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8 Easy Steps To Migrate Your Business To Bookee.

Customer Success Team
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If you’re unhappy with your existing software but are worried about moving to a different one. Don’t be. You might think migrating to a new software is tough, but with Bookee, it’s really not. In fact, here’s the simple migration process that we follow once you’ve made up your mind about switching to Bookee:

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If you’re an existing business:

01. Schedule a kick-off call

We understand all your data that must be migrated to Bookee. We also check if you want to migrate your payment information. Further, we add you to Rocketlane project management which has detailed steps on what has to be done next.

02. Extracting old software data

You give us access to your existing software and website where our onboarding experts go through all your existing data and extract it.

03. Stripe initiation

If you are also migrating payment data, we initiate your process with Stripe and once they load up your payments data (1-2 weeks), we fix your go-live date

04. Website integration

In the meantime, you set up your master data on Bookee and connect your stripe/zoom accounts while we do the website integrations and preview it to you so you can see how the upgrade looks.

05. Dedicated mobile apps

If you opt-in for dedicated mobile apps, we initiate the process of setting up your services and branding your apps, as soon as the kick-off call is complete.

06. Mapping old data to new

Once the Stripe team loads your payment info and the master data has been set up, we share a mapping sheet so you can map the data from your old software to the data created in Bookee.

07. Go live date

We connect you with our onboarding experts who fix the go-live date for your business. On the go-live date - you close bookings the day before (post business hours) and we start migrating all your data overnight.

08. Informing your clients 

You inform your clients regarding the new software, how to log in, basic setting up, and share app links. After this, they can start using Bookee for all further purposes.

If you’re a new business: 

  1. We set up a kickoff call.
  2. You set up your account on Bookee along with integrations like Zoom & Classpass.
  3. You give us access to your website so we can show its upgrade to you.
  4. We fix a go-live date from where you can start using the system.

Note: Data migration and payments migration will be skipped if you’re a new business.

And that’s about it. Once the overnight migration is done, your business becomes live on an entirely brand new software.

Congrats on the upgrade!

Post-migration, if you're confused or unconvinced about any particular feature, just drop us a text and we'll set you up with a support call immediately to resolve your issue.

Some other questions that still remain in your mind?

Here are some of the common misconceptions that clients have before switching to Bookee:

  • Switching to new software will take a lot of time!

Data migration is an overnight process once the go-live date is finalized. Your business never has to stop its operations anytime before that.

  • My data might get lost midway.

Our data migration experts make sure that all your data is migrated end-to-end and nothing gets lost in between.

  • Downtime can stall my business.

We assure zero downtime in the entire migration process. Except for the time between your go-live night and the next day’s morning, right before your business hours.

  • What if new clients join during the migration process?

Although the chances of that happening are less. But even if that happens, we can set your new clients up on Bookee in literally no time.

  • Customer support will be hard to reach.

Our live chat support is always available to make sure there are no hurdles during this whole process of switching, and you’re continuously kept up-to-date on everything.

  • Uhh….it’s so tough figuring out new software

Figuring out how Bookee works is literally a one-hour job. After that everything becomes really easy. But even if you find it difficult, our team will help you out in every way.

We care so much about how you are using the product and helping you excel with it. In fact we spend the highest amount of hours on support and onboarding as compared to any other software.

  • Is the switch frustrating for my clients?

Nope. In fact, it’s super easy. Instead of finding the change a challenge, your clients will love it. It's so easy to move all your clients to Bookee, that 1 in 500 clients will approach you on the go-live date.

  • How will clients figure out the new software?

The software’s so intuitive that they can literally figure everything out themselves. We just send a 4-digit code to their email. Using that they log in to see all their memberships and future bookings right where they left it off in the old software.

  • What happens to my client auto-pays in the current system?

If any subscriptions are renewing on the go-live day, your clients will be charged on the old software. From the next day onwards, any subscription renewal will be charged on Bookee and they will have to cancel their auto pays in the old software.

  • Will someone help me set up the software post-migration?

Yes! In every possible way, so that you don’t have to lift a finger in this whole process. We will have a dedicated customer success manager to help you set up, move your data and go live. After you go live they will handhold you to get the best out of Bookee.

  • What does your customer support look like? 

Two words -> super personal and super-dedicated.  We are available to get on a quick video call anytime. Most of our clients love chatting with us from in-product chat. Besides this, we always have the old-school email. 

Our support is available 20 hours a day. Most of our team works in EST (New York) hours. We have a 10 mins response time. We also have a very prompt and personal approach to support. All your queries will go to the same dedicated person, to keep the response insightful and personal.

Above all, Bookee is super-intuitive and super-simple. You will become a pro in no time!

Migration doesn't have to be a migraine for you. Because we promise:

Zero Down Time - Zero Migration Cost - Zero Data Loss - 100% Safety

Get in touch with our customer success expert today.

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