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Too Good To Be True Contest!

Customer Success Team
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There's a software out there that fitness business owners are calling too good to be true.

And now it's your turn see why a fitness software can do more than what you once thought.

Too Good To Be True Contest

Book a demo and stand a chance to win free annual subscription to the modern-age fitness business software!

Save $2,400 in subscription fees  (Almost $4000 if switching from MindBody)

How you enroll?

  1. To enroll, schedule a free personalised demo with our software expert.
  2. Once you get on a 15-minute call with us, you will be enrolled in a monthly draw.
  3. The winner will be reached out to personally and declared via our social channels.

Don't be left behind. Book a demo to find out the fitness software studio owners are calling "too good to be true”.

How C&C Fitness Found Exactly What They Were Looking For.

It started with an e-mail. Then a demo. Questions after questions were asked and answers were given. Features were explored and let’s just say, some were surprised with how good Bookee was.

C&C Fitness were reluctant to try us out too. But they got on a call with us and then all they could say was that – this sounds too good to be true!

Read the full story here.

After That...We Just Wanted To Do Our Part

More often than not, businesses are stuck in a difficult position, unaware that something better exists. All they have to do is take a chance and look for it.

And to make this easier for you - Bookee has launched its 'Too good to be true' contest.

To enroll, book your free demo with our software expert.

Grow Your Brand. Grow Your Community. Grow With Us.

Want to attract and convert new clients? Delight your members? And do it all at lower costs? Do it with Bookee.

Upgrade your fitness business now!

  • Best-in-class Mobile Apps
  • Branded Website
  • Native Zoom Integration & VOD
  • Three Click Bookings
Book a personal demo with Bookee
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