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Top 3 Ways To Keep Your Clients Super Engaged

Akash Eric Francis
Junior Content Writer
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When it comes to running a successful fitness studio, getting customers through the door is only half the battle. 

Keeping them engaged and motivated for the long run is the real challenge. 

The goal isn't just to get people to join your studio, but to get them excited to book that next class because they genuinely enjoy being there and value what your studio offers to them.

So, how do you keep your clients enthralled? 

How can you ensure that you are communicating with them on a regular basis and that they are communicating with you?

How can you remind your clients (albeit not annoyingly) of the value you bring them and ensure they don't forget about your studio's existence?

Read on to learn about our tips and strategies you can use to make this happen.

1. Announcements

Announcements are a great way to keep your clients up to date on all of the exciting things going on at your studio. 

Announcements supercharge your client engagement strategy by offering a way to keep your clients in the loop by unlocking the full potential of your custom studio mobile app.

With this powerful tool at your disposal, you can reach your customers with the right message, at the right time. 

Be it announcing new merchandise at your studio, special offers on membership packs or introducing a new trainer, announcements assist you in getting the news out to your clientele in a way that is effective and eye-catching.

If you are a Bookee client, there are 3 ways you can convey your message through announcements.  These involve detailed cards, banners, and notifications. 

We go through how to integrate this into your everyday studio operations and make it part of your client engagement strategy in great detail here.


So, when should detailed cards be used? 

Whenever you need to make a longer, more significant announcement that requires context and specific information. 

They are accompanied by a visual cue and textual information that provides context to your clients.

When designing a catchy detailed card, make sure your message is conveyed in a manner that is easily comprehensible. 

For example, if you're bringing a new trainer to your studio, your detailed card could include basic information about them, their area of expertise, and their function at your studio.

Banners could be treated as small announcements that are time-sensitive and vital to both you and your clients. 

It works well for your client because they immediately get notified about unexpected situations like class cancellations, facility changes or your studio being closed temporarily. 

This, in turn, will do wonders for improving the client experience at your studio because who doesn't appreciate being notified before scheduling an event?

Push notifications can be used to directly deliver any announcements directly to the mobile device of your clients. 

You can use them for communicating limited-period promotions and offers, new class launches, etc.

Depending on the context and level of relevance for your studio, you can leverage all 3 types of announcements.

2. Personalized emails 

Email newsletters are an effective way to engage with your clients. 

You can tailor your message to each client's needs by segmenting your email list based on different attributes. 

By doing this, you can not only improve your client engagement but also upsell, cross-sell, and retain your clients.

Make sure to include personalized subject lines in your email newsletters to capture your client's attention. 

Here are some examples of what this would look like - 

"New year, new you: How we can help you crush your fitness goals in 2023"

"You performed impeccably last month! It's time to take your workout to the next level"

You can also personalize your emails based on pricing options, start dates, expiry dates, and other details. This level of customization will make your clients feel valued and will keep them interested in your studio.

If you'd like to know how to sharpen your email marketing strategy and direct your emails only to those who care, you can read about it here.


3. 2-way SMS

2-way SMS is an excellent tool for communicating with your clients through which your clients can respond to your messages and ensue a conversation.

If you send an SMS to confirm an appointment, for example, your clients can respond with a reply to confirm their booking.

This level of interaction keeps your clients engaged with your studio and on track with their fitness goals. 

A 2-way SMS system can also act as a powerful tool in improving client retention for your fitness studio. 

By providing a personalized experience and demonstrating that you care about their needs, you can establish stronger relationships with your clients. 

With quick and to-the-point responses to any requests and an option for your clients to opt out of notifications, you instil the idea that each and every client matters to your studio.

What does it take to keep your clients engaged?

Firstly, great tech.

Client experience gets multifold enhanced when you use great tech.

Client engagement activities such as announcements, personalized emails, and 2-way SMS are critical for any fitness studio but setting up a system that can conveniently handle all of these marketing activities is cumbersome. 

That's where bookee comes in!

You'll be doing yourself and your business an enormous favour by investing in good fitness management software that not only helps with marketing but also functions as a personal growth partner for all your studio needs.

By using Bookee’s engagement tools, clients are seeing an increase in engagement by more than 30%!

Let's get started on your client engagement strategy right away. 

Schedule a demo with us and take your studio to new heights!

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