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Choosing your studio management software made easy

Akash Eric Francis
Junior Content Writer
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Hey there! If you own a fitness studio or gym, you've probably considered using a system to help you manage everything from memberships, class schedules, and employee information to billing and payments. 

According to a Software Advice survey, 97% of gym and fitness studio owners who use management software report improved operational efficiency by 15%-56% depending on the kind of software they use.

The perfect fitness management software can be a game changer, saving you time and money while streamlining your fitness business.

So this is going to be a checklist of what you should look for in fitness management software and the easiest route for you to incorporate one.

 Let's get started!

Features to Look for in Fitness Management Software

On the business side of things, can it manage everything your studio offers? You'll ideally want a solution that can handle the following with ease:

  1. Efficient scheduling of classes, courses, facility, and appointments
  2. A seamless integration for live streaming and Video-on-demand
  3. Management of waitlists automatically 
  4. A system for dealing with cancellations and no-shows.
  5. Retail and e-commerce provisions

Following that, ensure that your software has a smooth and seamless system in place to handle all of your business operations.

  1. Is the billing, payments, and POS process smooth? 
  2. How does it handle check-in and access management?
  3. Can you easily incorporate gift cards and discounts for your clients?
  4. Does it have a powerful, reliable reporting system?

Managing your team efficiently is key to running a successful fitness business. That's why we highly recommend you keep an eye out for the following features:

  1. A centralized workspace for task management
  2. Roles and privileges you can set for your staff and instructors for access control
  3. A flexible and seamless payroll management system
  4. A convenient business app that lets you manage classes and appointments

Alright, let's take a look at how well the software should be equipped to handle marketing, and growth, and enhance your overall client experience. 

Here's a rundown of the key features that will make a significant impact on your business:

  1. The client experience must be well-planned and intuitive. It's important to assess whether the booking process creates a seamless and positive experience for your customers, ultimately benefiting your business.

  1. A place where you can monitor all marketing activities. Analytics is essential when setting up multiple marketing campaigns across channels such as social media and email in order to analyze what works for your studio. 

  1. A toolkit to improve your client retention rate. This must involve provision for setting up email and messaging campaigns, automated notifications, and announcement and loyalty programs.

If you’d like to learn more about setting up a tried and tested strategy for client retention, click here:


Common Pitfalls to Avoid When Choosing a Fitness Management Software

  • Not researching enough
  • Not testing the software before deciding if it works for you
  • Not considering the size of your business, and whether the software can handle and perform well if you decide to scale up your studio
  • Failure to check for compatibility with existing software and hardware systems can result in unnecessary costs and headaches.
  • Ignoring the significance of user-friendly interfaces and navigation, which can frustrate both employees and customers.
  • Failure to consider the full range of features provided by various software options, which can result in missed opportunities for efficiency and growth.
  • Ignoring the possibility of hidden costs, such as mandatory upgrades or add-ons that can devastate your budget
  • Ignoring the importance of customer service and technical support can leave you stranded in times of crisis.

Having excellent support in the software you select can mean the difference between increased business success and a time and money sink. If you’d like to know how to increase your odds of success by focusing on what makes support incredibly important, you can read about it here: https://www.bookeeapp.com/articles/importance-of-support-in-your-studio-management-software

The easiest choice you'll ever have to make for your business is choosing bookee

You’re a fitness entrepreneur and you need a management software that understands your needs. 

That’s why we created bookee - a software that works with you, not against you.

Proof? Have a look at this 4-minute video showing the ease of the booking process that Bookee enables.

And the features are not limited to this.

Bookee is more than just a management software. We're a growth partner that listens to your feedback and builds solutions that help you grow your business.

If you'd like to delve deeper into how bookee, a complete fitness studio management software can help you grow your business, click here


Want to see how bookee can transform your fitness studio? Click here to book a free demo today.

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