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Waitlists That Your Clients Will Love. And Your Front Desk Too!

Vaishwi Sinha
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“Bookee’s waitlist is so good that I almost never have an empty machine.
-Jennifer Miller, The Pilates Vault

What is it that makes a great waitlist?

Well, for your clients to have a great experience and your staff to execute seamless operations, your software should provide a waitlist feature that:

  1. Makes it easy for clients to add themselves to a waitlist
  2. Enables your front desk to add clients to the waitlist
  3. Notifies clients when a spot opens up
  4. Adds waitlisted clients to your class automatically
  5. Informs clients about their waitlist status
  6. Sets maximum waiting spots
  7. Removed waitlists and returns the credit utilized

Why do you need a great waitlist feature?

A good waitlist feature is super important since:

  1. It keeps your clients happy
  2. It keeps your staff happy

We will tell you how!

Before discussing the feature, let us establish the fact that a waitlist feature is extremely important.

What happens if you don’t enable waitlists?

It is possible that you have a high demand for a particular class but it gets fully booked. The clients who couldn’t get a place, will feel dejected and might start looking for other options.

It is also possible that you get some cancellations and end up having empty spots in your class even when there was excess demand for your class.

Waitlist feature that retains your clients

Making your clients happy involves giving them a great experience.

Great experience means automating operations for ease of the process.

Your software should automatically send a notification to your waitlisted clients asking them to confirm their spot.

Waitlist feature that keeps your front desk staff happy

Have you ever faced the hassle of booking clients into your waitlist?

Let us take you through the process most businesses take.

  1. A client cancels their booking
  2. Your software lets you know about it
  3. There are x number of people who have booked a spot in the waitlist
  4. Your front desk staff pulls out the list
  5. Your staff starts to call them to confirm


  1. Takes too much manual effort that frustrates your staff
  2. The time might not be sufficient to give a call to each client
  3. And let’s agree that calling and confirming is one of the most inefficient methods of operations

Why go through all the trouble when tasks can be automated?

The issue that we were running into with Mindbody was that it did not automatically add waitlisted people when the spots were cleared. When a spot was open, we had to manually call the waitlisted people and add them to the class. This waitlist management system did not work for us given the volume of our classes.
-Damien, Booster Transform

How can you get the best waitlist management feature?

Choose your management software wisely.

We, at Bookee, understand what is a great waitlist feature and we went ahead and built it for our clients.

Bookee's waitlist dashboard

With Bookee, you can either automate all the functions or choose to do the manually.

The simplicity will leave you amazed, we promise,

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Vaishwi Sinha Bookee Writer
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Vaishwi Sinha

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