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7 Gym Logo Ideas to Inspire You for Your Own

Customer Success Team
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Nearly all of us are familiar with the iconic ‘a bald weightlifter holding a barbell’ of a good old Gold gym, the original  gym logo which was designed in 1973 by professional wrestler Ric Drasin has now registered itself as an iconic stamp of the fitness franchise spanning nearly every continent and country on the planet. Well, this is exactly what a logo is supposed to do – while starting a fitness business, a logo might not appear to be something of top priority but its importance cannot be downplayed. The concept of logos is not modern but can be traced back to ancient times, ancients used coin stamps, logo beginnings more specifically came from the 13th century. At this time, goldsmiths’ marks and watermarks by paper makers as trademarks emerged.

A logo attracts attention, creates a positive first impression, serves as the foundation of your brand identification, is memorable, distinguishes you from the competition, develops brand loyalty, and is expected by your target audience. So, whether you run a single gym or own a gym franchise, a yoga studio, sell exercise gear, or are a personal trainer, a gym logo can boost your business and your recognition.

What exactly is a gym logo?

A gym logo is a fitness studio’s stamp and it is what people are going to recognize your business by, it is illustrated or symbolic identity of your fitness brand. It is a visual alternative to your gym brand’s identity. Further, if you get your gym logo registered under United States intellectual property by submitting a trademark application for your logo with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) to gain federal trademark registration for the logo. It can provide your gym logo with increased legal protection within your field.

Benefits of adopting a gym logo

01. It grabs attention

Attention spans are short these days but a good and creative gym logo  can quickly grab viewers’ attention and communicate your gym’s core values interestingly.

02. Fosters brand loyalty

Customers crave consistency and your gym logo is going to be the first thing your clients see about your gym and as your brand grows, your logo is going to become more familiar to a wide range of people in your locality.

03. Makes a strong first impression

Let’s accept most professional gyms and fitness brands have their gym logo and add to your brand power. The same gym logo will later be printed on your letterheads, business cards, landing pages and help create a concrete marketable brand identity.

04. More memorable

A gym logo will help you register your fitness brand in minds of your audience your gym logo will lead the horse (your audience) to water (your gym). Logos are a point of identification; they’re the symbol that customers will use to recognize your gym.

3 Essentials for an ‘impressionable gym logo’

  1. Your gym logo can combine both text and icon because your brand identity should be instantly, easily recognizable as an icon, and as text. For example, the famous sports shoe company Nike has the company name, and the swoosh icon, which is recognizable to everyone.
  2. A proper color scheme is an essential element for a memorable gym logo, your gym logo has to be visible and recognizable across a range of devices and browsers. A wrong color scheme confuses audiences and leaves the audience unimpressed.
  3. Include a tagline in your gym logo to make it catchier. t. It’s easy to spot a tagline that has been thoughtfully incorporated. Taglines are an important piece of any fitness brand and can be integrated into the final logo design.

Examples of Good Gym or Fitness Logos

Here is the list of 7 iconic and benchmark gym logos from few of fitness industry’s oldest and strongest players.

01. Gold gym logo

Well, we started our article talking about this legendary illustration, Gold gym is one of the most famous gym franchises in the world with centers in many countries. This American chain of international gyms was originally started by Joe Gold in Venice Beach, California. Each gym offers a variety of cardio and strength training equipment as well as group exercise programs. The logo has an iconic ‘a bald weightlifter holding a barbell’ set against a gold weight plate and with ‘Gold Gym’ encircling the lifter in archaic font, is a catchy and one of the best examples of a gym logo. Bold font and visible letters appeal to bodybuilders because it emphasizes strength and power. The man holding a barbell conveys that this gym offers a classic workout experience. The color scheme is on point and rather vibrant, the iconography immediately registers in the head.

02. Crossfit gym logo

CrossFit is a branded fitness regimen developed by Greg Glassman that involves high-intensity workouts. The brand was officially founded by him as CrossFit, LLC along with Lauren Jenai in 2000. With Crossfit as its registered trademark, a wordmark logo with Crossfit written in white against a black background. It’s simple and attractive. The gym logo fonts and details of Crossfit tells a whole story about the brand at a glance. Text or wordmark logos can act as a timeless iconic witness to your fitness brand’s rise to popularity, for example, Coca-Cola’s text logo has acquired an immortal stature. But you have homework to do, because of their simplicity, text logos require a careful eye for detail. A small change to font, color, or character feature is all it takes to transform a gym logo from forgettable to iconic.

03. Planet Fitness gym logo

Planet Fitness is a fitness-centers chain, founded in 1992 in the USA and today has more than 15 thousand clubs across the world. The company works mainly as a franchisee and covers all the continents. And chances are you must have come across its gym logo, which is very recognizable and colorful. The Planet Fitness gym logo is bright and easy to recognize. It's made up of an emblem with a wordmark incorporated within it. The insignia consists of a black gear design with a purple inner circle from which the large yellow thumb emerges. The circle and the thumb are both gritty, which adds to the entire logo's dynamism. Hence, you can take notes from the fitness brand and design your own gym logo.

04. Orangetherapy gym logo

With more than 1300 boutique studios and nearly 1 million members across 23 countries, Orangetherapy is one of the most famous boutiques HIIT studios in the world. But you all must have noticed the rather quirky gym logo of the fitness brand, it’s tacky and ‘different’, but very well thought out. According to the fitness studio, the gym logo is based on the idea ‘from fat to splat’, that their logo is inspired by what a fat cell looks like when it explodes. This is a rather thoughtful ideation and it is so simple, memorable, and with a deep ideal core to ethos and mission of the company. Your logo must convey the ideals and motive of your business and must stay relevant to your operation.

05. Gymshark gym logo

With the ‘Be a Visionary’ tagline, the  gym logo of fitness apparel brand Gymshark is a spot-on combination of both text and an icon. Founded in 2012 by two college dropouts, Ben Francis and Lewis Morgan have managed to make GymShark one of the fastest-growing brands in the fitness industry through a range of clever marketing techniques including their catchy logo. The logo which can be found imprinted on each of their collection displays a shark mouth designed and bent like the letter ‘G’, the company precedes it with the name of the company written in the long capital font. This gym logo is a great example of the use of photography along with iconography.

06. Crunch fitness gym logo

Crunch Fitness is an American chain of over 300 franchised fitness clubs located in the United States. Founded by Doug Levine the company has rather cool and catchy. The Crunch Fitness visual identity is dynamic and masculine, it is a perfect reflection of the gym’s approach and the strong character of the brand. The Crunch Fitness gym logo is composed of a wordmark clenched in a fist. It is a celebration of power and energy. It is rather an aggressive and upfront show of visuals. The bold custom typeface of a wordmark is sharp and modern, you can hear it crunches in a strong fist. It's white thick lettering in all-caps of the sans-serif font is outlined in blue and looks bright and confident. The first is colored blue, which created a good balance with the wordmark and adds freshness to the whole logo. The brand also uses an orange and red color palette for its visual identity, and it adds more energy and passion to the emblem.

07. 24 Hour fitness gym logo

24 Hour Fitness is a privately owned and operated fitness center chain headquartered in Carlsbad, California. It is the second-largest fitness chain in the United States based on revenue after LA Fitness. The 24 Hour Fitness gym logo is dynamic, with smooth and streamlined shapes, which perfectly fits an organization working in sports. The 24 Hour Fitness logo is dynamic, with smooth and streamlined shapes, which perfectly fits an organization working in sports. The emblem is a red ellipse housing the lettering “24 hours” in white. There is a blue trim. The ellipse is slightly tilted to the right and looks as if it was a “moving” version of a circle. This gym logo is an impressive example of how you can keep thing simple and yet make an impact.

Your gym logo is a symbol of your gym’s identity. It creates your customers’ first impression of your fitness brand. The best logos send a message to customers about the company’s values, create brand loyalty, and give company letterhead, vehicles, and signs a more professional appearance. In this article, we discussed the essentials for creating an impressive gym log, 7 creative gym logos from present famous fitness brands. Hope, this will inspire you to draw and create your logo.

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