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How Bookee helps grow your yoga business 3x

Vaishwi Sinha
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When we at Bookee say that choosing our management software is sure to help your yoga studio business grow, we’re not simply making tall claims. The proof in the pudding lies in the success stories of our customers.

Take, for example, California based Soul Yoga Movement, who have experienced a revenue growth of 128%, and an increase in bookings by 124% since they chose Bookee. In this short read, we’re going to show you how to grow your yoga business with Bookee.

Branded website and mobile app

One of the most important aspects that need to be addressed while planning to expand your yoga studio business is to ensure there is consistency in customer experiences,  both in-person and online.

Here’s how Bookee can help you enrich your online customer experiences.

  • We will build you a customized website that is intuitive and easy to use, replete with your logo and other key branding elements.

People check out our website and app and become paying members without even us talking to them. This is how easy getting business has become for us with Bookee. ~ Soul Movement Yoga

This website will have all the information about your yoga studio prospective customers will need. It will also enable customers to easily start or renew memberships, choose classes and manage schedules easily online.

  • We recognize that a lot of your customers are on the move constantly, and will build you a custom app, again featuring your branding, enabling them access to billing, scheduling and more from the convenience of their hand-held smart devices.

Keep in mind, we’re not going to hook you up with a third-party generic app. Instead, our team will build you one specific to your unique needs.

Schedule visibility on the website and app

Whether your studio members want to schedule their classes through your website or on the app, our layout is easy to navigate.

Customers will be able to choose which location they want (if applicable), the class they want to attend, their favored instructor and facilities from drop down lists. The calendar will show them available slots, and booking a session is just a click away.

Easy booking process

A common deterrent to booking classes online is that websites and apps have too many steps leading to the payment. We at Bookee firmly believe bookings should be fast, easy to navigate and safe for you to be able to expand your yoga business.

This is exactly why booking online through your yoga studio app or website has only three easy steps with Bookee. Your customers check availability, choose the course they want to pay for and make their booking: it’s that simple.

Bookee's booking process

Intro offers

New members are a sign that your yoga business is growing. One of the most convincing ways to bring in new customers is to have enticing introductory offers to lure them in.

Introductory offers give prospective customers the full experience of what your yoga studio has to offer without having to pay the full price. This greatly increases your chances of converting them into full fledged members.

For example, if your regular monthly subscription is $150, you could offer the first month for $80. This gives your prospective members a whole month to get a feel for their preferred yoga techniques as well as your studio, while giving you an opportunity to convince them to buy an annual subscription.

Bookee’s studio management software not only makes it easy for you to offer customized trial introductory offers, our system automatically saves your customers’ payment preferences. This means if the customer does not unsubscribe at the end of the trial period, they automatically get billed the full monthly membership fee.

Know more about intro offers here.

Referral programs

Referral programs are an old school, effective way to get your existing members to evangelize your yoga studio and get you new members. Incentivize them to put in the efforts by offering them rewards.

These rewards could be discounts, merchandise or free classes. While this may seem easy conceptually, a lot of fitness studios find setting up referral programs difficult because they don’t have the right technology to help them track the financials or the performance of these programs effectively.

Bookee makes it easy for you to set up and track the performance of referral programs for your yoga studio. Oue easy and intuitive tool lets you set up the referral reward as well as the welcome package for the new customer in the blink of an eye.

We also make it easy for your members to spread the word by giving you a link that they can share within their circles. The process itself is a single step referral process. Once these links are shared, we make it easy for you to track referral leads as well.

In fact, our software will even generate reports to show you how well the referral program worked for you. So much so that one of our clients, Booster Transform, was able to track an increase in revenue by almost $51,000, all thanks to successfully running their referral program.

Find out how to increase sign-ups through referral program.

Email automation

Email marketing is another old but effective way to grow your yoga business. This makes it important for you to maintain a database of everyone who interacts with your brand and segregate into three buckets.

Create one bucket for those who have participated in your trial offer but did not sign on, one for those who are currently on a trial pack and the third, those who are on a monthly subscription.

You could create an email template for each of these buckets: one to nudge those who did not sign up after the trial period to come back to the fold, one to remind those of the trial pack to subscribe to your membership plans, and one to convince your monthly subscribers to commit to a whole year.

Bookee’s management software will not only allow you to customize these emails before sending them en masse, we even have a lot of attractive templates that you could choose from to spruce up the look and feel of the emails.

Bookee's in-built email templates

Manage instructor schedules

As your yoga studio business grows, you will find yourself hiring more yoga instructors, and maybe even operating multiple outlets. Bookee has all the bandwidth you’d need for you to be able to easily manage these outlets and the schedules of multiple trainers.

Bookee’s studio management software allows you to create easy to read calendars, making it easy for your trainers to chalk in their availability for each of your outlets. Our system will intuitively show this information on the calendars your studio members see, ensuring they schedule their sessions based on the availability of instructors.

Our software will also automate payroll management for all the staff at your various studios.

Diversify revenue streams

While the world is slowly but surely resuming to function normally, the Covid pandemic has changed consumer behavior permanently. One of these changes is that a lot of people choose to enjoy their favorite fitness activity from the comfort of their homes instead of heading out to a studio.

As the owner of an expanding yoga business, this is an opportunity for you to diversify revenue streams, and Bookee has everything you need to make it happen.

Whether your members want their classes live streamed online or want VOD (video on demand) sessions, Bookee can enable you to offer these as special facilities through your website and app.

Another extra source of revenue Bookee can help you set up is an e-store, where you could sell yoga mats, branded merchandise, collectibles and more. Our software can help you manage billing, keep track of stocks and a lot more.

Partner with Bookee now and grow your yoga studio

Now that you know some of the ways Bookee can help you expand your business and grow your yoga studio, it’s time you book a demo with our experts. Once you have an in- depth look at how our yoga studio management system works, we’re sure you’ll realize why so many fitness businesses choose Bookee as their growth partner.

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