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Can A Mindbody Alternative Be "too good to be true?"

Customer Success Team
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'Subject: Is MindBody taking a toll on your mind?'

Every new mail from a fitness business software brings in the same thoughts.

  • "Should we try them out?"
  • "Oh another MindBody alternative, does it have all the features we need?"
  • "Demos are so boring, we don't have time for this."

And those are the exact questions that popped in Carla's mind when she heard from Bookee.

Carla runs a dance fitness studio C&C Fitness along with her partner Cherry and she has been a MindBody user ever since the launch of her studio.

Carla was never fond of MindBody, but it didn't bother her either. She had looked at other software in her 4 years with MindBody, but none of them was the right fit. Some would lack features, or some were just not specialized enough for her business.

The end result was the same. Several hours wasted on software demos.

At least that's how it was until Bookee came in and said this is what a modern fitness business needs in 2021. They claimed to fix everything she hated about Mindbody without cutting corners elsewhere.

To Carla, it felt like another gimmick.

But she reluctantly signed up for a demo because as a MindBody user, she was open to a change.

Before the demo, she prepared herself with a large mug of coffee. She was pretty sure that without the caffeine in her veins she will get so bored looking at the screens - that she will sleep.

So as soon as the demo started, Carla quickly laid out everything important to her. Classes, privates, fitness website, studio apps, trials - everything. She made it clear from the get go, that if the software didn't meet all her advanced needs then both of them can save their time.

Surprisingly, Bookee's rep told her that all her demands were basically 'essentials' and that they wouldn't even have built a software if it couldn't do that much.

"Interesting", thought Carla. "Then let's dive right in, show me what you do better."

C&C fitness was running classes online and offline. And recently they had launched their own Vimeo channel for on-demand videos.

So Carla was curious to see what Bookee could do better here.

And better it did.

Bookee software was designed for hybrid fitness businesses. It wasn't a patched up job to include live-streaming or on-demand option. Everything would just seamlessly fit in. Making it easier for her to manage.

What really impressed her though was the client experience. It was impeccable.

Her client's could stream classes from their favorite Zoom platform meanwhile she would never have to deal with meeting links again.

Her clients could also watch her pre-recorded videos right from the studio website or app. All of this without the pain of multiple logins or memberships.

It definitely sounded much better than how she was managing hybrid operations at the moment.

So she decided to dive into other features crucial to her business.

But from here onwards every feature that the rep showed her was kind of levelled up. Each one had a dedicated solution to:

  • How she was managing a business function right now.
  • How it was taking too much of her time.
  • And how it could be much better with Bookee.

Waitlist, website, client communications, marketing - there was a better solution for everything. And to her surprise - she was completely unaware of all of it.

She had got so used to doing things the Mindbody way, that she had forgotten how she wanted things to work.

She could make her website work like Soulcycle, but she thought that would cost her a bomb. So she settled with the scrappy code on her website to capture class bookings.

But guess what - her website could look as good as a multi-million dollar national chain.

And that's when it struck her - "all of this must be really expensive.”

But turns out, Bookee could do everything better than Mindbody and was still cheaper.

So she was obviously wondering, "what's the catch?"

Maybe this is an overpromising sales guy. She had met one of his tribe before, and that's how she ended up with MindBody in the first place.

So the next question was obvious - "what kind of support do you provide?"

And the answer was - a pretty great one. You can chat, video call with the support team any day of the week.

"Okay, that sounds great" - Carla was really making up her mind now.

"But wait, what about all my existing data?"

It must be a pain to move everything from Mindbody. All her autopays, credit card info, class bookings, packs - there was so much to move. And it would be utter chaos to deal with two platforms at a time. My clients would hate me.

Turns out Bookee had this figured out too.

They claimed to move all your data, saved credit cards info, memberships, class bookings. All of it. Overnight and free of cost.

Hearing this, she put her thoughts out there in simple words - "This sounds too good to be true"

"This sounds too good to be true"

She said that with the excitement to jump onboard immediately.

But she didn't let that cloud her judgement. So she made a straight request - "Can we speak to some of your customers?"

And the answer was, "Surely you can, please reach out to any of our clients, all of them were previously using MindBody. Also here is a short list of people we can connect you to."

Fast forward a week, Carla decided to move on from Mindbody. Thanks to the "glowing reviews" she said she received for Bookee.

More often than not, businesses are stuck in a difficult position, unaware that something better exists. All they have to do is take a chance and look for it.

Are you like Carla? Does this sound too good to be true?

You can also modernise your business just like Carla. Attract and convert new clients. Delight your members. Grow your community. Grow your revenue. And grow your brand.

And to make this easier for you - Bookee is launching 'too good to be true!' contest.

To enroll, schedule a free demo with our software expert. If you like it, you stand a chance to win free annual subscription worth $2,400 (saving almost $4,000 if you're moving from Mindbody)

Don't be left behind. Book a demo to find out the fitness software other studio owners are calling too good to be true.

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