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5-Step Branding Framework For A Strong Fitness Business Foundation

Customer Success Team
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“Brands are essentially patterns of familiarity, meaning, fondness, and reassurance that exist in the minds of people.”— Tom Goodwin

The subject of branding is far from a one-pager. It's a constantly changing topic that encompasses a wide range of areas, including business management, marketing, advertising, design, and others. Different levels of branding exist, each with its meaning and structure. People often get confused between the branding and marketing of the business although they cannot be used interchangeably. Let’s understand the difference in brief;

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Branding v/s Marketing

Branding and marketing are NOT the same, although there are many similarities between the two, which is why we cannot accept or reject that one is subordinate to the other. They are intertwined, and their primary aim is to help the fitness business succeed.

Marketing: Marketing is the suite of tools, procedures, and tactics you employ to market your product, service, or business. Consider marketing to be the effort you do in to connect with your clients and persuade them to buy your goods or services.

Branding: The technique of actively shaping your brand, on the other hand, is referred to as branding. It's all about identifying who you are as a company when it comes to branding. It's your purpose, your principles, and what distinguishes you from others. It's your most important brand aspects, such as your logo, website, and brand style standards.

If marketing is what attracts customers to your fitness business for the first time, branding is what keeps them coming back for more.

What is meant by fitness branding?

Your fitness brand is how your customers perceive your studio and its services. It's all about your name and what others say about your company when you're not around.

Your fitness branding is a blend of strategy, identity, and marketing. Across various touchpoints, a strong brand is consistent. It flows naturally from your website to your online bookings and client portal, social media, communications, and virtual and in-person services. It takes strategic planning and preparation to start a fitness brand; it's about creating a positive image while simultaneously standing out from the crowd.

It's a good place to start thinking about how you want to be regarded and what you want the public to say about your business: How do you want the world to see your fitness business? This is the question that will provide the groundwork for your fitness branding.

You can’t establish a successful fitness brand overnight. You need a step-wise framework to effectively brand your fitness studio/business. We are here to assist you in just that. Keep reading to know the fitness branding framework elements in detail.

5-step fitness business branding framework

“A good definition of brand strategy is the considered intent for the positive role a company wants to play in the lives of the people it serves and the communities around it.” — Neil Parker

Step-1: Get a clear picture of your target audience

Now, you must be thinking that what is the first step in building a fitness brand?

Understanding the inner workings of your potential customers is the primary step of the fitness branding framework. There will be many client personas in most interdisciplinary fitness centers or studios. You’ll have to figure out a tone that has the ability to interact with all kinds of member personas.

Start thinking about your brand by researching who your ideal client is for each of your offerings. A thorough grasp of their target demographic is something that some of the most powerful health and fitness businesses have in common. With everything they say, they know exactly who they're talking to.

You can create a brand identity that is completely aligned with your audience once you know who you're talking to. It's a good idea to jot out your client personas to figure out who you want to reach. Different target groups are represented by these personas. You would want to learn everything you can about these member personas so you can figure out what motivates them. All of this data may have an impact on your brand's visual identity, personality, and more.

Step-2: Discover your differentiator

At this stage of the branding framework, it's time to figure out what sets you apart from other wellness clinics or fitness studios in your locality, what makes you special, and why anybody should care for your brand. Consider the problem you're attempting to solve as well as your distinguishing characteristics to address that problem.

The internet is a fantastic place, but it also means increased competition, and why would a potential client select one gym over another when both offer the same service? That's where your fitness branding can make a big difference in how people make their buying decisions. Your branding is built on the foundation of your mission. Your tagline, slogan, voice, tone, messaging, value proposition, and other elements all originate from the presence of your brand.

Step-3: Conduct market research for your product/services

A lot of the decisions you make in the early phases of your brand will be based on thorough research. Do some market research and see what your competitors are up to. Examine where your competitors succeed and where they fail. By examining your competition landscape, you may uncover possibilities that can help you build a fantastic brand as well as the foundation for a winning fitness branding strategy. When you identify a market gap, you can figure out what makes you unique and set yourself apart from the competitors. The aim is of building a fitness brand apart from the competition, not to exact any successful brand. Market research for fitness branding is divided into two types: quantitative and qualitative.

Quantitative research: It is concerned with generating numbers, such as the proportion of the population that purchases a particular product. It is carried out through the use of surveys and questionnaires. You may do simple quantitative research by speaking with potential consumers. While launching a new product/service, more extensive quantitative research may be performed to discover target markets and analyze client demographics.

Qualitative research: It uses facts and numbers to find out what people think and feel about the services of your niche competitors, as well as what influences their buying decisions. Researchers collect data through surveys and focus groups while analyzing the results is a profession that requires certain expertise.

Step-4: Give visual identity to your fitness brand

A prominent and well-known brand has a great visual impact. It's memorable, consistent, and simple to use across a variety of design aspects. Your brand images are a physical manifestation of your goal, vision, and values. It's what your clients will see on your website, in online class bookings, in communications, in marketing efforts, and everywhere else the name of your fitness brand appears.

There are a few things to think about while designing your brand's visuals, including:

  • Fitness color palette
  • Fitness brand logo
  • Slogan
  • Font
  • Images and styling
  • Brand guidelines

Need any visual fitness branding ideas for your business? We’ve got you. Learn to create your fitness slogan & fitness brand logo and get inspired by some top brands in these articles.

Step-5: Go live with your fitness brand

Everything is covered now. It’s time to go live with your fitness brand. You’ve built and established your fitness brand by combining all of the above-mentioned elements. A successful brand is a combination of visual, emotional, and personal elements. These are quite effective. Maintaining brand consistency across all aspects of your fitness branding is critical. There should be no confusion about who you are as a brand and what you represent when switching between social media, your website, and the online bookings /client management system.

After you've established your brand, you and your employees must put it into action and live it. If your fitness studio is all about having a good time, being inclusive, and being vibrant, your members should see it in everything you do, from virtual to in-person services i.e. your entire fitness branding.

Now that we know that there's a lot to do in establishing a successful fitness branding strategy but is it worth the effort? Let's have a look at the importance of good fitness branding.

Why is good fitness branding important?

A good brand requires more than a fitness brand logo and a fitness color palette. It's all of that and more; it's who you are. Fitness branding yields results across all the platforms. You may establish a brand that stands out from the crowd by combining skills, creativity, and strategy.

Here are four reasons why you need a great brand for your fitness or wellness business:

01. Builds Trust in your fitness brand

Your fitness branding ignites a connection between your fitness brand and its clients. Your brand conveys your narrative, connects with people, and establishes trust. The connection and trust develop over time and do not happen overnight. People are more inclined to buy or commit to a product or service from a brand that appears professional and trustworthy. Your fitness branding can help to reinforce that trust. This establishes the fact that you are a leader in your industry and that your clients should put their faith in you.

02. Gives you industrial recognition

Your fitness brand logo is an important aspect of your overall branding framework. A logo often transforms into the company's face. After a while, you'll be able to recognize a fitness brand merely by its logo. A professional, well-designed fitness brand logo is strong and memorable enough to leave an impression. A great logo leaves a lasting impression on a potential member. The more your potential clients think of you when they see your logo, messaging, products & services, the greater your brand recognition will be in the fitness industry.

03. Get more clients

A powerful fitness branding assists in the acquisition of new clients for your fitness studio. It solidifies your brand in the minds of your members, making them more inclined to recommend you to their friends and family. Small and large businesses that succeed in doing eyeball-grabbing fitness branding have positioned themselves as leaders and authorities in their niche of the fitness industry. A great brand may help you establish authority, which means clients would wanna get in touch with you because you are a distinctive provider of the services they need.

04. A satisfied & productive team

A strong brand does more than simply attract new customers; it also motivates and inspires your employees. When a company has strong fitness branding, it has a clear goal and identity that binds its employees. Your team is aware of the company's reason of existence, or mission. This means they can all work together to fulfill the objective you've set out for them. Passionate employees are more likely to work for a fitness business that has a consistent and cohesive brand. The identity is established through your design and logo, as well as in your members' everyday interactions with your staff.

Identify, build and manage

Now, go ahead and identify your target audience to implement this branding framework. There are several brand strategies and frameworks that your gym business may employ throughout the lifetime of the business. There is no one-size-fits-all strategy. Although when developing and creating a branding framework, the above five main elements should be included.

This is a framework to follow when creating a brand strategy for your fitness business. And, if you haven't already done so, go back and start using these strategies to help your fitness business grow.

Another growth tactic to take into account is getting your fitness business onto a business management software especially the one which allows you to manage your fitness business effectively, live stream, offer videos-on-demand, and other state-of-the-art business features. Bookee is one such modern fitness management software offering modern solutions to your fitness business at just $99/month. Book a demo with our founder in a click.

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