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11 Inspiring Examples of Health And Fitness Advertisements

Customer Success Team
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Advertising is an integral part of every business. To generate leads and stimulate brand awareness in the industry, every business must advertise. It also exposes your brand to its target market and helps in positioning your business to your right audience. Advertising needs as much attention as any other division of a fitness business. A brand should be able to deliver a distinctive message through its advertisement. Even if the idea is similar to that of the competitor, it should be presented uniquely. 

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How Fitness Ads Generate A Community Of Fitness Fanatics

The newly gained consciousness about fitness is pushing people towards a healthy lifestyle. Fitness Ads are contributing significantly by motivating people to indulge in fitness activities. With rising competition in the industry, the need for fitness advertisements is expanding. Health and fitness adverts are also a vital reminder to stay fit. Their tactful utilization in your fitness business can be useful for bringing in more members.

A group of yogis bending left while attending a yoga class.

Health and fitness ads hold the power to motivate and inspire people, stop them from slouching on their beds and push them to join a gym. Millions of adverts and messages about staying fit and the constant need of working out dominate almost all the social media platforms. For fitness studios starting new, it can take a mix of constant posting, flexible strategy, and absolute consistency to reach new heights and win more hearts on social media.

But where do you start? The tips and points mentioned in this blog would help you create a health and fitness advertisement for your fitness studio that can leave a great impact for your target audiences. We have also curated a list of some positive health and fitness advertisements for you to get inspired and grow your brand fast.

Building Blocks Of Successful Fitness Advertising

There are various building blocks when it comes to creating a successful advertisement that promotes health & fitness in a positive light. Don’t worry if you can’t get things right on the first try. It takes a while for your business to create an organic presence and thereon compete with existing brands. 

It also makes sense to focus your brand narrative around positive health and fitness advertisements that promote positive body image and resonate with your ideal target audience. The following elements would lend you a hand in creating captivating fitness ads for your social platforms.

  • Community-driven Content - People, especially the Gen-Z, are on a constant lookout for a connect with the community. Acceptance in a community comes when people are alike in their beliefs. An advertisement should make the target audience feel that they all are similar in a unique way. Another wayto cultivate a sense of community among your audience is by sharing your brand personality on social media. This establishes your brand identity and connects it with its potential users.
Fitness models of different ethnicities and body sizes.
  • Storytelling – Another way to bring out the positivism in a health and fitness ad is through storytelling. This approach is used by advertisers to capture the interest of the potential market. The technique of storytelling conveys empathy and makes the brand a reliable identity. This technique can be used to forge a clear connection between the brand and positive fitness advertisements. Nike often uses this technique in most if not all of its ad campaigns.
  • Organic Approach - The driving force of a health and fitness advertisement shouldn’t just be to target a set of individuals who are potential clients but to put out a body-positive message. This message makes it emotionally appealing for the viewers and they develop a connection with the brand. To bear a favorable outcome for the advertisement, the ad must relate to the audience organically and drive them away from misleading fitness assumptions.
  • Optimistic Tone - The tone is very crucial in health and fitness advertisements. When you are trying to present something positive then the tone must match the intentions of the advertiser. The tone ought to be optimistic to bring out a strong & positive vibe for the audience. While building health and fitness adverts, it is essential to consider this factor as people are very tone-sensitive.
  • Become the Pollyanna - Pollyanna is a person characterized by uncontrollable optimism who tends to find good in everything. For your brand to succeed in terms of social standing, the viewers have to see you as a Pollyanna. While advertising, body positivity stands out as a critical factor when we talk about the fitness and wellness industry. In the process of advertising, body positivity and optimism need to be sustained to fulfill the underlying motive of creating a brand presence.

Health and fitness adverts must walk you through the above-mentioned elements. Each element has to be connected with the other to produce a meaningful and visually appealing advertisement. The target audience must get the best combination so that it results in a highly inspired community of fitness folks for your business.

There are plenty of fitness ads that will encourage you to get fit and expose the fitness fanatic in you. Whatever may be the health issue, there is no shortage of creative fitness ads on the web that communicate a message and consequently entertain its viewers. These positive fitness advertisements give rise to a phenomenon of 'communitainment’.

Now, what is ‘communitainment’?

Communitainment is a term that emphasizes the community-driven aspects within the broader concept of entertainment on social media. The new dynamics of fitness have introduced communitainment based ads into the industry, where the communication of a message takes place consequently without compromising its entertainment aspect.  

A fitness brand must work upon its advertising with certain finesse so as to motivate the target audience and not alienate them. The fitness advertisement must be aspirational but also relatable. It must contain a series of emotions and aesthetics and ought to be published in the market at the right time to bring a favorable outcome of the campaign.

You’ll have to consider diverse ways of putting out your brand narrative through your fitness ad. It must be done in such a way that people who have dealt with the post-COVID changes are also able to relate to your niche.

Here are some positive examples of health and fitness advertisements we’ve found for you that would offer a perfect blend of communication, entertainment, emotion, and aesthetics.

01. Body Positive Fitness Advertisement of Blink Fitness

Blink fitness ad showing everyday people encouraging inclusive fitness.

This fitness ad features models of every body type and not just the ones with muscular bodies or professional athletes. Although body positivity has taken the forefront these days, the conventional advertisers stuck to the perspective of demonstrating snatched waists and bodies with six-pack abs as an ideal body. Blink fitness discarded this very idea and decided to do things differently.

The ad shows how a healthy body doesn’t look the same for all. ‘Every body Happy’ is strategically used to show people being their personal best in their natural size and shape.

02. Gold's Gym Angry Buttons Advertisement

Frightened buttons on an obese man's shirt.

This specific ad by Gold's Gym personified the inanimate buttons of the shirt. This brilliant fitness Ad showcases the common problems faced by overweight people. Gold Gym is a renowned brand in the fitness industry. This health and fitness ad brought something onto the media platforms to which the masses could closely relate. The struggle of being overweight is purposefully depicted through the frightened buttons on the shirt.

03. Crunch Fitness No Judgements Advertisement

Crunch fitness gym with different equipments and "No Judgements" written on its wall.

This fitness advertisement by Crunch Fitness demonstrates the ideal fun and non-judgemental environment of a gym. This no judgment philosophy of the gym fuses fun with wellness where people would be encouraged to visit the gym instead of just sitting embarrassed at their homes because of their unfit bodies.

04. Classic Fitness Centre Belt Advertisement

A belt with four notches on the left and five notches on the right.

This Classic Fitness Advertisement places two belts close together to create a contrast between the two. Before joining the fitness studio, we can see how the number of notches to tie the belt is three. Whereas, after working out at Classic fitness studio, it turns out that you need more notches because of your snatched and slim waist. Isn’t this advertisement interesting? It’s a straightforward fitness ad targeting a niche audience that encourages people to join the gym and lose weight. Through this ad, the brand strategically targets a specific segment of viewers.

05. Run Away Advertisements of World Gym

A tilted cushion sofa seat with a rope running through its front right leg.

The brilliance of the World Gym’s fitness ad lies in the extent to which it is relatable although it doesn’t have anything related to fitness. Every person has gone through this phase where you have every intention of going to the gym but your comfortable couch and favorite TV show won’t just let you go. The ad uses humor to resonate with its viewers, informs them to run away to the gym and not fall into this trap. This health and fitness ad might not encourage viewers to take immediate action but would definitely pop up before their eyes, the next time they put off going to the gym.

06. Reebok’s #BeMoreHuman Campaign

Reebok advertisement featuring Gigi Hadid.

This Reebok fitness advertisement is an ultimate example of bringing about change and empowering women through the medium of modern fitness advertising. #BeMoreHuman is a campaign that celebrates women and takes this cause a notch higher by using several models, artists, and athletes like Gal Gadot, Ariana Grande, Gigi Hadid, and Nathalie Emmanuel, in their inspirational videos. The fitness advertisement uses female role models to inspire the female counterpart of the society to bring about change.

07. Care/of ‘one size doesn’t fit all’ advertisement

Nutrition pills in left hand and customized vitamin pack in right.

Care/of designed a health and fitness advertisement that focused on rejecting the approach of ‘ One size fits all’ in terms of nutrition. The basis of the ad is to convey the different nutritional needs of individuals. The brand uses video to communicate the message of personalization and identify with the individualized nutrition needs of the viewers. The add-on advantage of the content being in the video form attracted major eyeballs. The advert rolls out a captivating message in an easy-to-understand video format.

08. Weight Watchers Doors’ advertisement 

A wide entrance door on left and a narrower exit door on right.

Weight Watchers Doors’ advertisement endorses their brand by showing the beginning and end of a successful fitness program at Weight Watchers. The doors in the design embody the transformation that takes place after joining the program. The wide door is labeled as the entrance door and the narrower door is the exit. This indicates the weight loss goals of their target audience that would have been met when they leave. This health and fitness ad persuades the viewers to sign up for fitness sessions.

09. Interactive and Engaging ‘The Face of USN’ Advertisement

A fitness model with her left hand on waist.

USN’s ‘The Face of USN’ garnered a lot of attention because it was community-driven, interactive, and engaging. The sports nutrition brand looked for a new male and female face to represent their brand. Rather than using models, USN used real people which heightened the sense of belonging in the community and assisted the brand in building an emotional rapport. Later on, the brand announced the winners thereby gifting a supply of USN products and a 12-month ambassador contract.

10. TechnoGym’s ‘Moving to a better world’ Campaign

Afrian american woman running on a treadmill.

Yet another appealing fitness ad of TechnoGym’s ‘Moving to a better world’ communicates the importance of remaining fit at every juncture of your life. Their health and fitness adverts illustrated how fitness is an integral part of today’s lifestyle by featuring young and older models to manifest a better quality of life, as a result of indulging in fitness activities. Moreover, this consciousness about fitness in older people also can inspire upcoming generations to steer clear from obesity.

11. Pride Marketing Campaign of SoulCycle

A man walking past a SoulCyle banner on the street.

SoulCycle’s colorful pride marketing campaign took off with its all-inclusive message. The campaign highlighted their LGBTQ+ instructors & riders at SoulCycle. The positive fitness advertisement conveyed the message of inclusivity and acceptance. The brand escalated its message of openness with its ‘All souls welcome’ campaign and attracted huge traffic. This campaign included a series of videos showcasing the pride month along with the brand’s fitness culture.

Now try & create your own fitness ad!

Different fitness ads have different target audiences which focus on different styles of advertising. Each of them has a clever way to depict their message either in an aspirational, humorous, or inspirational light. The key takeaway is that in a health and fitness advertisement, the focus must be on publicizing what an individual can achieve with the help of your fitness business. You must not necessarily convey the potential negative aspects of their physical appearance. An advertiser needs to act with today’s world in mind. Advertising should be used in a way that your brand outshines the rest of the platforms and makes your target audience walk into your fitness studio, not just sign up for it.

Do you also dream of becoming a great fitness brand. Choose a fitness business software that empowers you to drive your success the way you want.

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