life. By encouraging healthy practices like meditation, mindfulness challenges can reduce stress and prevent burnout. Members of your gym could be rewarded if they meditate regularly or use mental health apps regularly.

7. ‘A-thon’ Challenge

Organize “a-thon” at your studio to grasp the attention of the existing as well as potential members. You could hold Zumba-a-thon, yoga-a-thon, cycle-a-thon, or even a marathon There is no limit to what you can do at a fitness club as your imagination is the only thing stopping you. Begin the contest on a weekend to attract more members and run the contest for a day or two. It is better to pair the "A-thon" in support of a local charity to ensure higher footfall.

8. Weight Loss Challenge

Ultimate 30 Day challenge ideas for weight loss are sometimes effective in bringing more and more individuals to your fitness studio. Participants may take courses or work with personal trainers at a discounted rate since they are contestants of a challenge, which not only improves retention but also boosts profits. 30 days weight loss challenge ideas also result in physically noticeable progress thereby motivating clients to look fit in a given time frame.

9. Improve Your Personal Best Challenge

Before this specific challenge, note your clients’ personal bests of their favorite workouts. Most gym-goers love certain activities, and pushing them to do more in these activities is a great way to motivate them and visit your gym more often. Easy fitness challenges like these can be clubbed with a healthy eating challenge for member engagement.

10. Workout Challenge Ideas

The fitness level of your members could be determined through a workout challenge. During a workout challenge, your clients are being pushed out of their comfort zones by choosing an objective that will test the members' skills. Decide how long it will take for them to finish each workout and give them a deadline. Time specific treadmill runs or HIIT workout routines are one example.

Most importantly, Don’t forget to create a trendy hashtag for all your challenges and enhance your social media visibility.

Plan a killer fitness challenge & motivate your clients 

In conclusion, we can say that fitness challenge ideas are a great way to attract more people into your gym, and they're almost as excellent at keeping them there. They're also fun for both gym members and gym trainers, making them a fantastic & interactive community activity. Go ahead and plan your studio’s next-level fitness challenge.

Figure out the consequent results of your challenges on memberships by simplifying some of the most tough to find retention metrics. Click the button below to see how!

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