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How Important Is Support In Your Studio Management Software?

Vaishwi Sinha
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You would agree that just providing top-notch services is not enough for your fitness business to succeed.

The question is, what is it that acts as a catalyst that will enable the growth of your studio by leaps and bounds?

It is stellar tech.

A great studio management software not only helps you manage the operational side of your business but also helps you attract more clients, keep them engaged, upsell and cross-sell, increase retention and do a lot more.

In a world where the search for everything begins online, you as a fitness entrepreneur cannot afford to not invest in good technology to amp up your brand and business.

While good technology is a must, it is also essential to make sure that you are able to utilize it to the fullest.

The one and only factor that ensures that you are making the most of the management software that you have invested in, is CUSTOMER SUPPORT.

Check out how to pick the best management software for your fitness studio.

Why is customer support absolutely essential?

Why is customer support absolutely essential for studio management software

Increase your odds of success

A good software company will guide you on best practices for your operations and marketing. They will nudge you to do better. This can create a major difference between your business thriving or losing out to competitors.

Increase your ROI

You, as a fitness entrepreneur should be choosing the software with the highest ROI, and not the one with the lowest price point. Cheaper software cut corners on feature depth and support. You should choose the absolute best when it comes to technology and get multi-fold return from your investment and the support staff should be working to increase your ROI.

Save your valuable time

A good management software should be able to handle various business functions for you right from managing your scheduling and booking, managing customers, managing staff, creating calendars, marketing your services, and more. This means that your software will have tons of features for you to explore and understand.

A solid support staff member will ensure that you are on-boarded onto the new technology seamlessly and you understand all the features of the product before you start using it in the minimum possible time.

How inconvenient will it be if you had to figure out each functionality by yourself? Apart from putting in hours of hard work, there are chances that you will miss out on important features and perhaps not understand the best use of some.

Get answers, not guesses

Your technology should run as per your business requirements and not vice-versa.

You might want to add something major like a referral program to your website or something minor like charging late cancellation fees. Enabling it through guesswork and hoping that it works isn’t really the best approach.

A polished customer support staff is helpful when you want to know how to enable a certain activity on your software. They will tell you exactly how to do it and guide you through it which means more accurate answers and less inaccurate guesswork.

Increase team’s productivity

When you end up getting accurate answers and the least possible time consumption, you have time to focus on your passion - fitness. Having access to a well-trained and readily available support team gives you more time in hand which naturally increases your productivity.

Stay updated

Your fitness studio management software will add new features constantly.

How a support executive becomes instrumental here?

  1. Will update you on new developments
  2. Will explain how to use the feature
  3. Will tell you how to utilize it best in your business
  4. Will take feedback from you on how to further improve services for you

No matter how advanced any technology becomes, a personalized solution to your queries and needs can come only from a real human talking to you and understanding your business.

A very intuitive next question is - How to differentiate good support from bad ones?

How to judge if a company has great customer support?

Everyone claims to have a great support but very few do, especially the bigger software companies who have a good product.

The top 3 factors that you can look for are:

Key factors for good customer service

Dedicated account manager

The key to success through tech? A dedicated support personnel who understands your business.

You should not have to explain your issues to different people over and over again every time you need a simple solution.

Talking to chatbots or a new executive each time leads to:

  1. More time consumption
  2. Delays in query resolution
  3. Addition in frustration
  4. Not getting the best solution

It is always better to have a dedicated account manager who understands your business and knows your history with the software so that you are guided better for your requirements.

Assistance through video calls

Just guides, tutorials, or instructions are not always helpful. Also, explaining where you are stuck sometimes becomes a major challenge. The most effective way to discuss concerns and questions related to your studio management software is to discuss them over video calls.

Getting personalized guidance over video calls where you can share your screen and talk about how to set up a certain function or solve an issue proves to be the most efficient method.

While purchasing studio management software, be mindful of ensuring that their support staff is available for video calls for assistance.

Response time and resolution time

Another crucial aspect to check for is the response time and resolution time.

The response time is the average time taken by the support executive to get back to you after you submit your complaint or query.

Resolution time is the time taken to completely resolve your issue or concern.

To check these metrics you can visit review sites like G2 where software users post their feedback on various products on different parameters including support.

What’s best for you?

“Choose the software product vendor who is hungriest for YOU to win.” – Jason Katz, Growth Marketing Advisor

Bookee G2 high performer

We, at Bookee, understand how important support is for you to succeed which is why we have dedicated account managers who will help you manage your business with Bookee.

With Bookee, you can:

  1. Manage scheduling, bookings, and appointments
  2. Manage your calendar, payroll, and other administrative tasks
  3. Create beautiful websites and mobile apps
  4. Create your online retail store
  5. Automate your marketing campaigns
  6. Take better business decisions using the reports and analytics

All this with great support.

Want to know more? Book a demo.

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