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12 Types Of People At The Gym And How To Retain Them

Customer Success Team
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Gyms and fitness centers are the most interesting places to visit as they draw a wide mix of people working out. Your gym is likely to attract a near-infinite number of people, each with their own motivations and goals. You're always meeting and dealing with different types of gym people as a gym manager from overenthusiastic ones, gym bros, sloths to social butterflies. So, how can you market your gym and your services to such a diverse audience?  Although some simple modifications can have a big impact today, the tactic for member retention may need some long-term work on the part of gym management. We'll discuss the types of gym people at the gym and how you may promote and sell your services to them in this blog post. Let’s get started.

12 types of people at the gym and how to retain them

01. The Selfie God/ Goddess

These are the gym people who are more interested in capturing their workouts rather than actually doing it. They always have a phone to capture mirror selfies in their gym wear.

Best part is that you can do a lot of things to get the most out of their selfies. First and foremost, urge your participants to include the studio hashtag in their posts. This makes the members brand ambassadors of your gym and makes it easier for you to reach out to their network. You could also launch a transformation challenge at the gym to engage and attract the selfie-obsessed. This might be a six-week challenge, such as drinking two liters of water every day, sleeping for nine hours, or eating healthy.

02. The Sweat Machine

These are the types of gym people who release gallons of sweat from their bodies. Popularly known as the sweat drippers at the gym are dreaded as they often leave their sweat marks on the equipment. Some of them are gracious and considerate enough to wipe the equipment and benches they use but some of them don't.

Handing out free workout towels can be quite convenient for these types of gym people and they would be more interested in coming back to your gym.

03. The Social Butterfly

Even if you have your headphones on, you can hear this person working out less and ranting more about how Richard never cleans up. Or how their yearly vacation excursion had to be postponed due to unforeseen circumstances. They're the social butterflies, flying across the gym and chatting up everyone from Tom to Harry. They'll only be spotted working out on rare occasions, the primary purpose is to socialize at the gym.

For a social butterfly, gym events are great. Events allow your members to interact while also giving potential clients a taste of what your gym has to offer. They may help you grow your gym's community, increase retention, and attract new consumers.

04. The Equipment Dominator

These types of gym people get on the treadmill and just don't get off. This person will not even be discouraged from working out even if there's a large queue behind the equipment. They won't just move. If you come across a few equipment dominators, figure out what's keeping them from trying out new things.

Begin by providing the appropriate introductory training. Make sure that everyone at the gym understands how to operate the equipment properly and safely. If a member is unsure about all of the equipment available, they are more likely to become an equipment dominator at the gym.

Another alternative is to provide personal training services to these members, as they are ideal candidates for one-on-one personal training. In this manner, they may learn about the new types of gym equipment to workout with while generating additional revenue for your gym.

05. The Overenthusiastic Gym Bro

The gym bros are the type of gym people who enjoy going to the gym, purchasing protein-rich drinks, and focusing on muscle growth. They not only exceed the time limit on the workout equipment, but they also seem to have had six cups of coffee before leaving their houses. To attract these types of gym people to your gym, you'll need the correct equipment. Choose heavy-weighted equipment with plenty of alternatives for deadlifts and free weights.

Selling goods that may assist these gym bros to achieve their fitness goals is another approach to reach out to them. These bodybuilding gym bros may benefit from products such as protein powder, chalk, and hand wraps. This would show how your gym is helping them in achieving their goals while also generating more profits.

06. The Fit Couple

This is the power couple at the gym. You'll witness them walking aimlessly throughout the gym, looking for equipment that will suit them both. To satisfy this couple, make sure you provide a comfortable workout place for them.

Consider your audience while arranging your lessons or thinking about adding additional ones. Acro Yoga, kickboxing, salsa dance, circuits, and swimming are just a few of the fitness activities that are great for couples at the gym.

07. The Newbie

The Newbie is a relative newcomer amongst the gym people. They can be identified by their puzzled and/or terrified expressions, and they may be accompanied by a companion for support. The newbie has a habit of misusing the gym equipment. For these types of gym people, introductory training goes a long way.

Further assigning a personal trainer to them could also generate more revenues for your gym as they won't mind being assisted by a personal trainer at least for the first few months.

08. The Fitness Gang

These are the type of gym people who arrive in the gym with a party of four or five and never leave a guy or woman behind in insisting, they join the gang. They enjoy working out in groups. If they don't find their gang, they may also think about canceling their gym memberships since the prospect of running alone on a treadmill is too much for these types of gym-goers.

Now is the time to start offering group training sessions if you haven't already. Group training is a popular trend that may help the gym people stay motivated and keep coming back to your gym. It appeals to a wide range of people at the gym, including social butterflies and ultra-competitive types of gym persons. Looking for a group fitness certification for your fitness instructors? Here are some of the options available. But before that, know everything you need to become a group fitness instructor.

09. The Sloth

These are the types of gym people are those who contrarily avoid going to the gym and despise working out. You'll probably be able to detect them from a mile away. People who despise working out frequently have no idea what they're doing. This is an excellent chance for you to step in as a fitness expert and provide fitness advice. To get them started, give them simple instructions or an introductory personal training session.

10. The Grunter

As a gym manager, you must've probably seen one of these huge bodybuilder types men. Grunters are those people at the gym who make all the grunting noise while pulling weights that most guys in gym can only dream of lifting. But if you come in their path, they'll most probably smash you. Grunters are known for being quite open about their efforts in any workout they undertake.

Unfortunately, these gym people tend to annoy other members. Even if you're using headphones in gym, the noise still might be distracting. If possible, provide adequate space between each piece of equipment to avoid any disturbance to other gym members at the gym.

11. The Fitness Advisor

There are two types of gym people in this category. People who correct you when you're doing an exercise incorrectly are the proper advisor ones. On the other hand, there are self-assuredly incorrect, gym people who confidently correct you in the wrong direction.

Offering personal assistance regularly can help them with the advice they need and would keep them away from taking the unsolicited advice of other people at the gym leading them to the direction that may be not right for them.

12. The Ultra-Competitive

Who doesn't like a little friendly competition? The ultra-competitive are driven by a desire to win and compete against everyone at the gym. The competition encourages them to stay active and compete to the best of their abilities. Create a quantifiable challenge or contest for them. Have a look at these amazing challenge and contest ideas. A competitive environment may give the motivation that other members require, as well as encourage them to push themselves.

To attract members to join your gym, you can leverage your gym's mobile app and social media. A fitness challenge is also an excellent method to attract new members who enjoy friendly competition. Here are some gym fitness challenge ideas.

Now, find them in your gym!

You are sure to find these gym personalities at your own gym. Just pay more attention to what they want rather than what you have.  Make sure members have a reason to keep coming to your fitness center by customizing services to their personality – it could just keep all types of gym people on the right track.

It's so simple these days to improve customer experience by using a more personalized interface. You must use gym management software that suits your gym and can simplify your tasks including automating the payments, reporting and administration as much as possible so that you’re free to focus on what your members love.

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