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What’s new? Centralized communication packed with the power of AI!

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Hey there,

Great news – Bookee Insider is back, and we're here to share something that's going to add a touch of magic to your Fitness and Wellness Studio!

Drumroll, please...

Introducing our brand-new feature: the AI-Powered Inbox.

But why the fuss about an inbox, you ask? Well, imagine this – no more scattered messages.

No more hunting through different places to keep your studio running smoothly. We get it, having messages all over the place can be a real pain. That's why we've brought everything under one roof – the Inbox.

The Inbox brings a bunch of benefits:

  • Did you know that over 56% of people using messaging apps reach out to studios for info throughout their buyer's journey?
  • And when a studio is active on a messaging app, it boosts confidence in purchases for 66% of buyers and makes 55% feel more connected to the brand.
  • Plus, messages in the mobile app inbox get opened more than 22% of the time, which beats the 5% open rate of regular mobile push notifications.

Sounds good, right? You wouldn't want to miss out on these perks, and together, we can make that happen.

What's the Deal with the Inbox?

Think about this – you clients need to reschedule something. Bam! You've got a centralized spot for it, just a message away.

No more missing messages and no more chaos. Say hello to smooth and on-time communication.

But guess what? This isn't just any old inbox.

It's your secret marketing weapon. Win back those former clients with tempting offers, and keep your current clients happier than ever.

Helping your clients is a breeze now.

Their questions and concerns are just a few taps away. You can guide them seamlessly through every step of the way.

Hold On, What About the AI?

Our inbox is smart – like, really smart. Need a friendly tone? Just a click.

Want a professional touch? It's got your back.

Crafting that perfect message? Piece of cake.

Let's up our game together. Ready to dive in?


Naj from Bookee Insider

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