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Top 5 Tips to Successfully Reopen Your Yoga Studio in 2022

Customer Success Team
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Now let's be honest. Nobody, literally nobody expected 2020 to be like this. But you know, for the better part, it’s over. That means that the worst is over, and life is starting to get back to normal. With all the ease in restrictions, it’s quite possible that your yoga studio is on the verge of reopening.

Considering fitness as a continuing necessity for mental & physical well-being, especially amidst such unsteady times, it's safe to say that your business can not only survive but also thrive. So, be positive. It will surely help. : )

Here are some tips to keep in mind for a successful re-run of your studio:

01. Think It Through

“Businesses across the world are collapsing.”  

“Global Economy is receding rapidly.” 

“Zara has closed 1200 stores”  

“Chanel has stopped production”

The news is rampant with such destructive epiphanies. But despite all this negativity and harsh realism, you’ve decided to not give in. Instead you are charging it head-on. 

Kudos to you, you strong-willed solopreneur!

Now that you have your mindset at opening up, it’s important to delve into certain practicalities and ensure the bottom line stays intact.

Here are some questions you can put to yourself:

  • Are my revenue goals still the same as at the beginning of 2020?
  • If yes, what are my targeted users for the coming months?
  • Do I need to rethink my pricing considering the pandemic?
  • What incentives can I offer to increase bookings?
  • Can I break even this year?
Yoga business owner sitting at her desk with pen-paper, laptop and a rolled up yoga mat

If you can break even, considering the impending rent of the past few months, and the arriving new costs of repairs, refinishing, and stricter measures, go ahead and reopen. 

Two things though you have to keep in mind. First that your bookings might not reach the same quantum as before, and second that even if they do, you’d have to work with lower-class occupancy, for safety’s sake. Both factors are a deterrent to revenue. 

Thereby: If you think that there’s still some time before people would be willing enough to crawl out of their cave and trail back to your studio then take your time, don’t rush.

02. Invite Back Old Members

Old members. The ones who had stayed along before you shut down. Though the possibility exists, you cannot simply assume that they’ll rejoin. They need to be reactivated. 

Old members must be kept updated about what new you've in-store, to keep their loyalty intact. Your reopening plans, new offers, alongside some recurring conversation. 

Look deep into what it might be that your old yoga student might need at this hour. It could be basic diet advice, moral support to build a routine, or maybe a half-decent motivational quote.  

Considering the layoffs that have been going around yoga might not be someone’s priority. Stress however is rising steadily, and what dissolves stress better than a good hour of breathing in and out? Yoga.

Tell your members how much you miss them. Remind them about the old times. Talk about yoga, the stress buster they need, the antidote to all their ordeals.

So, once you got your conversational premise figured, you should reach out to the old students any way you can. Via a simple mail, a DM, a Facebook post, or a classic SMS. 

03. Market Like Anything

i. Social Media 

Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, it always helps to keep your customer up-to-date with your studio. 

Post a recorded welcome back video, a customer testimonial, assurance of safety norms, and other changes you’ve made to your little adobe.

Something as simple as a welcome sign can be marketed as a novelty. New things excite the senses, don’t they?

Don’t think. Just Post! Here’s a tip:

Before Reopening

Share quotes, stories, updates about your studio. Motivate them to rejoin. 

Post about new safety measures. Promotions, Schemes, Referrals. Make people believe that bad times are over and a new era is about to begin..

After Reopening

A post thanking those who showed up. Keep in mind to post something regarding safety measures every 3 days. Also, ask those not feeling well to stay at home. Assert care for your fellow yogis. 

A fit lady wearing a mask and standing in a gym with a resistance band around her neck

ii. Website

All the marketing struggle you undertake via social media has a single focal point: your website.

If marketing doesn’t generate  website traffic, and traffic doesn’t lead to conversion, it’s pointless. Because your ideal purpose as a studio is to increase bookings.

A poorly designed website is categorised as one where user:

  • Can’t navigate smoothly.
  • Can’t discover your services.
  • Isn’t persuaded to action.
  • Feels confused and uninspired.
Space Bodymind Consulting's home page with a clean and peaceful design

You don’t want that do you? What you want if for the user to:

  • Easily book classes with a fast web-integration.
  • Feel a premium yet different experience.
  • Really, really discover your services, your prices, your trainers & everything!
  • Be persuaded to act, sign up book & pay.
Bookee offers a highly attractive website integration that seamlessly fits into your current design.

04. Revamp Your Studio

In-person yoga classes require greater reconsideration. Stricter measures can reassure your customers about their safety and that of others.

You know the necessities. You know the whole drill. Here’s a checklist, just to be double-sure:

  • Precautions related to social distancing must be practiced 
  • The studio space must stick to the governmental guidelines.
  • The class capacity could use some reduction for greater spacing.
  • Try convincing customers to bring their own mats and props. 
  • Outdoor classes can be a good way to keep alive a natural spirit
  • Stickers & banners can gently remind customers to obey social distancing
Woman wearing gloves and safety mask, sanitizing gym equipment using disinfectant

05. And at last, go hybrid!

Yoga business is shifting persistently towards digital platforms. It's on a boom ever since the pandemic, facing a rise in global popularity. Yoga is a good way to keep oneself sane against the ongoing insanity of the human condition. 

One may think that social distancing constraints and health worries can lead to the end of one-to-one yoga. But. Did Netflix ever kill Cinema? Nope.  

So, while the digital fitness trends have been on a rise, the boom is expected to slow out sooner or later upon the ease of restrictions.

Sure online is a solid revenue stream, but people will continue to love the real thing, the complete experience. Being part of a community, that’s what matters.

The future of fitness thereby is hybrid. An intermix of offline and online services.

Change is the name of this game.

Women with proper live-streaming set-up and digital camera about to start a yoga classs

Having a solid online presence is easy and it’s effective. If you haven’t started online classes or are struggling with common issues like:

  • Class feel distant & disconnected
  • Joining links get floated to unintended participants
  • Video connection feels laggy & disrupted
  • You can’t maintain track of offline v/s online classes

If you too feel confused, unaware & old school. Don’t. It’s okay. We are here to help.

Let us do the job, while you sit back and see your bookings skyrocket with Bookee’s mobile apps.

And now that all is done and over...congratulations! Your studio has reopened! 

To adapt is to live they say. We knew that 2020 was about survival. And since it's already gone means you’ve already won half the battle.

So, now it’s time for the second drift. Be aware of your abilities. Be confident of your business. Follow simple steps, travel new paths and steadily you’ll emerge out stronger than before. Good luck!

If you're thinking of starting your own virtual fitness studio and need some figuring out to do, hop on a call to see how Bookee can speed everything up for you.

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