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Top 5 Yoga Studio Software Of 2022

Customer Success Team
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Being a yoga studio owner, you need a number of tools for your studio to thrive in the fitness industry. Scheduling classes, managing payments, setting up appointments, holding special courses etc. There’s a lot to do but limited hours to do it all. That’s where a yoga studio management software comes in to ease out everything for you.

Each fitness studio comes with its own demands. There’s no one size fits all software solution for your fitness business. Depending on the kind of business you have there would be different kinds of software that will suit you the best. That’s why when it comes to yoga studios, the best yoga studio software should empower you with a great CRM that has powerful scheduling and booking capabilities.

A great fitness business management software can automate the day-to-day activities at your yoga studios, helping you save time and money. Features that one must look forward to in a yoga studio management software include managing payments and memberships, improving customer loyalty, engaging clients, assigning tasks to staff, pushing notifications, appointments, classes, courses and so much more.

In this article, we'll look at what a good yoga software should do for your fitness business and what to look for when choosing a yoga software. Let's get started!

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What is yoga studio management software?

A yoga studio management software is a centralized platform for streamlining the operations of your fitness business. With the help of the yoga software you can:

  1. Process payments that come in from booked classes and retail sales
  2. Manage your staff, assign them tasks, and process their payroll
  3. Increase client engagement by pushing class notifications to them
  4. Create and manage class schedules
  5. Handle multiple types of memberships ranging from one-offs to recurring memberships
  6. Generate and analyze financial reports
  7. Manage retail inventory of products like yoga mats, water bottles etc.
  8. Keep track of your members and their history
  9. Improve member retention with a branded mobile app for your business

A fitness software essentially gives you a simple option for improving the efficiency of your fitness business by giving an all-in-one platform to studio owners for managing their staff and members alongside maintaining their facility from one place. When a yoga studio management software allows you to better manage your studio and team members then the success of your studio, like that of other businesses, will be determined by the yoga studio software you choose to run it.

Continue reading to learn more about what makes a good yoga studio management system and how to select one.

How to select the best fitness software for your yoga business?

There is a range of fitness software out there that offer a variety of tools, whether you run or manage a gym, fitness center, studio, or even a niche athletic facility for a certain sport. 

  • For starters, a good yoga studio management software is focused on both employees and clients. Calendars, member portals, communication tools, and timetables—from class schedules to work schedules— should also be easily accessible to all members of your studio. Member self-service also cuts down on the time your staff spends on registering clients and checking payments and other admin tasks.
  • When it comes to accessibility, yoga studio business software should always have a mobile app. Because yoga studio centers demand a significant amount of time away from the front desk, the more accessible a software is via a variety of devices, the better it is.
  • Finally, the capacity to perform a wide range of tasks without a steep learning curve is another sign of good yoga studio software. Because your yoga studio can't afford to waste time going through a complicated onboarding process. The best yoga studio management software is frequently the easiest to set up and navigate. 
  • It's great if there are a lot of options available, but make sure you'll be able to use them all without having to spend hours learning how to use them. Although training videos and tutorials are beneficial, they are also time demanding. For a convenient experience, look for a clean, basic user interface (UI). Read all these features mentioned here in our blog - 

What are the key elements of good yoga studio software?

When looking for the best yoga studio software, here are some of the most important things to consider:

01. Membership management

The goal of a yoga studio management software is to make managing yoga memberships easier. There are many different kinds of memberships and classes that a yoga studio may offer, say one-off classes,  5 class/10 class packs, private sessions and much more.

A good yoga studio software should enable business owners to set up all these memberships in no time and then with the help of credits, the end users i.e. the students at your yoga facility should be able to book them without much hassle.

From the point of view of the business, the yoga studio software should display the entire dashboard to the managers/owners from where they can see what each member is purchasing, booking and scheduling. This helps in keeping a clear view of all memberships and helps the business stay in track of their customer goals. If for instance a member hasn't been booking a class then you can see this on their dashboard and if you feel they are at-risk then you can push notification via the system to remind them to join back (at a discounted rate) the studio.

02. Class schedules and booking management 

Booking and class management are extremely important for fitness coaches who are often on the go. They may quickly organise classes, plan events, and make changes to booking timings as needed. A class calendar also allows users to book classes at their convenience, based on their preferred instructor or training session.

Clients value the convenience of reduced manual registration and improved flexibility. Furthermore, it is another client retention feature that you consider in good yoga studio booking software.

03. Payments management 

Yoga studio or any other business has some administrative tasks. Invoices, billing, and payments are among them. Fortunately, it can be integrated into a single administration platform that unifies payment collection, tax calculation, and invoicing. These processes are handled by the best fitness management software, which allows you to keep track of your studio’s financial data.

The goal of integrating the billing system is to reduce staff workload so that they may focus on more important activities for your fitness business. Automated billing provides a clear picture of what your company has while also assisting you in providing a better client experience.

04. Online sales management

Bookee's POS in action with t-shirts, bottle and masks in stock

You must put sales at the forefront of the services you want to streamline when choosing a yoga management system. It should be the primary source of yoga studio service searches for your company. As a result, when looking for the best fitness business management software, you should check for eCommerce capabilities. It's critical to tailor sales processes to meet your business needs. You may create a direct link between your services and your website with the right yoga studio software.

Because the overall flow of commerce is turning to online purchases, integrating payments will enhance your sales while also expanding your client database. You might provide online sales, training, discount offers, and trial classes as part of your offered services.

Now, let’s jump straight to the list of yoga studio management software that can do wonders for your yoga studio. If the software you’re using or considering is not on the list, then it is definitely missing out on the tools and features your fitness studio needs to stand out in 2022. 

Top 5 yoga studio software of 2022

01. Bookee

In the post-COVID world, Bookee has become the platform of choice for fitness & wellness businesses to manage and grow their business. With the most advanced scheduling, booking, live streaming, VOD, mobile apps, and website integration features, Bookee has helped several yoga entrepreneurs drive their fitness business successfully.

Bookee is ideal for all sorts of fitness businesses. If you are starting your solo online yoga training program, setting up your own yoga studio, or scaling your yoga brand to become a nationwide chain, the bookee app has got you with all its modern tools and features consolidated in one software. 

The all-in-one software offers high-end branded apps, a great website and customer-centric tools so that you could automate your yoga studio effectively from the palm of your hand. Various integrations of the software ensure a convenient and smooth operation of your fitness business. It brings together the scheduling, sales, payments & marketing needs of a modern-age yoga business so that you don't have to fit in your needs as per the yoga studio software. Instead, the software is tailored as per your unique business needs & goals.

Key Features

  • Live streaming and video-on-demand
  • Point of sale to enable online payments
  • Self-serve instant mobile apps for members
  • Streamlined bookings and scheduling
  • Converts static website into a fast booking web app


  • Hold workshops, yoga classes and appointment
  • Monitor attendance, sales and related reports online
  • Virtual streaming of yoga classes
  • Client engagement tools- SMS, push notifications & email automation.
  • Clients can manage their memberships and payment


Free Plan: 7-day free trial

Paid Plans: Several.

  • The Essential plan is available for $99 per month.
  • The Pro plan is available for $199 per month
  • The Premium plan is available for $299 per month.

02. Mindbody

Mindbody was one of the first entrants in the world of gym management software. Its core offerings include managing member payments, live streaming fitness classes, on-demand video, marketing automation, auto-pay memberships, inventory management, scheduling, reporting etc.

The Mindbody app helps your clients in booking classes and personalizes their experience to help them hit their fitness goals. Clients can search for services, manage their memberships and keep track of their payments, classes and spots on waitlists.

Key Features

  • Live streaming and video-on-demand
  • Point of sale to enable online/offline payments
  • Self-serve instant check-in for members
  • Integration to streamline bookings and scheduling


  • Branded Mobile Apps 
  • Monitor attendance, sales and related reports online
  • Virtual streaming of classes
  • Clients can manage their memberships and payment


  • Highly outdated software design
  • High processing charges
  • Marketplace apps that promote competition
  • Steep learning curve when switching to software


Free Plan: No

Paid Plans: Several.

  • The Essential plan is available for $129 per month.
  • The Accelerate plan is available for $259 per month.
  • The Ultimate plan is available for $399 per month.
  • The Ultimate Plus plan is available for $599 per month.

03. Glofox

Glofox is a fitness business software that helps customers manage their business using admin tools like creating memberships, member contracts, payment processing and class scheduling. Glofox tailors its services to fitness niches like gyms, yoga studios, HIIT studios, martial arts centres, cycling studios and so on. 

Glofox has its entire software divided into five feature suites namely marketing, sales, management, member experience and retention. The CRM is designed for making sales on behalf of your clients and you can set up your class schedules and memberships from the backend. The idea is to improve operations and increase customer retention.

Glofox offers both a mobile app and a web-based portal where your clients can book classes and pay for your fitness offerings. Its marketing solutions involve facebook pixel integration, automated notifications and shareable book buttons for targeting your audiences.

Key Features

  • Class scheduling and membership management
  • Mobile app for clients to book classes, make purchases, book appointments
  • Marketing tools for generating new leads for fitness businesses;
  • Automated emails and push notifications to deliver messages to members


  • Easy to use
  • Platform looks modern
  • Integrating your business is relatively simpler
  • Automates admin tasks


  • Reports provide limited information
  • Unable to schedule clients over long-time frames
  • Membership editing requires manual steps
  • Courses don’t appear on the staff calendar/app.


Free Plan: No

Paid Plans: Several. Pricing for the plans is not disclosed.

Upon your business needs, Glofox offers a demo request to define the fitting price.

04. Wellness Living 

Wellness living is a cloud-based business solution for wellness studios. Its core features include online bookings, payment processing, class scheduling and fitness marketing.

The online booking feature in wellness living allows students to book classes with the available time slots, and using the yoga studio software the business can send email and text reminders to the student related to the class too.

Wellness Living’s online store helps fitness and wellness businesses to set up their services on their online web store with which the prospective clients can register for such services, say a course or a class and make online payments as well.

The marketing features in the software include the ability to send out automated emails and text messages for acquiring and retaining customers. The yoga studio management software offers both an Android and iOS mobile app.

Key Features

  • Fitness booking and class scheduling
  • Widgets for website and facebook page
  • Marketing automation tools
  • Reserve with google integration
  • Website portal and mobile app


  • Bookings can be done via multiple channels
  • The software integrates with Zoom
  • VOD customization is available


  • High churn rates of existing customers
  • Software cost is low but so are features
  • Most businesses leave within a year


Wellness Living offers four plans:

Basic: $59/month.

Advanced: $99/month.

Professional: $129/month.

Enterprise: By quote.

05. Acuity scheduling

Acuity Scheduling is a cloud-based appointment scheduling software that helps fitness business owners manage their appointments online. The bookings are based on real-time availability and one can automatically sync calendars as per the user’s time zone. The software also gives the option to send out regular reminders to users regarding their appointment schedules.

Key Features

  • Appointment Reminders
  • Automated Scheduling
  • Calendar Sync
  • Client Database
  • Group Scheduling
  • Mobile Access
  • Multi-Location
  • Online Booking
  • Online Payments
  • Recurring Appointments
  • Room Booking Management


  • Less expensive option for solo instructor/single owner studios
  • Eliminates the need to book by calling
  • Relatively simple to use


  • Not suitable for yoga studios with more than 10 clients
  • No sync between memberships and bookings
  • Little to no reporting features
  • Difficult to migrate out of it because of no data in the reports


Emerging: $15 per month

Growing: $25 per month

Powerhouse: $50 per month

Must-ask questions for your yoga studio software provider

When it comes to choosing a yoga studio management software, you need to know your staff and your business inside and out! So, before you choose a fitness business software, make sure to ask yourself these important questions:

  • How long does it take to incorporate yoga studio software into your business model?
  • Is your workforce tech-savvy?
  • How much time and effort can you devote to the setup of the software?
  • What is the total budget?
  • How many employees would require access?
  • Is it possible to scale with the fitness software and add more if necessary?

Choosing a fitness business software with all of the necessary features becomes a lot easier once you consider these considerations.

Choose the yoga studio software that is right for you!

The right yoga studio management software can help you boost income and member retention, as well as offer a single platform for your employees and assist you to grow your fitness business. Some administration tasks a yoga studio software assists you with are smooth communication with staff, class scheduling, recording fitness classes, issuing invoices, analyzing data and reports, managing a member portal, and much more. With the right software for yoga studio, all of this is made easier.

We discussed the elements to consider, the features that are required, and the best yoga studio management software options for your business in this blog. All of the things, when put together, give you all of the information you need to run your fitness business efficiently.

Book your demo now to explore Bookee as your next yoga studio software choice. Hit the button below!

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