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Stop Your Email Blasts (Send To Those Who Care)

Vaishwi Sinha
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Do you know what happens when your subscriber gets an email that is irrelevant to them?

It is highly likely that they will not open your next email OR even unsubscribe from your email list.

49% of the total number of people surveyed by ParcelLab say that they have received irrelevant content from a company in the last six months.

Of these, 42% say they have immediately unsubscribed from the company's marketing or information service and 24% have blocked the brand on social media.

What should you do to keep your emails relevant?

Bucket your email list and send them personalized emails!

Let us give you an example of a disaster.

Let’s say you are trying to upgrade a trial member to credit packs and you end up advertising credit packs to all your members which include trial members, credit pack members, monthly memberships as well as unlimited memberships.

Now, what if your membership clients start moving toward credit packs?

This is definitely not good!

Also, the credit pack members might find the email content irrelevant and might unsubscribe.

Again, not good.

How to bucket your email list?

You can bucket your email list based on different attributes according to the action you want your audience to take.

Membership group

Not every group needs the same messaging.

Your funnel should look like this:

Trial packs —> Credit packs —> Memberships

Constant interaction with the audience at each stage is essential to ensure the growth of your studio.

Moreover, this segmentation can be used to upsell, cross-sell and retain clients.

This is how Alomoves, an online yoga studio follows up after a potential customer registers for an intro offer but does not show up.

Pricing option

You can also customize your emails based on the type of pricing options, the start date of any pricing option, the expiry of any option, etc.

These will help you sell memberships to those who are close to expiration or upsell by giving discounts to certain groups.

For example, you can sell annual memberships to those who are on monthly by giving a 10% off.

This can only be done if you can segment your client base based on pricing options.

Be sure to invest in software that segments your email list for you.


Create emails for those who visit less than x days or to those who haven't visited in the last y weeks.

You know your clients the best.

You know when they start to disengage. Target them when you feel they need to be with the best offer or value.

Best way to do it?

Invest in software that can sort and filter your studio data, has email marketing capabilities, and lets you personalize your emails as per your requirement.

With a plethora of filters available in Bookee, you can choose the audience who you want to interact with and send a message that is relevant only to them.

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Vaishwi Sinha Bookee Writer
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Vaishwi Sinha

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