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Top 5 Boutique Fitness Studio Software Of 2022

Customer Success Team
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Why is boutique fitness the future of fitness?

There are two major reasons why boutique gyms are rapidly being chosen over regular ones. According to a poll conducted by Les Milles and Nielsen, 63% of people go to boutique fitness studios for the social aspect, while 47% go for the atmosphere. These two things are undoubtedly crucial in its success.

For people who are hesitant to go to the gym alone, the high-energy group setting might motivate them to do more than they could do alone. When you add in the upbeat music, passionate teacher, and sense of community, boutique fitness classes are a winning combination of exercise and enjoyment.

The highly specialized and adaptable nature of boutiques that appeal to a younger generation of clients is another important reason behind its popularity. With its limited training programs and contract-locked memberships, the big box gym model does have its shortcomings. A boutique setup however allows a person to jump from studio to studio, tackling an HIIT session one day, a spinning class the next day, and finally finishing the week with a peaceful dose of yoga.

At the same time, these studios rely on the younger generation's cross-pollinated demand for a healthy lifestyle and grammable situations, making it the preferred workout experience for millennials.

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What makes a successful boutique business? 

You’ve successfully understood the market and hopped on the trend. Congratulations on opening your boutique fitness studio! But do remember that the very first steps in the beginning of your business are very important.

Setting up a boutique studio for group classes has the advantage of not requiring a large area to accommodate a lot of equipment. Some businesses have even built their studios without having a physical location, holding lessons with a set of weights at a nearby beach or park. Whether you had humble beginnings or not, you will need a few tools or elements if you want to develop a successful boutique fitness business. 

One of them is a new-age boutique fitness studio software for the smooth functioning of your business. There are several boutique fitness software choices in the industry which we will discuss in the later part of this article.

Do you need boutique fitness studio software?

Three letters, yes.

How successfully you operate your boutique business is dependent on your boutique fitness studio software or membership management software. Many studios start out with a pen and paper to handle their members and their fitness business. They gradually come to the conclusion that their boutique business requires a premium boutique software to handle all of their management needs as they grow and scale.

There are a number of admin tasks that you could automate with a good boutique fitness studio software. You should be able to accept payments and save credit card details using a good boutique software. The boutique software should also make it easy to keep track of attendance, sell credit packs and one-off classes, analyse the performance of each of your trainers, and make informed financial decisions for your business as a whole. You may struggle to compete and expand in the fitness industry if you don't invest in good fitness business management software.

Another benefit of using a boutique fitness studio software is its ability to give your members a great experience. They streamline all it takes to sell your fitness services online with means of a great website and easy-to-use branded mobile apps. Branded apps have become an essential component of how boutique studios, both large and small, operate their businesses, as we said at the start of this piece. Because most individuals today spend their lives relying on applications on their smartphones, a branded mobile app has become a must-have.

Top 5 boutique fitness studio software 

There are several players in the fitness industry who offer a good member experience to your clients through an easy-to-use member portal with convenient features. We’ve curated a list of the top 5 software choices for a boutique fitness center. The list includes:

01. Bookee

In a post-COVID world driven by virtual fitness, Bookee has become the one-stop software solution for fitness & wellness businesses to manage and grow their business. With the most advanced scheduling, booking, live streaming, VOD, mobile apps, and website integration features, Bookee has helped several entrepreneurs drive their fitness business successfully.

Bookee is one of the best boutique fitness software ideal for all sorts of fitness businesses. If you are starting your solo online training program, setting up your own fitness or wellness studio, or scaling your brand to become a nationwide chain, the bookee app has got you with all its modern tools and features consolidated in one software. 

The all-in-one boutique fitness studio software offers high-end branded apps, a great website and customer-centric tools so that you could automate your business effectively from the palm of your hand. Various integrations of the software ensure a convenient and smooth operation of your fitness business. It brings together the scheduling, sales, payments & marketing needs of a modern-age fitness business so that you don't have to fit in your needs as per the boutique software. Instead, the software is tailored as per your business needs and goals. 

Key Features

  • Live streaming and video-on-demand
  • Point of sale to enable online/offline payments
  • Self-serve instant check-in for members
  • Integration to streamline bookings and scheduling


  • Hold workshops, classes and appointment
  • Monitor attendance, sales and related reports online
  • Virtual streaming of classes
  • Client engagement tools- SMS, push notifications & email automation.
  • Clients can manage their memberships and payment


Free Plan: 7-day free trial

Paid Plans: Several.

  • The Essential plan is available for $99 per month.
  • The Pro plan is available for $199 per month
  • The Premium plan can be purchased for $299 per month.

02. Mindbody

Mindbody was one of the first entrants in the world of fitness business management software. Its core offerings include managing member payments, live streaming fitness classes, on-demand video, marketing automation, auto-pay memberships, inventory management, scheduling, reporting etc.

The Mindbody boutique software though its app helps your clients in booking classes and personalises their experience to help them hit their fitness goals. Clients can search for services, manage their memberships and keep track of their payments, classes and spots on waitlists.

Key Features

  • Live streaming and video-on-demand
  • Point of sale to enable online/offline payments
  • Self-serve instant check in for members
  • Integration to streamline bookings and scheduling


  • Hold workshops, classes and appointment
  • Monitor attendance, sales and related reports online
  • Virtual streaming of classes
  • Clients can manage their memberships and payment


  • Highly outdated software design
  • High processing charges
  • Marketplace apps that promote competition
  • Steep learning curve when switching to software


Free Plan: No

Paid Plans: Several.

  1. The Starter plan is available for $129 per month.
  2. The Accelerate plan is available for $259 per month.
  3. The Ultimate plan is available for $399 per month.
  4. The Ultimate Plus plan is available for $599 per month.

03. Mariana Tek

Best Gym Management Systems Compared

Mariana Tek is a popular gym management software that is also used by boutique fitness studios to manage their business. Their main features are booking and appointment scheduling. 

Mariana Tek helps boutique fitness brands manage their marketing, member communication, class reservation, point of sale and other admin activities with a centralised dashboard. The boutique studio members can view the scheduled sessions with their fees and make reservations through the website/app.

Mariana Tek has a good point of sale which lets boutique business owners create personalised product pages with location-based pricing, automated discount codes and credit card payment processing. 

The staff members of the boutique studio can customise memberships, send out targeted promo emails and launch campaigns for customer engagement with this boutique fitness software.

With Mariana Tek, studio owners can also track their inventory and pre-order products as per their demand. The software also offers the option of gift cards for the members, and its app is accessible on both Android and iOS.

Key Features

  • Online Point Of Sale
  • Membership customization
  • Inventory tracking
  • Gift cards
  • Location-specific pricing


  • Easy to use within the team
  • Better user interface
  • More control over membership contracts
  • Learning curve is short


  • Extremely expensive software and not suitable for small/medium sized boutiques
  • Does not have waiver capability with brandbot
  • No easy check in on the app
  • No business app
  • Auto-emails require HTML coding
  • Customer service is slow and requires emailing
  • Sales reports are very difficult to read
  • Memberships don’t have contract feature
  • Works only with chrome, not mobile friendly
  • No live-stream or VOD feature, have to pay separately


Undisclosed. Most likely on a very higher end > $500.

04. Glofox

Glofox is a fitness business software that helps customers manage their business using admin tools like creating memberships, member contracts, payment processing and class scheduling. Glofox tailors its services to fitness niches like gyms, yoga studios, HIIT studios, martial arts centres, cycling studios and so on. 

Glofox has its entire software divided into five feature suites namely marketing, sales, management, member experience and retention. The CRM is designed for making sales on behalf of your clients and you can set up your class schedules and memberships from the backend. The idea is to improve operations and increase customer retention.

The boutique fitness software of glofox offers both a mobile app and a web-based portal where your clients can book classes and pay for your fitness offerings. Its marketing solutions involve facebook pixel integration, automated notifications and shareable book buttons for targeting your audiences.

Key Features

  • Class scheduling and membership management
  • Mobile app for clients to book classes, make purchases, book appointments
  • Marketing tools for generate new leads for fitness businesses;
  • Automated emails and push notifications to deliver messages to members


  • Easy to use
  • Platform looks modern
  • Integrating your business is relatively simpler
  • Automates admin tasks


  • Reports provide limited information
  • Unable to schedule clients over long-time frames
  • Membership editing requires manual steps
  • Courses don’t appear on the staff calendar/app.


Free Plan: No

Paid Plans: Several. Pricing for the plans is not disclosed.

Upon your business needs, Glofox offers a demo request to define the fitting price.

05. Zingfit

Boutique Fitness Studios: Get Smarter with iKizmet – zingfit

Zingfit is a boutique fitness studio software that helps boutique fitnesses manage their class schedules, workshops and events. Business owners can also keep a track of their staff and instructors using a central dashboard.

Moreover the boutique software users can also create gift cards, track inventory, handle retail sales and process payments using Zingift. Other important features include marketing campaigns, referral programs, recruitment process, brand handling on social media and so on.

With Zingift, boutique studios can embed fitness videos on their website. One can also create sign-up forms from where users can sign up for services, track their attendance, and monitor fitness metrics with a boutique fitness studio software.

Zingfit has a rich application programming interface (API) using which boutique studios can integrate the system with third-party applications like Gympass, MailChimp, iFrame, iKizmet and more.

Key Features

  • Fitness tracking
  • Integrates with Facebook pixel
  • Integrates with Google Analytics & Google Tag Manager
  • Marketing features
  • Spot scheduling feature


  • Comprehensive boutique software with lots of features
  • Rich integration ecosystem which links software with third-party apps


  • Operations and support are difficult
  • Migrating to other platforms is difficult
  • Appointments can’t have multiple rates per instructor
  • Client’s can’t book past expiration date unless membership is unlimited
  • Cannot book clients unpaid
  • UX is not that premium
  • Customer support takes a lot of time


Zingfit pricing is available in the following plans:

STUDIO PLAN. $149/month.

BOUTIQUE PLAN. $299/month.

ENTERPRISE PLAN. $459/month.

Pump up your fitness business with a boutique fitness software

Fitness boutiques have grown into powerful businesses becoming the largest contributors of revenue in the fitness industry. Boutique fitness is not just a trend but a new model that emerged in the fitness industry and is here to stay. To make it a more profitable model, you musṭ have a boutique software to manage your business operations.

Our key takeaway is that any of the above-listed boutique software might be the best and most suited for your boutique fitness business only if you align your business goals with the features and tools of the software to better know the success of your collaboration in the long run. An ideal boutique fitness software would prioritise the needs of every department of your business. 

Maybe you already have a successful boutique studio, but you're sick of dealing with complex business management software that adds to your daily stress. Bookee app is a powerful boutique studio software that is simple and easy to use. If you offer fitness sessions of any kind whether it is gym classes, yoga, boxing or cycling, then bookee app is for you.  

Book a demo with us to ease all your stress.

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