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How To Start A Fitness Facebook Page That Will Make Your Clients Go WOW?

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Facebook is ‘not’ dead!

You've certainly heard a lot of people say "Facebook is dead," yet it's still a very valuable marketing tool for fitness businesses. It's easy to understand why they'd think that, given the spike in Instagram's popularity and the decline in organic reach. Is this the actual case? Sure, putting out a new promotion on your page and having hundreds of people raise their hands to work with you isn't easy, and the majority of millennials are spending more time on Instagram than on Facebook (and now TikTok). Though, Facebook is still popular among the older populations. So, if your target demographic is that, then this is one of the most useful tools to advertise your fitness business. Even if your target audience is not present, you must  your presence

While organic reach is down, there are a few ways to utilize Facebook strategically to create amazing relationships with your online community while also leveraging the potential of Facebook ads to grow your brand outside the network.

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6 ways to market your fitness business on Facebook

Keep reading for the 6 channels that you can leverage on Facebook to advertise your fitness business. Get ready to explore how you can make the profitable network of Facebook for your fitness business.

01. Set up your Fitness Facebook page

A professional fitness Facebook page is the most relevant method to get started on Facebook. You may already have this set up as a personal trainer or fitness business. If not, what are you waiting for? Users may like and follow you on the fitness page, which means they'll get notifications whenever you publish, go live, or modify something on your profile.

  • Page Design & Important Info

The design of your fitness Facebook page does not have to be complicated. The content of your page is significantly more essential than the aesthetic of your page. To build your page, feel free to utilize Facebook's built-in tools.

Every business page on Facebook must include certain information. Because potential clients may be researching about your company on Facebook, it's imperative to keep this information up to date. The information comprises the following: location, phone number, website, office hours, and about section of your studio. Your company page's cover and profile picture should also be updated.

  • Content Strategy

The simplest way to use your fitness Facebook page to reach people who would otherwise be unaware of your business is by publishing content you've previously created. You may also share Instagram posts on your page by re-editing them as per the Facebook template. You may also use your fitness page to share other people's content. You may not only save time by reusing other people's content, but you can also select chunks of content that are more likely to be shared by your audience. When you re-post other people's content, make sure you add a small note as to why you chose to re-post it. Some of the fitness Facebook page ideas include sharing pictures of your session, workout videos, memes and whatnot until the audience enjoys the type of content you are posting.

  • Call to Action Button

A call to action is an important feature to put on your fitness Facebook page. A simple "Contact Us" button in the lower right-hand corner of your page cover can suffice. The prospect can send a message to inquire about your services by pressing the button.

02. Interact on Facebook groups

Despite the fact that groups have been around for a long time, we're noticing an increasing number of individuals monetize and use them to create highly engaged communities. Because of algorithm changes, Facebook now prioritizes groups above other forms of content, which means that once individuals join your group, they're more likely to see stuff in their newsfeed.

With a Facebook group, you can interact with your audience on a more personal level in a more private setting. This is where you may provide those who join your group extra benefits and privileges. Because Facebook groups are private, their material is not ranked by Google. Because the group is less likely to be discovered through search and shares, you'll need to bring people to it using other platforms and marketing strategies. Facebook fitness pages and groups, go hand in hand. You may use your fitness page to advertise your group and vice versa. You could also tell your followers that they'll get "good content" if they join your group.

You could also use a personal profile to keep in touch with your audience and promote your group as the engagement is maximum with a person rather than a business. Make sure you don't spam people as the ones in your friend list are your personal friends and they wouldn't wanna become the marketing audience of your fitness page.

03. Invest in Facebook ads

Facebook has made it simple to build an ad specifically for your target audience. Don’t start if you have no idea what you're doing and waste money on Facebook advertisements of your fitness page that don't work. Know your target audience and keep in mind the budget of your campaign, then only you must circulate ads.

Facebook ads are more appealing because you can target an audience based on a variety of factors. As Facebook ads have grown in popularity, the cost has increased while the efficacy has decreased. It's still a viable choice, but make sure you plan beforehand! Too many adverts can deplete your organic reach, so strike a balance that works for your company. You may target someone who is attempting to reduce weight, gain muscle, or heal from a sports injury with a targeted ad. You may then track your results in the Facebook ads manager and make any required changes to your copy and graphics based on the virality of your fitness page’s ad.

04. Sell your services on Facebook Marketplace

The Facebook marketplace has become an excellent platform for selling things because it's similar to putting up an e-commerce store without the hassle of doing so. You may offer things for sale on the marketplace, and depending on individual search preferences, your products/ services will be shown to the individuals who are most interested in them.

This is the power of Facebook's tracking pixels in displaying relevant content. They take care of a lot of the research for you, so all you have to do is post your services and wait for customers to find you. Just be sure you utilize search-optimized content and complete out all of the essential areas, and don't overlook the power of a fantastic image or advertisement.

05. Go live from your fitness Facebook page & interact with audiences

Facebook's algorithm likes Facebook Live, to the point that it will notify your followers when your fitness Facebook page goes live in an attempt to get them to visit your page. Instead of simply going live and chatting about the normal topics, try developing a theme for weekly or daily programs that people can look forward to. For example, you want to hold a morning fitness session three times each week on your fitness Facebook page. Make a list of days and times that you want to work on, and stick to it! Maintain a constant schedule so that your audience knows when to join your session. Let your online community know when you'll be live and why they should join you by using your fitness Facebook page, Instagram, email list, and any other platforms your business is on. Make sure to add a call to action at the end of your live.

If viewers enjoyed what they saw during the Facebook Live session, you might encourage them to join your Facebook group, download a freebie to sign up for your email list or schedule a call for a demo class or free consultation.

06. Auto-respond with Facebook Messenger

This method is a little more complex and technical, but if you know what you're doing, it may be quite effective. Messenger bots are used by online company owners to deliver relevant information about their products or services to customers who have lately expressed interest in what they have to offer. Bots are not the same as using simple messenger to expand your fitness page and business. You may only use a bot to deliver messages to people who have already interacted with you, whether on your website or on your fitness Facebook page.

You can create an auto-responder with some basic information, or send information to individuals you've interacted with via Facebook Messenger.

5 best Facebook fitness pages for top-level inspiration

Now that you know how to run a Facebook fitness Page successfully, it's time to get inspired by the Facebook Fitness pages that have a wide reach and a huge impact on their audience.

01. Blogilates

You may know Cassey Ho from her YouTube channel, where she posts her incredible POP Pilates training videos, but her fitness Facebook page also has a lot of useful information. You may expect some terrific fitness ideas as well as some yummy recipes!

02. Fit Bottomed Girls

The Fit Bottomed Girls are on a mission to remind the world that living a healthy lifestyle doesn't have to be boring. Several bloggers provide health-related details from their everyday life; for example, one post shows what's in the writer's fridge, while another shows the seven pregnant workouts. An amazing fitness Facebook page to keep you motivated.

03. The Rebooted Body

The Rebooted Body is a fitness Facebook page that provides a complete course that begins with assisting people in unlearning bad habits. Dietary and fitness goals are considerably easier to achieve after the course. The fitness page offers daily suggestions and ideas for those who are trying to live better lives.

04. Greatist

Greatist is a fitness Facebook page that encourages you to have a healthy lifestyle, however, you define it. Greatist has had a lot of success in recent years, thanks to a simple formula: writing some of the best health information and guidance pieces on the internet.

05. Girls Gone Strong

Molly Galbraith, Neghar Fonooni, and Alli McKee are the three women behind Girls Gone Strong, a fitness website that encourages women to train for strength. This fitness Facebook page has a wealth of useful information and helpful insights.

Want to explore more about Facebook Marketing methods but you don't have the time to? You are probably wasting your time on outdated fitness business management software while paying a major part of your profits for it? Year-end is the right time to switch. Book a demo with us to know how effortless managing your fitness business could be.

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