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Does Planet Fitness Have Personal Trainers?

Customer Success Team
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About Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness began as a single, traditional gym in Dover, New Hampshire, in 1992. The brand turned its focus to fitness newcomers and opened its first franchise facility in Florida in 2003. There are around 1,400 gyms in operation now.

Planet Fitness is at the top of the corporate gym chain. Leave that. Planet Fitness is certain that its locations are not even gyms. The business devised a wonderful marketing approach for this.

Planet Fitness offers a "No judgment zone" and a "Where you Belong" environment. No "gym intimidation" is maintained in all the gym locations. Aggressive lifting (screaming, dropping weights), grunting, wearing exposing fitness clothing, and other behaviors may be prohibited by the staff.

Planet Fitness, in summary, caters to people who would find a rigorous bodybuilding club and the culture that comes with it intimidating. Planet Fitness is a successful fitness business because of its welcoming environment, and attitude, which is ideal for individuals who are just starting to attend the gym or who seek a peaceful, non-competitive training environment.

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New members who are unfamiliar with fundamental workouts may require some coaching, and personal trainers are frequently available to assist newcomers. Unfortunately, personal training is no longer available at Planet Fitness. Anyone looking for one-on-one personal training won’t be able to find it at a Planet Fitness branch.

The NO-Personal Trainer Controversy

Mike Grondahl, the CEO of Planet Fitness, has chosen to ban planet fitness personal training at all of the company's facilities. The choice was made for a number of reasons, and it was a controversial one, to say the least.

Planet fitness personal training was banned for a variety of reasons, including Grohndahl's accusation that personal trainers recruited members on the floor for sessions, which may be pushy and disruptive.

Planet Fitness' senior management began to frown on one-on-one personal training.

The "PE@PF" group lessons, on the other hand, can be beneficial. Physical education at Planet Fitness is referred to as PE@PF. These are half-hour “gym classes without the whistle."

So, does Planet fitness offer personal training?

The answers are yes and no.

To begin with, they no longer have a one-on-one policy, if "personal" is defined in that sense. This approach has been replaced by group sessions offered by planet fitness trainers.

As you may have read about the controversy above. Planet Fitness caters to normal individuals who like exercising and staying in shape rather than gym rats. It's understandable that equipment like squat racks and bench presses is foreign to the general population. As a result, planet fitness personal trainers come into the picture. They'll explain how each piece of equipment works and what you can accomplish with it but in a group setting. After gaining sufficient experience with these trainers at Planet Fitness, newcomers will feel safer and more at ease practicing in front of others in a group. Planet fitness trainers also inspect the form, which is very important.

The personal trainers at Planet Fitness are in charge of presenting the gym's services to customers, as well as devising appropriate regimens based on the planned goals and delivering equipment instructions in a group setup. You'll discover that sticking to the pre-planned routines makes accomplishing your goals a lot simpler and easier. Ultimately, this serves as the foundation for Planet Fitness' fitness programs.

Types of classes offered by Planet Fitness trainers

Although classes offered by planet fitness vary by location, members often find three sorts of specialized sessions by planet fitness trainers in every branch:

One muscle group

These sessions, like the ones at Gold's Gym in Venice, CA in the 1970s, allow members to focus entirely on a single muscle group.

Three or four exercises are usually selected for the session and done at a moderate intensity.

There are sessions dedicated to the arms, back, shoulders, legs, and abdominals. Three times a week, hitting a group session means targeting a certain muscle group on a given day and then allowing the muscles to rest. This is what personal training at planet fitness looks like.

Circuit training

Circuit training involves hitting certain equipment for a defined amount of time. A green light/red light is used to time the duration. You work out on the green light and then rest on the red light. You don't need a planet fitness trainer for this program.

Because the brief sessions allow for leg presses, leg raises, biceps curls, triceps extensions, ab crunches, and other exercises, circuit training provides a comprehensive body workout without a planet fitness trainer.

Because of the short periods and mild intensity, the circuit workout is more of a cardio workout than a strength/mass building workout, but that's probably OK for most people.

Design Your Own Program

The name says it all. The Planet Fitness trainer can assist you in creating a specific smart workout plan to help you achieve your goals.

The workout will not be intense or in violation of any Planet Fitness training standards. In other words, you can't design a regimen for bodybuilders or powerlifters.

Working with an on-staff has a significant advantage in that he/she creates a schedule for you to follow on days/times when you are not alone training. For newcomers looking for results, a little instruction from a personal trainer goes a long way.

But, many people still prefer one-on-one personal training as compared to group training. Smaller group sessions with planet fitness trainers are often preferred over training alone.

Pros and cons of group sessions with Planet Fitness trainers

Although the lack of real one-on-one personal training sessions has disadvantages, having access to Planet Fitness physical education classes offers several advantages. What are some of the advantages and disadvantages? Let’s have a look.

Here are three advantages that should be helpful to members undertaking planet fitness training. These positives show that the sessions have a number of pros for you.


1. Accurate Instruction and performance review

A professional planet fitness trainer would teach how to complete the exercises correctly whether there are one, two, or six people in the session.

Trainers know how to do an exercise correctly and ensure that the member is not straining with the weight. The information obtained throughout the sessions may be applied when working out on your own.

2. Planet Fitness trainers are accountable

Trainers at Planet Fitness answer all your questions and are completely accountable for the fitness session you undertake under their guidance.Do you have any questions about exercise and fitness? Ask the planet fitness trainer.

They have been trained in the realm of fitness coaching and know-how to provide answers to common workout and diet questions that aren’t just easy to understand but also easy to implement.

3. You might get a one-on-one session by luck

You never know what may happen. You could be the only one who shows up for a scheduled group lesson on certain days. That's fantastic. You've just gotten a one-on-one session. Make the best of this chance. And see how a planet fitness trainer just turned into a planet fitness personal trainer. Clever, right?


Then there are the drawbacks or cons. Although there are some small downsides to group sessions with a planet fitness trainer, these drawbacks are unlikely to dissuade many individuals from attending the free fitness training planet fitness provides in groups.

1. Exercise routines are for beginners

Because these are group classes, the planet fitness trainer usually chooses a set of exercises that everyone could undertake.

A one-on-one session with a trainer is a good idea if you want help reaching your personal exercise goals. Group classes are a great way to meet new people and get a good workout, but if you want help reaching your personal exercise goals, a one-on-one session with a trainer is a good idea.

2. Long waits between your turn

Powerlifting workouts benefit from long rest times between sets, but Planet Fitness personal training programs aren't exactly Olympic training.

The extended delays are due to the fact that the workouts are being performed by many persons. You must wait your turn, which results in downtime rather than a more appropriately timed rest.

3. You have to deal with some exercises on your own.

Certain exercises, such as free barbell squats and overhead presses, are a big component of a lot of intense weight training, but because of the "no gym intimidation" rule, you won't be able to do them.

Planet Fitness' benefits exceed its drawbacks, especially for those on a tight budget. It's also worth noting that group sessions are free of charge and conducted by qualified planet fitness trainers.

Are you a personal trainer?

Is fitness software required for every personal trainer or health coach for better management? Possibly, but maybe not. It is primarily dependent on your preferences, but if you are serious about establishing and running a successful professional business, it is something you should seriously consider.

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