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Product Spotlight

Top 5 Fitness Studio Apps Powered By Bookee!

Customer Success Team
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In a modern-day fitness society, studios and gyms need to have personalized apps that can boost client retention. The so many uses of client apps in running and sustaining better client relations have already been discussed here.

Let's jump straight onto the top 5 fitness studio apps that are currently powered by bookee.

01. Vibe Vault

Vibe Vault has chosen a style guide that's in line with its brand psychology. Since it's a combination of yoga, meditation, and dancing, the black & blue hybrid color code plays to its advantage. Vibe Vault has built an enormous VOD playlist for an additional revenue stream. Moreover, users can also purchase gift cards for their loved ones using the branded app store.

Check it out: iOS | Android

02. Pole & Dance

Pole & Dance studio app has a very elegant and sophisticated feel. Its classes can be purchased via credits. Moreover appointments and courses can be booked straight from the home-page. Each class has a dedicated page on the app from where students can discover and book a class in just a single click.

Check it out: iOS | Android

03. Seek Studios

Sleek design. One tap class booking option. VOD playlist. And most importantly a fast POS to drive more memberships. Need we say more?

Check it out: iOS | Android

04. Soul Movement Yoga

Soul Movement Yoga has a very neat and simplistic design. It reflects peace and equanimity via its home page section, where a variety of classes and appointments can readily be booked. Once on the appointment page, the user can pick the trainer, session, decide the date and time based on the instructor's availability. Courses work a little differently and can be purchased separately using a single tap.

Check it out: iOS | Android

05. Fit & Bendy

Fit & Bendy boasts a very vibrant and attractive design. Its home page has multiple options for booking classes, appointments, and courses. VOD playlists are positioned perfectly. Moreover, Fit & Bendy's online classes and memberships are easily accessible via the mobile store.

Check it out: iOS | Android

And that's about it. All these apps are readily available on the Play Store and the App Store for new users to discover your services. Want to try out how your studio app would appear on your client's mobile phone, book a demo below.

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