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Where Do Classes, Courses, And Appointments Fit In A Gym Studio Business?

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The fitness business is booming right now, and why wouldn’t it?

After the pandemic, fitness and wellness businesses are doing way better than before. Most of them started their digital journey in that period and have been growing ever since.

If you are starting a Gym or already are running one, this article would act as creatine for your business to efficiently and powerfully go through the workout with guaranteed growth.

Do you know whether classes, courses, or appointments work best for your gym?

Appointments are more common in gyms, do you know why?

In this article, you’ll learn about classes, courses, and appointments and how you should incorporate them into your business.

Without further delay grab your gym clothes and pre-workouts, and let’s dive into it.

Difference between classes, courses, and appointments

A regular class is like a group activity hosted regularly at fixed times with a predefined capacity for joining. There is no commitment, and bookings can be made for one class at a time.

A course is a fixed series of classes with long or short-term commitments, based on the courses. There is a particular time, start date, and end date. The number of classes is also fixed. If a customer purchases a course, they are supposed to attend every class.

An appointment is a lesson where customers can choose the start time from the slots you have already put forward. It’s more personalized since the appointment is not a group class and the customer gets undivided attention from the trainer.

Common Gym Layout.

The common gym layout usually includes two interconnected spaces, one where most of the machines, and weights are, and a separate space for Cardio machines, equipment, and weights.

The Gym layout directly provides an idea of the services available.

Common gym layout, Room Sketcher.

Services available

Most of the weight lifting, bodybuilding, and targeting specific parts of the body happens in the area with most of the machinery, and cardio space is for cardio and working your core muscles.

Classes, courses, or appointments?

Gyms mostly work on a membership basis and you can’t hold group classes for most of the services.

Everyone’s workout is different, training for different purposes, different muscle groups, and with different intensities. Most of the revenue would be coming from the monthly, 3 monthly, 6 monthly, and annual memberships.

Gym membership, 24 hour fitness, Kew Gardens Road, Kew Gardens
Gym membership, anytime fitness, Saratoga Springs NY 12866

You can have regular cardio exercise group classes or HIIT classes on and off. It will help create a community with a positive impact on the customers.

Courses can’t make their way into your gym business, but you can include personal appointments and semi-personal appointments. In a gym, you can’t maintain complete isolation while taking an appointment, you can’t have a different space for that since most machinery is in one place. High-valued customers pay well for appointments. Nobody wants to work out with a bad form or perform exercises incorrectly.

Appointment schedule, NuEx fitness


In your Gym studio, group classes are mostly limited to cardio spaces only. Memberships are the most efficient ways to accomplish your goals and create a good revenue model, and courses are not much relevant to your Gym Studio business.

Booking and managing classes, courses, and appointments has never been easier

The Internet is a great way to stay in touch with your clients, to manage and understand their needs. One of the great tools that you can have is to let people book your classes, enroll for courses, and book appointments online. That’s where Bookee steps in and takes away all of your worries.

Bookee is a fitness management software that specifically understands and solves the needs of a fitness business.

Want to make booking a class, enrolling in a course, or booking an appointment easier for your customers?

Book a demo with us now.

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