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Top 13 Fitness Affiliate Programs To Earn Big!

Customer Success Team
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As you can see, the Fitness industry is expected to generate $23,127 million in sales by 2024.

Every year, the fitness and wellness business expands at an incredible pace.

If you're an affiliate marketer, you shouldn't overlook the value of advertising fitness-related items because they have the best conversion rates.

As a result, here are some of the top fitness affiliate programs you may get associated with to earn the highest rewards on every transaction you make. Without further delay, let's get down to business.

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01. Horizon Fitness

Horizon Fitness is a company that sells world-class fitness equipment and has been doing so for more than 35 years. Sign up for their fitness affiliate program if you want to advertise durable fitness equipment to your target audience while also earning big commissions.

How much money can you make with the Horizon Fitness Affiliate Program?

Every successful product sale produced through your affiliate referral links will earn you an 8% commission. Joining their fitness affiliate program has a number of advantages.

Advantages of associating with the Horizon Fitness Affiliate Program:

  • An 8% commission is offered to you.
  • Their average order volume is above $800, which is fantastic. They also have a 30-day cookie window, which is another amazing pro.
  • In addition, you'll have access to their specialized affiliate staff.
  • Signing up is completely free.
  • They also provide free shipping on any home cardio equipment.

How to join their fitness affiliate program?

Visit this page to become their fitness affiliate partner and start earning an 8% commission on all product sales.

02. Reebok Affiliate Program

Reebok is a well-known footwear and apparel company that has been a subsidiary of Adidas since 2005 and pays out substantial commissions on every product sold.

Another prominent fitness company with fitness affiliate programs that we included in our list is Reebok.It has grown from a company that first made running spikes in the 1890s to a lifestyle brand worth more than US$2.4 billion.

How much money can you make with the Reebok Affiliate Program?

You will receive a 7% commission on all sales. You'll also get $5 for affiliate referrals, which means you may ask someone who operates a website or blog to join Reebok's fitness affiliate program and earn $5 for each accepted referral!

Benefits of joining the Reebok Affiliate Program:

  • All sales are subject to a 7% commission.
  • 30-day cookie, so you get credit for any orders placed within 30 days of the customer's initial click.
  • The average order value is $100.
  • Affiliate referrals for $5
  • Affiliate management with a dedicated team

How to join their fitness affiliate program?

You can visit this page to become a fitness affiliate for Reebok.

03. JumpSport Affiliate Program

JumpSport is a well-known business that provides free delivery on all of its exercise equipment, including backyard, fitness, and workplace items.

How much money can you make as a JumpSport Affiliate?

You will earn a commission of 4% commission on every purchase after becoming a JumpSport Fitness Affiliate.

Here are the details if you wish to join the JumpSport Fitness Affiliate Program:

  • Earn a 4% commission on every sale.
  • The average order value is around $300.
  • The cookie duration is 30 days.
  • A dedicated affiliate support staff is available to you.

How to join their fitness affiliate program?

Visit this page to register for their affiliate account for free.

04. Titan Affiliate Program

Titan Fitness is America's top online fitness products distributor, offering strength and conditioning fitness equipment for purchase and promotion. They also provide free delivery and a one-year warranty against product issues.

How much money can you make with the Titan Affiliate Program?

Every successful sale you produce through their fitness affiliate referral links will earn you a 5% commission.

Joining the Titan Affiliate Program has a number of benefits:

  • 30-day cookie window
  • A commission rate of 5%
  • Payment of commission by the 15th of every month.
  • Joining the program is completely free.
  • A dedicated affiliate manager is available.
  • Track the performance of your affiliate products with an easy-to-use dashboard.
  • You'll also have the chance to get free merchandise in exchange for a product review

How to join their fitness affiliate program?

Click this link to become a free fitness affiliate to advertise their products, or if you have a publisher account, you may learn more about their fitness affiliate program and sign up for free. Look for an email with your account credentials after you've been accepted.

05. Fitbit Affiliate Program

Fitbit is the industry leader in fitness tracking devices that track your activity, exercise, food, weight, and sleep.

Fitbit owns 72% of the linked health and fitness market, according to Forbes. Fitbit devices are also the most popular linked devices on major e-commerce sites like Amazon.

How much money can you make as a Fitbit Affiliate?

On every product sale, you can earn a 3% commission. You'll be eligible for larger commission levels if you sell their products in large quantities each month.

Joining the Fitbit Affiliates has some significant advantages which are:

  • On Amazon, their fitness products are the best-selling connected devices.
  • Fitbit trackers are available in a variety of price ranges, so you may recommend one to any fitness enthusiast.
  • They offer you a commission rate of 3%
  • Free to join.

How to join their fitness affiliate program?

Visit this page to sign up for the fitness affiliate program of Fitbit. Make a note that, the Fitbit Affiliate program is available to only those websites based in the U.S. and Canada, and is free to join.

06. ACE Affiliate Marketing Program

For the past 30 years, ACE has been providing fitness-related routines, nutritious recipes, exercises, and videos to people all over the world, and it now has an affiliate network where you can find a plethora of fantastic fitness-related products to promote and earn huge commissions.

How much can you make with the ACE Affiliate Marketing Program?

Every successful sale will earn you an 8% commission through the ACE fitness affiliate program.

ACE Affiliate Marketing Program offers you:

  • You'll earn 8% money on every sale you make.
  • The average order value is $200.
  • All of their products have a 30-day cookie duration.

How to join their fitness affiliate program?

If you're already a Rakuten Publisher, you can sign up for their fitness affiliate program for free using your Rakuten affiliate network details. If not, you can use this link to find ACE affiliate marketing programs and join them as fitness affiliates.

07. Life Fitness Affiliate Program

Life Fitness has been in the fitness market for over 45 years, producing some of the best home training equipment for individuals all over the world.

How much money can you make as a Life Fitness affiliate?

Every sale will earn you an 8% commission.

Life Fitness affiliates have the following benefits:

  • On every successful sale, you can earn up to 8% commission.
  • They have a high average order value of over $3,000.
  • They have a 30-day cookie, which means you get credit even if someone buys from your links within 30 days of visiting them.
  • Bonuses and incentives are also given based on your performance (if you sell more, you'll earn higher incentives!)
  • Once you've signed up for their program, you'll have access to real-time statistics and reporting through their dashboard, where you can see how your links are performing.
  • You'll also have access to a specialized Affiliate Manager who will help you.
  • Free to join.

How to join their fitness affiliate program?

Sign up using this link if you want to join as an affiliate for Life Fitness and get started.

08. NASM Affiliate Program

The National Academy of Sports Medicine is the next fitness affiliate program on our list (NASM). Since 1987, they've been a provider of professional certification for personal trainers.

Through their online training classes, they have certified over 190,000 fitness professionals to date. Personal trainer certification can be obtained from the convenience of one's own home with the help of NASM.

They also have payment plans available, which you should mention in your affiliate presell content.

How much money can you make as an affiliate with the NASM?

You'll get a predetermined compensation of $25 for each successful referral, but top-performing fitness affiliates can always try to negotiate that amount.

Why Should You Promote NASM as an affiliate?

Personal trainers are in high demand, therefore you should be able to find a ready market seeking a well-established certification program.

  • $25 commission per sale
  • Cookie life span: 30 days
  • Products: Fitness training certification
  • Payment Methods: Direct deposit, cheque, or Payoneer

How to join their Fitness affiliate program?

You could sign up for the NASM fitness affiliate program by clicking on this link.

09. Under Armor Affiliate Program

The first Under Armor shirt was designed in Kevin Plank's grandmother's basement to overcome the problem of sweat-wicking away from his football outfit.

Thanks to his creation, the days of training in freezing, sweat-soaked t-shirts are no longer a reality.

Under Armor now makes apparel for men, women, and children for sports ranging from football to fishing. They don't simply sell fashionable fitness clothing; it also has a practical purpose. Every day, a new generation of athletes is born who will require Under Armor apparel.

How much money can you make with Under Armor Affiliate Program?

You earn a 5% commission per Under Armor- product sold.

Under Armor Affiliate Program Highlights & Benefits

  • 5% commission on each sale
  • Cookie life span: 30 days
  • International wire transfer or ACH are the two options for payment.
  • Products to promote: Sportswear

How to join their Fitness affiliate program?

To become a fitness affiliate of the Under Armor fitness affiliate program, click on the link and earn huge commissions by promoting Under Armor Products.

10. TRX Affiliate Program

TRX is probably the best online platform for people to get healthy, regardless of their existing fitness levels, and it also offers the best training gear, accessories, apparel, and workout-related equipment that you can advertise as an affiliate to earn money.

How much money can you make as a TRX Affiliate?

All product sales made through the TRX website will earn the fitness affiliate an 8% commission.

Here are some other details in regard to the TRX Fitness Affiliate Program

  • All sales are subject to an 8% commission.
  • The average order value is $200. (throughout the site)
  • All of their products have a 30-day cookie duration.
  • Their dedicated affiliate support team would be available to you.

How to join their fitness affiliate program?

You may join their affiliate network here, or if you're already a CJ affiliate, search for the TRX fitness affiliate program and sign up for it to start marketing their vast choice of fitness products right away.

11. Bodybuilding Affiliate Program

We have put this on the top fitness affiliate programs list for a reason. It is the world's largest online supplement store, offering a diverse selection of fitness-related affiliate products, routines, programs, supplements, and more.

How much money can you make as an affiliate with the Bodybuilding Affiliate Program?

All new fitness affiliates can earn an 8% compensation rate on transactions completed by new customers and a 3% commission rate on orders placed multiple times on

You can earn a flat 2% commission on all transactions done on their site if you run a coupon-based website.

Why should you join the Bodybuilding Affiliate Program?

  • The minimum payouts are only $50. If the minimum payment is not made, it will be carried over to the next month.
  • Creating an account is absolutely free.
  • is one of the most popular fitness websites, with over 1.1 million unique visitors every day.

Your commissions will be processed on the 10th of the next month, and payments to fitness affiliates are made around the 20th. The minimum reward is $25, which is deposited into your PayPal account on the 15th of each month. To be paid, you must meet a minimum commission payout threshold of $25.

How to join their fitness affiliate program?

To join their fitness affiliate program, you must first open an account with Impact, a third-party affiliate network. For more information, click here.

12. Muscle & Strength Affiliate Program

Muscle & Strength, like, is one of the most prominent fitness websites on the internet right now, with over 7000 fitness-related products to advertise as a fitness affiliate.

How much money can you make as a Muscle & Strength Affiliate?

On every product sale, fitness affiliates can earn a 10% FLAT commission.

There are other advantages as well to joining their affiliate program, which are;

  • You'll get access to over 7,000 products, 250+ supplement discounts, and hundreds of stacks and combos, which means you'll have plenty of opportunities to market and earn money as a fitness affiliate.
  • All orders you successfully create will earn you a flat 10% commission.
  • CJ would process all of your affiliate commissions on a monthly basis, so you'll need to open an account with them.
  • You'll have access to a variety of banners and text links that you may use to market their products.
  • A dedicated affiliate team would be available to help you.

How to join their fitness affiliate program?

You can sign up for their fitness affiliate program using this link, or you can use your CJ affiliate account to join their affiliate network.

13. Body Spartan Affiliate Program

Body Spartan is a prominent website that sells men's and women's fitness programs, vitamins, and apparel. It also has a fantastic fitness affiliate network that would allow you to earn huge commissions on each sale.

How much money can you make as a Body Spartan affiliate?

Every successful sale you generate through your affiliate links will earn you a 10% commission as a Body Spartan fitness affiliate. It also includes cookie tracking for up to 45 days, which means commissions will be credited to your affiliate account for all repeat transactions made during that time period.

Joining Body Spartan as a fitness affiliate has many pros:

  • It's a high-converting website that pays you up to 10% commission on every sale you make.
  • The cookie life is 45 days.
  • The AOV (average order value) is greater than $80.
  • Bonuses and promotions are also available.
  • Allows you to use banners and text links to promote their products.
  • You get access to their affiliate management team.

How to join their fitness affiliate program?

To join their affiliate program for free, visit this link. You can also use your ShareASale account to become an affiliate partner with them.

Earn more and reach your goals!

The fitness industry is booming, thanks to COVID 19 for largely contributing to this boom. 2020 was a year when everyone began exercising (running or brisk walking) or buying home gym equipment.

You must make the most of this opportunity to begin promoting the top fitness products that will assist you in increasing your profits.

So, what exactly are you waiting for? Explore the fitness affiliate programs listed on this page and begin marketing their products to make more money.

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