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5 Essential Elements of A Fitness Business Website

Customer Success Team
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Developing a functional and effective fitness website could help you expand your business. According to a Forbes article, having a strong presence through a website can make or break revenue for any business, regardless of industry.

Having a website allows you to engage with clients, generate leads, streamline scheduling, and promote your business. So, how to create a fitness website?

Here are the essential elements for your website to run and be up in no time:

01. Customized Branding Elements

When starting a fitness business, your website serves as a hub where people get to know you and each element represents your values and philosophy. One way to win big with your online fitness studio is consistent branding. Select a color, incorporate your logo, and create a brand book that will serve as your guide as you build your website.

The color scheme that you will use on your website is highly significant. For years, color has been recognized as a vital aspect in the marketing field as explained in a UC Berkeley journal. Minor changes in the color of buttons, text, background, and foreground can increase brand recognition.

Stand out and establish your brand as a fitness gym website with the help of business software that allows website customization. Bookee lets you match the font family, font color, and background color with your branding. 

Apart from the look of your website, you may also customize links in your website with Bookee. You may create a unique branded link for every class, membership plan, video, and course, which you can easily share with your clients. If you are using customized links, you can also track every click with ease giving you valuable insight into your client’s online activity.

02. About Page

More than the indirect presentation of your mission statement through branding elements, it is a must to include an About page containing a fitness website description, history, mission statement, testimonials, and contact information.

Your About page should give people a glimpse of what your business can offer. It can go by different headings —“About,” “About Us,” “Who we are”—but the general purpose of these pages is to ensure that you will be distinguished from other fitness businesses. 

Some fitness websites create a separate Contact Page with the business email, phone number, an interactive map with address, and opening hours. Bookee's multi-page setup allows you to create different pages that you can edit in real-time to add more details or new social proofs and testimonials.

03. Redirect Feature

In one chapter of “Website Design and Evaluation”, the authors emphasized that websites should be designed with the end-users in mind at all times. All user activities must be supported. The key to achieving this is by properly organizing the components of the website for more efficient navigation and experience.

Bookee allows smart redirect, which takes the client to the next step. Let’s say a client clicks the button which indicates interest in a class, it will automatically transfer to the pricing page, then to the signup page, and upon confirmation of details will bring back the client to the initial page where other packages are listed.

The smart redirect feature prompts customers to act based on what they see on the screen. As a business owner, it is best to have this feature on your website without hiring an external developer. Bookee can do this for you for free. Bookee integrates well with all platforms and supports smart redirecting for free.

04. Persuasive Content

We always hear “Content is King”, but it’s better to hear when the “cash register rings”. Hence, you must invest in content for fitness website that will lead your visitors to subscribe to any of the packages and subscriptions that you offer.

Make sure that your content is relatable and easy to read. You may also post downloadable content to build rapport with your visitors since customers love freebies. You can also post fitness challenge ideas to boost client engagement and retention. Since these challenges need to be updated daily or weekly, people will visit your website frequently and will increase their chances to view your offers. 

05. Monitoring features

Aside from the visual and surface elements, you must also monitor and track your marketing performance. There’s no need for you to search for the best degrees 2021 to learn more about marketing or website development because Bookee can help you with marketing by creating unique product links and checkout links that you can monitor with Google analytics.

Setting Up Your Website

Prepare all of these elements and you’ll surely put up a website that will do the work for you.

Learn from Bookee on how to set up your fitness website by reading through what we offer here. Following the tip listed above, we also give you something for free and you wouldn’t want to miss out on a free demo.

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