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All About Intro Offers For Your yoga Studio

Vaishwi Sinha
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Greetings, yogis, and yoginis! Are you ready to elevate your studio to new heights and welcome a flood of new clients through your doors? Then you're in the right place!

As a yoga studio owner, your goal is:

Prospect —> Lead —> Member

Get ready to say goodbye to empty mats and hello to a thriving community of yogis.

Let's begin!

Why does your yoga studio need intro offers?

Think back to the first time you tried something new. You might have been uncertain if the activity was right for you (couch-yes, massage chair - maybe?). So you look for a way to “test it out” so that your commitment level is pretty low, yet, you’re still able to get a decent grasp on the experience.

Similarly, your potential clients might want to try out your studio before giving a bigger commitment.

What intro offer should your yoga studio provide?

Intro offer duration, value and nurturing yoga clients

Your customers should get a full taste of your services

Your intro offer should be long enough for them to experience your studio but not so long that your pockets start to leak.

Anything less than 2 weeks is too less for conversion to memberships. Imagine if someone falls sick during the intro offer period, they might miss about half the offer period and ultimately not convert.

The ideal duration is about 2-4 weeks.

Giving your trial customers a great value

Once you have the duration of your intro offer in place, you need to figure out the price. The price should scream value!

If you’re trying to convert a client to a renewing membership (which should ideally be the goal), you’ll want something that feels similar and at a great price. Our recommendation is to price your intro at least 50% off the regular price of your membership. So, for example, if your auto-renew membership is $200, offer your Intro Month at $99. For a two-week intro, you’ll want to cut that down even more and take into account that visits will likely be much lower (Something in the $40-$50 range.)

How to nurture your trial clients to become paying customers

This requires a two-fold process:

  • Utilizing tech to drive your users to your memberships

Once your clients associate with your business, you can run email campaigns informing them about the class packs, memberships, add-on services, and more. Tell them through SMSes when their trial packs expire and nudge them towards a membership.

  • Staff training to give the customers a good experience to increase retention

Make sure that your staff is trained to welcome the trial user clients, personalize the experience for them and help them choose a pack when their intro offer period ends.

PRO TIP: If possible, your intro offer should automatically turn into a normal, recurring monthly membership unless the new student cancels before the end of their trial. This automation makes it easier to stay a member than it is to leave, which is key.

How to make profits during your intro offers?

The only way to make profits on intro offers is — well, it is not definite.

Intro offers to benefit you when you nurture the trial users and convert them into recurring memberships.

Having said that, it is also highly likely that there are some clients who will disappear after the intro offer period and you might not make a profit on the offer itself but that should not worry you. Intro offers can be considered as a marketing expenditure and not a profit-making activity.

Bear in mind that this marketing initiative is the best of all as someone who has experienced your service is way more likely to become your customer as compared to someone who hasn’t!

Real examples of Bookee clients running intro offers

Soul Movement Yoga

Soul Movement Yoga Intro offer

Vibe Vault

Vibe Vault Intro offer

Yoga House

Yoga House Intro offer

The most efficient software to do it?


With Bookee, you can get super creative with how you would want to set your pricing.

Just like the above examples of a few BookeeStars, you can also price your intro offers, class packs, and memberships however you think will work out the best for your studio.

You will also end up saving 3 hours per member of your team and one tons of admin cost.

Best part? Setting it up is extremely simple on Bookee.

Watch the video to know how!

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