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Sure Shot Strategy For Picking The Best Management Software For Your Gym

Vaishwi Sinha
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Fitness is becoming ever popular, gyms are filling up, more and more people are taking memberships everyday.

In such an environment, it is crucial for you as a gym owner to find a way to streamline the management of your gym.

It needs to showcase flexibility and finesse that complements customer experience, and to do that, you need to invest in a gym management system.

Choosing the perfect gym management software starts with understanding the features you need. To make that choice easier, we’ll break down

  • The importance of a good gym management software, and
  • The features a good gym management software you choose must have.

Let’s jump into it!

Why do you need a gym management software?

Every gym needs a good management software for the following reasons:

Time saver

Running a gym is more than just equipping a space with the right equipment and helping people stay healthy.

There is a tremendous amount of backend work that is needed, including managing memberships, maintenance, salaries, vendor management, and more.

A gym management system will allow your staff to save time on a lot of these administrative tasks and concentrate more on building the business.

Get organized

No one likes a chaotic and underdeveloped customer experience.

A good gym management software will allow you to organize all operational aspects such as collecting membership fees and generating business reports using a single tool.

Add to member experience

Old-school gym regulations like stringent business hours and yearly membership contracts are, well, old-school.

Today’s gym users expect flexibility and ease, even if it means paying a higher monthly fee.

An efficient gym management software will allow you to offer your customers all this and more, enhancing their membership experience.

What you should look for in a gym management software

Here are the features you want the tool you choose to have:

Website integration

Your business website should be the most stable and informative presence on the internet.

While your social media handles are important for engagement, everything you post must eventually lead back to your website.

It is essential for your gym management software to be integrated with your website. To begin with, it should have the same look and feel as the rest of your branding, including your website. It also must integrate with tools like Wix and WordPress, as well as with social media platforms.

If a customer wants to renew an existing membership, or if a new customer wants to sign on, they should be able to do it seamlessly on the website without having to be redirected to the software’s payment gateway.

Streamlined dashboard

The ideal gym management system should have an easy-to-navigate and streamlined dashboard for you or your employees to effectively manage all administrative tasks, right from payment processing and invoicing to managing member profiles from the same place.

Member management

At the end of the day, most gyms work on subscriptions, so your gym management software needs to have member management capabilities.

For example, the software must make it possible for customers to sign up, renew subscriptions, or book classes online, and all of that needs to reflect on your tool in real time. That way, overlapping schedules is never a risk.

Similarly, members should be able to view their progress and their membership history easily online, without having to worry about the safety of their personal information on your system.

A system that allows online interactions between members and their trainers also goes a long way in retaining customers and keeping them motivated.


As a gym owner, there are a number of reports you will want your management software to generate for you.

From an operational standpoint, you will be looking for reports about revenue, new memberships, renewed memberships, memberships that are due for renewal, bills payable, employee costs, and more. All of these reports will help you track your business trajectory and plan for the future.

Similarly, your trainers and clients will want to see reports about aspects such as their progress and attendance.

Choose a software solution that offers you these capabilities.

Mobile app

A mobile app that resonates with your gym’s branding while allowing your subscribers to manage their memberships on their mobile phones is a definite must-have for the modern gym owner.

From a customer’s standpoint, being able to pay for their membership, schedule classes, and manage their profile from the app gives them flexibility and convenience literally at their fingertips.

From a business standpoint, you can send reminders & push notifications and keep your paying customers engaged through the app.

The management software you choose should help you build such an app and offer a seamless backend integration with the rest of your platforms, such as your website and your social media handles.

Switch to Bookee, the complete gym management OS

Looking for a more efficient gym management solution? Come to Bookee.

  • All your membership management needs covered.
  • Everything related to scheduling including booking classes, courses, workshops, and calendar management is handled.
  • Build a website and a mobile app that resonates with your brand, including payment solutions.
  • Streamline all your administrative processes, including reports, analytics, payroll management, and more.
  • Want to set up an online store? We’ve got that covered as well.

Book a free demo today to take your fitness business to the next level with Bookee!

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