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Top 6 Gym Management Software Of 2022

Customer Success Team
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It’s normal for gym owners to feel frustrated trying to keep track of all the administrative tasks at their gym. The good news is that running a gym doesn't have to be so time-consuming. Fitness business owners can automate, and streamline the processes at their facility with the right gym management software. But first, let us learn what a gym management software is. 

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What is gym management software?  

A gym management software is a tool that makes managing your gym much easier. From online class scheduling to automatic billing and administrative tasks, the software does it all for you so that you can run your business more efficiently.

All tasks that usually would have to be done individually can be done collectively with an all-in-one gym management software. For instance, you might be using one software for managing billing, another for scheduling, a third one for live-streaming and fourth one for financial reporting. Wouldn’t it make sense to have just one software with one login instead of ten different ones with 10 different login ids and passwords?

The best gym management software does exactly that by putting every single piece of information you need in one place so that you can run your business from the palm of your hand.

Gym membership management software can help gyms and fitness clubs maximize their revenue potential. Fitness business software have evolved beyond just some basic booking and scheduling abilities. New-age software can help you manage all aspects of your business be it retaining or engaging your members and, most importantly, growing your business. 

7 objectives of using a gym management software

Let us look at the 7 benefits every fitness business owner looks forward to when switching to software for gym management.

01. To manage members 

One of the main objectives of gym management software is to make the entire member management process easier. A healthy and loyal membership base is the lifeblood of every fitness club. The goal of member management may be divided into two categories: acquisition and retention.

Gym business management software should assist you in attracting new gym members as well as retaining those you already have. All components of the operation, such as check-ins, online registration, payments, and member profiles, will be simplified by using a gym software for managing your members.

02. Class bookings and gym scheduling 

With gym client management software you can quickly book classes, courses and appointments. Your client-facing app should be linked to the backend of the gym management software (staff facing) so that members can manage their classes and schedule time slots with their preferred instructor both online and offline. 

This is a non-negotiable feature that will add to your value proposition when choosing gym software or switching from your current software. It boosts member retention over time and attracts additional consumers who expect total convenience and flexibility while booking classes or buying memberships.

03. To reduce costs

Investing your time and resources in the right areas of the business will help you save time and money. Gym owners and managers spend a lot of time on administrative work. A gym and fitness management system should save up a lot of time by automating:

  • Payments & billing
  • Online retail sales
  • Class scheduling
  • Automated memberships (subscriptions)
  • Courses and workshops
  • Appointments
  • Waitlists
  • Lead management
  • Website bookings
  • Push notifications

And so much more. This way your staff can focus their time and efforts on what they do best: selling gym memberships, providing excellent member service, and delivering outstanding member results. 

04. Better member experience

Running a successful fitness business requires providing an exceptional member experience. Your location and equipment may be spectacular, but it is your member experience that will set you apart from the competitors. It's what distinguishes your company and keeps customers coming back. 

A great member experience comes when it is easy to schedule, pay, and connect with your business. Members must be able to plan classes, pay for subscriptions, and keep track of their workouts without any friction. Clients nowadays demand a technological 24*7 solutions to help them maintain a positive relationship with your company. And a top gym management software that has easy-to-use mobile apps can help you do just that.

Mobile apps can help your members do literally anything they can when it concerts your gym. They can buy memberships, appointments, one-off courses, live-stream content, watch video-on-demand and so much more!

05. Financial data & Insights 

You must deeply understand the financial side of your gym business in order to make well-informed decisions. A gym and fitness management software can provide you with such financial information in the form of reports by breaking down your memberships, your revenue sources, your customers, in the form of sales reports, attendance reports, VOD reports, revenue reports and much more.

It's critical to understand how much money is flowing in and out of your gym, whether you're monitoring various income streams or tracking monthly recurring revenue. And for that you don’t have to compare complicated spreadsheets manually; your gym software should generate straightforward reports that make it simple to keep track of all transactions. 

It takes the guesswork out of a lot of decisions when you have better financial insights. You'll have all the data you need to make the best business decisions and drive fast-paced growth and quality service. 

06. Constant communication with emails, SMS and push

You can keep clients interested in your gym by using your gym management software for email marketing, texting and pushing notifications. Gym owners can increase engagement while reducing the amount of admin work required to conduct these email/push campaigns by using automation.

These triggers are driven by particular customer actions such as missing a class, booking a class, being booked on the waitlist, not attending sessions over a long time and so on. For each trigger you can customize a certain type of notification/email and send it out automatically.

Gym owners and staff can also segment their audience and send relevant and valuable content to your email list. You may send out monthly newsletters, health programs, or brief updates to your subscribers anytime you need to update them on your latest news.

07. Organize and manage your billing in one place

Contracts, invoices, billing, membership cancellations, and payments are just a few of the administrative tasks that come with running a gym. All billing operations should be centralized using gym billing management software. When you have a clear picture of your gym's finances, you can ease stress and save money in the long run. 

You'll be able to utilize your gym class management software throughout the journey of a member. If you learn how to get the most out of the software, it will help in the drafting and signing of contracts, and waivers as well as automatic invoicing and membership renewal (subscriptions). 

Remember that one of the main goals of gym software is to reduce your team's workload so that they may focus on your members rather than administrative tasks.

We now know the objectives of using gym business management software. Further in this article, we look at the pros and cons of various popular gym management software. The scheduling capabilities, customer support, analytics features, CRM depth and gym management software reviews are just a few of the things we consider while preparing our list to help you choose the right software. 

Here's how we compared the 5 top gym management software:

Top 6 software for gym management in 2022

01. Perfect Gym

Perfect Gym is a gym class management software that allows fitness businesses to manage their clubs on a single platform. The core features of the software include membership administration, billing and reporting. 

Perfect Gym helps you monitor your business metrics and offer memberships to prospective customers. The marketing and automation tools help you send personalized messages to customers. The idea is to streamline the entire sales process at your gym including registration, booking and purchasing. 

The gym business management software offers a mobile app that gives your gym users easy access to gym bookings and helps them stay informed on the go. Along with this, with Perfect Gym, gym owners can set up self-service kiosks from where gym goers can pay their membership fees and complete their online forms with much ease. 

Perfect Gym also helps in performance monitoring, collecting data and analyzing it to give you accurate records that guide your business strategy.

Key Features

  • Employee management: Assigning tasks, tracking schedules
  • Revenue tracking
  • Lead management 
  • Personalised messaging and marketing campaigns
  • Self-servicing client portal
  • Mobile app with third-party workout tracking tools
  • Integrates with hardware devices
  • Financial reporting for business strategy


  • End-to-end club management
  • Self-servicing client portal for automation
  • Easy integration with hardware devices and apps
  • Suitable for gym businesses looking to scale


  • Slow customer support
  • High price for small fitness businesses
  • Steep learning curve for each feature
  • Slow feature development


Studio: €129 per month, per club

Club: €299 per month, per club

Business: €399 per month, per club

02. Bookee 

In a post-COVID world driven by virtual fitness, Bookee has become the one-stop software solution for fitness & wellness businesses to manage and grow their business. With the most advanced scheduling, booking, live streaming, VOD, mobile apps, and website integration features, Bookee has helped several entrepreneurs drive their fitness business successfully.

Bookee is one of the best gym management software ideal for all sorts of fitness businesses. If you are starting your solo online training program, setting up your own fitness or wellness studio, or scaling your brand to become a nationwide chain, the bookee app has got you with all its modern tools and features consolidated in one software. 

The all-in-one gym management software offers high-end branded apps, a great website and customer-centric tools so that you could automate your business effectively from the palm of your hand. Various integrations of the software ensure a convenient and smooth operation of your fitness business. It brings together the scheduling, sales, payments & marketing needs of a modern-age fitness business so that you don't have to fit in your needs as per the software. Instead, the software is tailored as per your business needs and goals. 

Key Features

  • Live streaming and video-on-demand
  • Point of sale to enable online payments
  • Self-serve instant mobile apps for members
  • Streamlined bookings and scheduling
  • Converts static website into a fast booking web app


  • Hold workshops, yoga classes and appointment
  • Monitor attendance, sales and related reports online
  • Virtual streaming of yoga classes
  • Client engagement tools- SMS, push notifications & email automation.
  • Clients can manage their memberships and payment


Free Plan: 7-day free trial

Paid Plans: Several.

  • The Essential plan is available for $99 per month.
  • The Pro plan is available for $199 per month
  • The Premium plan can be purchased for $299 per month.

03. Wodify

Wodify is a software for gym management that was built specifically for the management of Crossfit boxes, however, it also works well for gyms too. The software offers all-in-one management of your gym with various gym management features like memberships, sign-ups, attendance, revenue reports and so on.

Its billing and payments system is automated and gym members can be charged for no-show or cancellations. Along with this, Wodify offers various other modern gym management features like lead management, customer relationship management, time tracking and payroll.

The software integrates with your gym website so potential members can view and book trail classes. Moreover from their web portal, existing clients can view and book their slots in a fitness class, buy retail products and much more.

Wodify also has workout and exercise planning feature using which coaches can build customised workouts and training plans

Key Features

  • Dashboards, reporting and analytics
  • Automated billing and payments
  • Lead management 
  • Customer relation management
  • Time tracking and payroll
  • Website integration
  • Class scheduling
  • Online merchandise sales
  • Exercise and workout planning


  • Comprehensive end-to-end software
  • No additional fees for payment processing
  • No additional fees for data export, or additional members


  • Built specifically for CrossFit
  • More expensive for smaller gyms
  • Member app undergoing a major rebuild
  • Does not offer ad-hoc reporting


Free Trial - No

Engage - $79 per month

Grow - $149 per month

Promote - $299 per month

04. Mindbody

Mindbody was one of the first entrants in the world of gym business management software. Its core offerings include managing member payments, live streaming fitness classes, on-demand video, marketing automation, auto-pay memberships, inventory management, scheduling, reporting etc.

The Mindbody app helps your clients in booking classes and personalizes their experience to help them hit their fitness goals. Clients can search for services, manage their memberships and keep track of their payments, classes and spots on waitlists.

Key Features

  • Live streaming and video-on-demand
  • Point of sale to enable online/offline payments
  • Self-serve instant check-in for members
  • Integration to streamline bookings and scheduling


  • Hold workshops, classes and appointment
  • Monitor attendance, sales and related reports online
  • Virtual streaming of classes
  • Clients can manage their memberships and payment


  • Highly outdated software design
  • High processing charges
  • Marketplace apps that promote competition
  • Steep learning curve when switching to software


Free Plan: No

Paid Plans: Several.

  • The Starter plan is available for $129 per month.
  • The Accelerate plan can be purchased for $259 per month.
  • The Ultimate plan is available for $399 per month.
  • The Ultimate Plus plan can be purchased for $599 per month.

05. Pushpress

PushPress is a gym management software that manages operational needs that every gym has by automating repetitive tasks like gym class bookings, collecting payments, reporting performance and streamlining workflows. Their fitness calendar helps trainers manage their schedules and set up available slots for clients to book from.

Using PushPress, your clients can check out their gym class schedule, see their attendance and view upcoming classes. From a business owner’s point of view, PushPress helps you check out reports which showcase your top-selling services, services where there are user drops, overdue payments and much more.

Key Features

  • Efficient client self-service/self check-in
  • Member portal for signing-up classes
  • Calendar syncs and integrates with other programs
  • Easy sign-up for one-time clients
  • Central dashboard provides overview of each day’s activities
  • Detailed visual reports for business analysis


  • Intuitive software that’s user friendly
  • Dashboard helps in organising your day
  • Training video are useful for grasping software
  • Can integrate with your website, social media etc.


  • Reports are unprintable
  • Email automation is limited
  • Desktop and mobile vary in functionality
  • Customer segmentation is lacking


Free Plan: Yes, free if you bill less than $13,900 a month.

Paid Plan: For small gym studios with growing potential, it is the good software for gym management. Mid-size studios can request a demo to purchase a pro plan starting at $159 per month.

06. Zen Planner 

Zen Planner is a gym and fitness studio management software that is used by boutique gyms, boxes, yoga studios, martial art schools and so on. It’s a popular option for building better brand awareness for your gym and helps in overall gym business marketing. 

The software is used for simplifying scheduling and enabling member self-service. It also helps the business in generating custom reports for making decisions. The other essential features of the software include billing, staff apps and member apps, workout/skills tracking and so on.

The software for gym management focuses on streamlining and centralizing your gym’s marketing, admin, logistical and business management processes. Zen Planner’s core marketing features are centered towards driving traffic to your gym website and then converting them into paying customers.

Key Features

  • Streamlining billing processes
  • Reports to analyse business revenue
  • Built-in marketing suite to boost memberships
  • Integration option with other websites


  • Member self-service helps them in checking in/out easily
  • Billing and scheduling can be automated for efficiency
  • Automated billing and scheduling increases efficiency;
  • Tools for client engagement and increasing satisfaction


  • Mobile and desktop features don’t go hand-in-hand (mobile functionality is limited)
  • Multiple features can steepen the learning curve and confuse you
  • UI appears outdated and bland


Free Plan: No

Paid Plans: Multiple options based on the size of active members.

$117 for 0-50 members.

$157 for 51-100 members.

$197 for 101-250 members.

$251 for 251+ members.

Your turn to empower your gym with a gym management software

It's important to match your fitness software solution to your goals. Purchasing a gym management software or switching from your current software is a significant investment that should be tailored to your company's aims and mission. The right gym class management software streamlines your gym's operations and allows it to expand quickly. You may choose software that is exactly aligned with your business by employing a solution that is entirely accessible and includes scheduling, marketing, and automation capabilities.

Book a demo with Bookee to explore a new-age software for growing your business.

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