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How To Create An Engaging Fitness Newsletter?

Customer Success Team
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Having a great training plan or a friendly gym fitness facility is no longer enough to run a successful fitness business. To engage your members and attract new customers, you must continuously demonstrate your knowledge, and the fastest and most successful method to do so is with a fitness newsletter.

There are a lot of reasons to have a fitness newsletter for your studio There are 4.03 billion email users in the world as of 2021, offering you a massive market to target. Furthermore, 72% of individuals prefer to get important business information via email rather than social media or other means.

In other words, if you're not sending out a fitness newsletter to promote your studio, you're potentially losing out on some fantastic possibilities to engage with your target audience and grow your brand.

In this post, we'll look at how to build a fitness newsletter, including templates and fitness newsletter ideas and what type of content is relevant. But first, let's take a look at how a fitness newsletter might help you.

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Benefits of creating a fitness newsletter for your studio

You might be worried if using the old-school email marketing strategy to send out fitness newsletters would yield any benefits for your fitness business in a world when individuals spend most of their time on social media.

Here are some of the advantages of email fitness newsletters for your gym or fitness club to help you understand:

  • Educate your members- Fitness newsletters are a fantastic way to stay in touch with your clients and educate them about any issues they may be experiencing. If you observe that the same topic is being asked again and over, you can address it in one of your newsletters and educate a large number of people at once.
  • Build credibility and brand awareness- An email newsletter is helpful for growing your brand in addition to building reliability. Creating and sending out instructional, high-value fitness newsletters may help you establish a long-term brand identity and establish yourself as an expert in your field. It also makes your message stand out in a busy inbox, resulting in more opens.
  • Boost revenues- Most successful businesses today rely on email marketing, and rightfully so. In fact, for every dollar spent on email marketing, you'll earn $42 back. When promoting a course or selling new items, an email fitness newsletter is an ideal way to communicate with your audience, develop brand awareness, and motivate subscribers to buy more and more from you leading to a revenue spike.

How to create an engaging fitness newsletter?

Now, that you know the advantages, it's time to go through the 3-step process of creating an effective and profitable fitness newsletter. Let's get started

01. PLAN

  • Purpose

While the overall goal of a fitness newsletter is to maintain contact between a fitness studio and its members, you must also consider a more particular goal. Do you want to increase the number of visitors to your website? Do you want more subscribers for your fitness blogs? Do you wish to interact with your followers on social media? It's easy to pick what content to put in your fitness newsletter once you know what it's for, THE PURPOSE. This also helps in maintaining a constant tone in your discussions.

  • Target audience

You must first understand your audience and what they want in order to create a top-notch fitness newsletter. You may write newsletters that cover a larger range of topics in case you offer several services and your audience isn't limited to a single age group, gender, or need. For example, if a yoga studio provides yoga courses for more than one purpose, let's say maternity, then the fitness newsletter can be addressed to both men and women and cover topics such as different types of yoga, the health advantages of yoga, the classes you offer, and more.

  • Frequency

You must send your fitness newsletter on a regular and consistent basis. Consider how many newsletters you'll create and deliver each month, as well as the amount of content you'll require. Send one newsletter every month if you're just getting started. If you have additional stuff to publish, you may increase the frequency. Keep in mind that after you've decided on a frequency, you must keep at it.


It's time to start building your newsletter once you've determined its objective, who your target audience is, and how frequently you'll send it.

The next stage is to build the master template of your fitness newsletter, which will serve as the foundation for all future newsletters. The master template is a reusable template that reflects the personality of your fitness studio. All you have to do is fill in new material and relevant photographs every time you need to publish an email. This helps in brand recognition and makes your email to be instantly recognized by your recipients.

There are certain important things you need to take care of while you build your master template:


Consider how your website and other social media and communication platforms look. Now, use the same brand colors, logo, and design style in your newsletter for a similar appearance and better recognition. Don’t forget to put your studio logo on the top of your fitness newsletter.


Plan the layout of your fitness newsletter strategically. Since a newsletter has many content blocks, it is best to select a layout and template that will allow you to enhance each section and showcase it as a valuable resource.


Use a mobile-optimized template as your fitness newsletter is more likely to be opened on mobile phones than on desktop computers by the majority of your subscribers. Such a template guarantees that the impact, value, and experience you're providing aren't compromised.


For your fitness newsletter, aim for a design that is easy on the eyes, basic, powerful, and effective. Limit the number of colors, images and fonts you use.


While three content blocks are great for a fitness newsletter, depending on the quantity of material you have to offer your readers, you may include more or less. Select a template that allows you to add as many content blocks as you may require.


Step 1- Choose a compelling subject line for your fitness newsletter email, such as "Monthly health update," or keep it basic, such as "The newest trends in the fitness industry.” As, this is the first thing your subscribers will notice in their inbox, so you must be able to persuade your readers to open the email in four to seven words. You have the option of being direct or teasing the reader.

Step 2- Next step is to describe what the recipient may expect in the email in around five to eight words. Your subject line is carried over into the preheader text of your fitness newsletter. You can include extra details about the content of the newsletter email, such as "Learn about the top health trends of the month.”

Step 3- A core concept must thread through all of the content in every fitness newsletter you publish. Use the headline of your newsletter to highlight what you're about to communicate. If your email has a range of information, for example, you may give a heading of "Your monthly dose of health & fitness or fun fitness facts” to incite curiosity.

Step 4- Now, place your content blocks in such a way that each one stands out. Each block should have a summary or introduction. If you're listing your best three blogs of the month describe what the posts are about to urge people to read the whole thing. To tell them what action you want them to do after reading your fitness newsletter, providing a call-to-action button is necessary.

Now, are you wondering what are some content ideas that you can include in your newsletter? Well, we’ve got those fitness newsletter ideas as well for you. Start reading.

  1. Fitness facts and statistics- You might use your email fitness newsletter to educate your readers about fitness, bust myths, provide wellness suggestions, and other health-related content.
  2. Healthy food recipes- There are a plethora of food trends out there and people have become fitness freaks indulging in healthy eating. You may include a nutritious or popular recipe in your fitness newsletter. Remember to put a photo of the cooked meal/product.
  3. Customer or Employee experience- You may send out fitness newsletters that feature customer or employee tales.
  4. Highlight your best blogs- Use your fitness newsletter to lead visitors to the best blogs of the month, only if you have an active and entertaining blog.
  5. Social Media Updates- You may combine your fitness newsletter and social media efforts to emphasize the buzz your social media followers are generating across various channels. This is also a fantastic approach to get users to interact across platforms.
  6. Circulate offers & event news- You may use your gym newsletter, or a part of it, to inform customers about upcoming events and special deals going on in your studio, or even curate local health and fitness activities that they might be interested in.

Plan, Build and Create your fitness newsletter!

Now, you are well equipped with everything you need to know in order to create a successful and effective fitness newsletter, it’s time to create your own fitness newsletter and win more clients. Also, don’t let the admin work waste your time and curb your productivity. Take your business on to a fitness business management software so that you could grow your business hassle-free.

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