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5 Ways Waitlist Management Apps Help Fitness Studios

Vaishwi Sinha
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While a gym full of members working out every single hour of the day is a sign of a thriving fitness business, it can be a nightmare if people don’t get access to equipment, facilities, or trainers because of overlapping bookings. After all, everyone is a paying member.

The answer to this problem is for fitness studios to invest in efficient waitlist management software. Here’s a quick look at 5 ways waitlist management apps can help fitness studios.

5 ways waitlist management apps help

Let’s face it: no one wants to go to a fitness studio and find that the class they want to take cannot accommodate them, or that they can’t get access to any of the cardio gear because there are too many people using them. Waitlist management apps can help with all of this and more.

Here’s an outline of the 5 ways in which waitlist management apps help fitness studios.

  1. Automate class scheduling
  2. Always keep classes full
  3. Give equal access to equipment
  4. Get the most out of trainers
  5. Get access to intelligent data and reports

Let’s take a more detailed look at how waitlist management apps are beneficial to fitness studios.

Automate class scheduling

All classes in a gym or any other fitness studio, be it a workout with a personal trainer or a yoga session, happen in batches. A waitlist application will allow people to schedule classes based on available slots.

If a person is interested in a batch that is already booked out, the software will automatically notify the person if someone with a prior booking cancels or drops out.

This way, not only will your members be proactively notified when their favorite class slots become available, but it will also free up time for you to actually concentrate on training your members rather than getting bogged down by the administrative aspects of scheduling.

Always keep classes full

Another important feature of waitlist management is that even if you have people dropping out from a class, the system will automatically populate the class with other interested members from the waitlist.

That way, your classes are always full, showing that your fitness studio is being utilized to its fullest potential.

Give equal access to equipment

Waitlist management is not limited to classes alone. It extends to equipment management as well.

Let’s assume you own and operate a gym. The amount of equipment your gym can house will be limited by the amount of space available for people to work out comfortably. This means the number of people who can use this equipment at any given point in time is also limited.

A waitlist management system will allow your members to schedule their workouts on each piece of equipment in an orderly manner. This way, everyone gets an equal opportunity to use the gear based on a pre-booked waitlist, and no one needs to get confrontational about working out.

An added bonus is that when waitlist management software are used for equipment management, it also ensures that all the equipment is used optimally, increasing your ROI on the gear.

Get the most out of trainers

Personal trainers can be expensive, and much sought after. A good waitlist management software will allow members to check when your trainers are available, and help them make bookings in advance for their services.

This allows your members to maintain great form while exercising by getting expert advice from your personal trainers whenever they need it.

Get access to intelligent data and reports

Waitlist management apps are also great sources of intelligent data and reports. You can use these tools to study trends in member behavior.

For example, you can see which times seem to have the most bookings, and which your lean hours are. You could use this information to boost activity during the lean hours, and maybe add more batches during the peak business hours to clear up the waitlist faster.

You can also see which among your training programs have the most bookings. Based on this, you can add more slots for that particular program, and build a plan to pick up the slack on your other offerings.

You can also see which slots seem to have the most demand for personal trainers, and probably employ more personal trainers to service your members better.

Leverage Bookee to set up efficient waiting lists and improve attendance

One of the biggest drawbacks of not having waitlist software is that people tend to discontinue their workouts because they don’t know when they’ll have access to fitness studio facilities and trainers.

With Bookee, you get a best-in-class waitlist tool that will help you set up efficient waitlists for classes, trainers, and equipment usage. You are sure to see increased retention and attendance as a result.

But waiting lists are just one of the many world-class services you get access to. When you choose Bookee, you partner with the most comprehensive fitness studio management software in the industry. Click below to learn how Bookee can help you manage and grow your fitness business.

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