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11 Fitness Trends That Will Rule The Fitness Industry In 2022

Customer Success Team
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The concept of fitness is evolving as the world actively seeks a better quality of life. For decades, fitness was conceived to be limited to fitter physical appearance and weight loss. The emergence of a life-threatening pandemic altered the fitness industry altogether and gave rise to some fitness trends that can go big. The notion of health is becoming increasingly important, and the fitness sector has recognized the need to adapt. Traditional fitness and diet regimes have always had a desirable impact. However, fitness experiences that provide more flexibility and freedom to explore are increasingly in the limelight.

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Reset button for the fitness industry

The fitness mindset of flexibility and convenience is prevalent, as is the understanding that fitness is for everyone. The fitness industry's future will be shaped by consumer behavior patterns and goals. Brands will have to change to meet the demands of their customers.

Fitness businesses are redefining their value offering and looking for new ways to reach out to new audiences. While the fitness industry is facing significant problems, it also has a lot of tremendous potential. Fitness is also under the limelight as people continue to rethink fitness amongst so many various parts of their life.

People are abandoning their rigid views in preference for a more holistic approach to fitness, which includes stamina, cardio endurance, and mental well-being. Increased awareness has benefitted the fitness sector greatly. The importance of being active has piqued the public's interest, and the next year will see an all-time high of individuals mixing fun with fitness, as seen by the following trends.

Fitness trends for 2022

The world is struggling to adjust to a new way of life, with online exercises remaining popular and more gym-goers turning to virtual fitness. Let us look forward to 2022 with optimism, hoping that the pandemic will loosen its grip on the world. As technology continues to advance, there will be new opportunities and fitness trends for brands and consumers in fitness. Let’s have a look.

01. Exercise has become a dose of medicine

Let's start by saying no, exercise will never be a substitute for seeking medical help, visiting your doctor, and discussing your medical issues. It also can't substitute therapy or the numerous advantages of consulting with a trained practitioner about your mental health.

However, from 2022, exercise may be recommended by GPs for "social needs" issues, which account for one in every five GP consultations in the UK and include bad mood, diabetes, and low-grade depression. There are several workout trends doing rounds on social media and the high participation of people showcases how exercise has become an integral part of their daily routines. This is the beginning of a more holistic, community-based approach to medical care, and it confirms that exercise may have a big influence on your physical and mental health. This amongst all the fitness trends would definitely stay in the fitness industry.

02. Virtual fitness sessions

Gyms and personal trainers turned to virtual and online exercise sessions as a result of the life-threatening pandemic. We can say that after almost two years of working out at home, customers have grown accustomed to working out whenever and wherever they want, which has now become one of the popular fitness industry trends.

As consumers demand flexibility and diversity in exercise, the increase of live streaming and video-on-demand solutions, such as online apps and virtual personal trainers, is expected to rise much more in 2022.

LES MILLS On Demand, Peloton, SWEAT app, Lululemon's Mirror hardware, iFit/NordicTrack, Apple Fitness+, are among the key online fitness players to watch out for in 2022. Also, read about the top home fitness companies changing the dynamics of the fitness industry.

03. Hybrid fitness offerings

Many people are ready to get back to the gym after several lockdowns, while others are still enjoying the convenience of at-home exercises.

The veterans of the fitness industry predict that gyms will offer more hybrid-style options. Many Americans will continue to work from home, and going to the gym may not always be a natural part of their daily routine  There may also be people who are hesitant to train in physical gym spaces at certain times, due to potential localized COVID outbreaks and/or if they're visiting high-risk family and friends. It's likely that fitness studios will increasingly roll out hybrid offerings with a mix of in-gym, virtual, live streaming, and on-demand fitness sessions.

Bring your fitness business to the virtual fitness industry by launching your services on a website and app. Get in touch with our founder and know how we do it overnight for you.

04. Mind training along with body

For many people, including mindfulness and meditation in their training and routines has become a must. People are working out for a variety of reasons, including physical exercise, relaxation, and introspection.

As consumers seek out the psychological and mental health advantages that come with movement and bodywork, yoga, Pilates, breathing exercises, mindfulness, meditation, and broader mental health training will continue to rise in popularity as new fitness trends in 2022.

Overall, experts believe that by 2022, there will be a greater emphasis on the role of fitness industry trends in wider health, including mental health, chronic illness prevention and treatment, and developing disorders like long-COVID rehabilitation.

05. Wearable technology

Wearable technology and activity trackers will continue to be popular fitness trends in 2022, but they will be used for purposes other than fitness. This year, several smartwatches and fitness trackers will have features that monitor body temperature, stress levels, sleep, and heartbeat. Other than steps or distance traveled, it helps people who wish to track a variety of health metrics.

Apple and Garmin, for example, are expected to continue to dominate all areas of the industry in 2022, appealing to daily fitness and leisure customers as well as gym junkies and fitness experts in programming, training, and recovery. We can say that their capacity to track not just our physical responses to working out, but also to identify what is going on within the body, is extremely remarkable. This latest fitness craze of tech would probably keep many fitness enthusiasts interested in their fitness game.

06. Increasing smart-home gyms

When gyms closed to prevent COVID from spreading, users had to find new ways to stay healthy and safe while still maintaining the companionship and feeling of community that kept them motivated in the conventional gym setting.

Modern home gym equipment is one of the workout trends that help to address this problem by providing live and on-demand workouts led by world-class instructors, leaderboards, and techniques to design your fitness experience and intelligently lead you towards your fitness goals, as well as opportunities to communicate with other fitness enthusiasts.

Even more essential than the connectedness provided by this workout equipment is how they assist in overcoming three of the most difficult fitness roadblocks: decision fatigue, boredom, and personal accountability.

This concept isn't entirely new, it's just that the pandemic has awakened it and made it stronger than before. Modern workout equipment that simulates a gym experience in the security of one's own home is gaining appeal and is on the list of top fitness trends of 2022. People further invest in their health and fitness by purchasing modern workout equipment. The regular lockdowns encouraged customer acceptance and home gym equipment became the latest fitness craze.

07. Pervasiveness of holistic fitness

In terms of holistic health and fitness, more people are choosing a proactive rather than reactive approach. They seek help with exercise and fitness, as well as nutrition, goal-setting, and happiness. It is believed that solid guidance is crucial for this. Imagine going to a place where you may transform your body and mind at the same time, rather than spending countless hours at the gym. This is one of the newest fitness trends which has been forecasted to stay in the fitness industry.

You may get a low-impact exercise by taking a holistic approach, which should involve exercising in a peaceful area. Weight reduction, toning, cleansing, enhanced bone density, decreased cortisol (stress hormone), increased human growth hormone, reduced aches, and so much more can be improved by a holistic approach.

Health and wellness coaches will play a significant role in helping individuals accomplish what they want out of life next year, in the new COVID-normal world where routines and priorities are being changed and re-established.

08. Mobile fitness apps

The early January i.e. the period when people make New Year's Resolutions resulted in a spike again in the fitness app industry this year, with downloads up 10% year over year as more individuals than ever are choosing to start their fitness journey on mobile. Those who already had their favorite fitness apps downloaded appear to have increased their workouts, as sessions increased by 57% year over year in January becoming the crucial part of the fitness industry.

Installs are down 24% so far in 2021 compared to the first half of 2020. Sessions, on the other hand, have climbed by 31% year over year, demonstrating that, while gyms are inviting people back, users are sticking with apps, choosing home exercises and familiar experiences.

09. Group fitness sessions

Working out in a group has a positive effect on you. Entire fitness businesses are established with the intention that people enjoy working out in groups. This sense of community boosts sales and today has become the new exercise trend. While HIIT and yoga will always be popular group exercises, trapeze, roller skating, and trampoline are becoming increasingly popular. Weighted hula hoop workouts seem to be making a comeback, all thanks to TikTok. While it's tough to determine if something is a new fitness trend or fad, one thing is certain: group training's popularity cannot be ignored.

10. HIIT

HIIT, or high-intensity interval training, is a popular fitness industry trend that will continue beyond 2022.HIIT is an extremely adaptable workout that almost everyone can undertake. Many individuals are terrified by HIIT because they believe it must be an all-out, as-hard-as-you-can-go, gut-busting workout. However, HIIT is classified as a "yellow" on the green-yellow-red spectrum, with red being the most intense.

HIIT has now become one of the coolest fitness trends which involves doing aerobic and resistance exercises in small, but intense, bursts. Each brief sequence, which might last a few seconds or minutes, is performed several times in an HIIT workout. The training is split up with short breaks.

11. Quick workouts

Mini workouts are designed for those who don't have 45 minutes to spare for a workout. This is a They're for people who want to get a proper workout during the day but don't have much time. Mini workouts exercise trends are beneficial to both time-conscious people and those who lack the motivation to commit to a lengthy workout.

A mini workout is easy and quick, whether it's strength training with free weights or a ten-minute bodyweight training routine. Mini exercises may be as little as five or ten minutes and can be done throughout the day.

Adopt, adapt and become adept!

2021 was all about digitization on numerous platforms and providing the convenience of carrying out our daily routines and life events via digital ways. It doesn't matter if you're learning, exercising, meditating, taking cooking lessons, meeting new people, going to medical appointments, or attending lectures!

The usage of devices and numerous apps that are extremely easy to use and may be implemented in our everyday lives has increased in an unimaginable way. As a result, the popularity of these fitness trends has skyrocketed. In 2022, we will witness the potential of the above 11 fitness trends in the fitness industry. Watch out as these fitness trends would definitely overthrow the current dynamics of the fitness industry.

Hybridity in the fitness business has become a necessity more than a trend to survive in the fitness industry. With more outgoing efforts in onboarding new members to your gym, it is important that you sideline and automate admin tasks and focus your execution towards a more member acquiring approach. Bookee is an all-in-one fitness business management software that does all the important admin tasks while you bring in a trail of members to your fitness studio. Book a demo with us right now.

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