Bookee Product Updates: June 2021 (Part 2)

Retail products are here! Easily manage multiple variants of the same product and start selling products in-store from the Bookee point of sale.

etail products and inventory management have finally arrived! We have setup our products feature to eliminate the need of additional tools like Shopify and Woocommerce for your business. The current release will let you setup your products, manage inventory and sell from the POS. The next release will add products store and shopping cart to your website.

Add products and variants

Setup your product retail like a modern e-commerce store. Generate multiple product variants by adding options for product sizes, color, etc

Adding products and variants on bookee software's inventory

Sell products from POS

Sell your products like you sell everything else. Just add to cart and checkout. System will automatically keep track of your remaining stock.

Bookee's POS in action with t-shirts, bottle and masks in stock

Track and manage inventory

New stock incoming? Simply update your inventory count for the product variants.

Bookee's inventory to track and update stock quantity

Detached events

Updating class schedule and worried it will create duplicate events? Or what happens to class instances when you delete a time-slot?

Now you can edit/delete a time-slot with peace of mind. On editing a time-slot, the booked classes will be moved to the new timing while retaining the bookings.

If you delete a time-slot, only the unbooked class instances will get deleted from the calendar. The booked classes will remain unaffected. These booked classes for which the time-slot has been deleted are now called detached events.

You can learn more about editing class schedule and detached events here.

Add recording link before the class starts

If you're adding a pre-recorded video to a live classes, you don't need wait for the class end time to add the recording link. You can now paste the link to pre-recorded video in the event link and recording link at the same time.

Bookee's class option to add a pre-recorded video link before class

Email subscription status in reports

Easily identify the clients who have subscribed to receive marketing communications from your business. The marketing subscription status has now been added as a column and filter in the customer and lead data reports.

Coming up next..

Staff payroll, forgiving late cancellations and more.

Refresh your CRM if you do not see the latest features. Please reach out to the support team if you have any questions.

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