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#5 Things Studio Owners Should Take Care of Before Year-End

Customer Success Team
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Plan the best season end of your studio with Bookee. Getting ready ahead of the hustle-bustle of the holidays is a must if your motive is to increase client retention and acquisition around the holidays. We will help you with everything from what to how before you sign off for your holiday season. Here's how you can plan your fitness studio holidays.

01. Switch to a modern fitness software

Are you frustrated with using outdated fitness business software? It's time to switch to a new one and step into this new year with a new avatar of your fitness studio. You might think switching to new software is a herculean task but trust us, it's easy and breezy. Worry no more, as Bookee has got your back.

  • Easy Migration - Migration to Bookee is breezy with a dedicated customer success manager allotted to you who will help you set up, move your data and go live. Data migration for us is an overnight process once the go-live date of your studio is finalized. Your business never has to stop its operations anytime before that. Our live chat support is always available to make sure there are no hurdles during this whole process of switching, and you’re continuously kept up-to-date on everything.
  • Less consumer activity - Season end is the best time to get your studio into a new avatar as there is less consumer activity. Your clients are busy spending their holidays with their friends and family which gives you the required amount of time to switch to an upgraded software. The best part is your clients would love the switch when they return. Book a demo with us to provide a first-rate user experience to your client.

02. Manage your busy holiday calendar efficiently

Many things are on your to-do list during the year-end. That's why it's critical that your holiday calendar is well-planned and well-organized. Remember that when your calendar is prepared and ready ahead of time, there is no space for error in the operations.

  • Easy to manage Calendar - Hit the peak of productivity with Bookee's intelligent and easy-to-manage calendar. Manage all your services and instructors from one place. With a unified calendar, you don't have to switch between tabs. Instead, classes, courses, workshops, live and recorded are beautifully organized and color-coded to your preference in a single calendar.
  • Waitlists - It's the holiday season and people tend to cancel their plans at the last minute. Bookee's waitlist feature lets you automatically book customers from the waitlist to ensure last-minute entries show up for the class and your class footfall remains unaffected even after the cancellations.
  • Substitutions - Many of your studio instructors are unavailable in the holidays season as they are busy spending time with their loved ones. You must be in a position to easily replace your unavailable instructors during the busy holiday season. Bookee's intelligent calendar would assist you to do it just in 3 simple clicks.

03. Sell more with Holiday Promotions

Holidays are more rewarding with promotions. It is imperative to plan your season-end promotions beforehand. Create holiday-themed email campaigns, gift cards, and add inventory to your fitness management software so that it notifies your clients of any deals you're offering throughout the holiday season.

  • Gift cards - In 2019, the worldwide gift card industry was worth $619.25 billion, with a forecast of $2,076.51 billion by 2027. This means that gift card sales over the holidays might bring in a significant portion of your fitness studio's annual revenue. People nowadays prefer to present experiences instead of tangible gifts as a Christmas present. Holiday-themed gift cards are the best way to sway your clients with an ultimate experience. With Bookee, you can add gift cards to your platform easily by getting in touch with a customer support executive.  Try adding gift cards with amount variations to induce the purchases.
  • Merchandise Sales - Holidays are the most feasible and suitable time if you wish to expand your revenue stream and go beyond your primary services. Merchandise sales are something that can do the job of branding your brand around your location and it is made easy with the branded fitness software of Bookee. You can easily add inventory to your fitness studio software and the cherry on top is that there's no need to update the sizes and colors manually. The software would automatically create several variants for your merchandise. Easy-peasy right?!

04. Design your New Year Incentives Plan

Ignite the motivation of your clients with bang-on discount codes and fitness challenges before you step into the next year. Create a sense of urgency during the holiday season with the help of discount codes and fitness challenges. As both the ways are time-based, they tend to bring in more members in a shorter period of time.

  • Discount codes - Provide a small joining incentive by floating discount codes amongst your existing members. Discount codes can be easily set up in Bookee. You can even push these discount codes in the notifications of your existing clients to acquaint them with the ongoing offers. Because you must know discounts, do count.
  • Fitness challenges - Introduce a new year fitness challenge so that people could shed some holiday pounds at your gym. Fitness challenges are a great way to bring people together. They create a sense of competition among members and encourage them to compete against one another. By setting up a fitness challenge, you can keep your members engaged from the beginning of the next year which results in satisfied members bringing in referrals.

Here is the list of ten smashing fitness challenge ideas that you can use for your fitness studio to boost client engagement and retention.

05. Hybrid Fitness Studio is the future

he need to go hybrid has risen because of the fast-paced fitness industry. Before COVID, you needed desks, walls, doors, and a roof to run an office. Now you can add hybrid workplace software to that list. Even after the relaxation in the lockdown guidelines, most of the businesses are still operating in the hybrid workplace model turning it into a norm that will stay with us in the years to come.

  • VOD (Video On Demand)- There has been a growing use of the internet to enable growth during the pandemic. The convenience of accessing videos from anywhere at any time, availability of smart devices, high-speed connectivity, and affordability are a few factors that have driven the demand for VODs. You can prepare for the January rush with the Video On Demand feature of your fitness software. With Bookee, you can also create and price multiple collections and courses.
  • Live Stream- The live stream feature virtualizes your fitness studio and has been here in the industry for a while now. Although, COVID-19 has brought a twist in the live stream scenario and has changed the dynamics of the business models. A hybrid working model has entered the market and is here to stay. Bookee offers Unique link-free Zoom integration, enables you to link multiple zoom accounts and provides unique meeting links to decrease the chances of unauthorized access.

Bring out the new you with the onset of this new year. Make the most of your pre-holiday planning while you still can. It's better to plan everything ahead of time in order to avoid any last-minute hustles. Make sure you tick everything off your list before you go out and spend quality time with your loved ones.

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