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Happy Jane's Yoga Journey: #3 Member Retention

Customer Success Team
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Jane was approaching just the end of a Vinyasa yoga flow session when suddenly her phone rang up with the same old notification sound. Jane pursed her lips, because the by-laws of her studio always upheld the idea of switching off their phones prior to a class.

Nevertheless, the session got over in a few minutes and Jane settled down on her yoga mat to check what the message was about. It was from an year-old client Sarah, who just texted her that she wouldn’t be continuing her classes from the next month.

On the drive back home, Jane felt a lost sense of calm over losing an year-old client. She felt a little confused thinking how she didn’t see this coming. Driving through the city lanes, she started receiving flashbacks of her past few sessions with Sarah.

There were in fact a couple of times when Jane could see that Sarah wasn’t as amped for her yoga sessions as she used to be in the initial months. But she didn't felt it necessary to intervene, thinking that the motivation would kick in sooner than later.

Although now as she reflected on this whole scenario, she realized that surely there must’ve been a lack of connect for Sarah that deepened with time and finally led her to leave the class.

By the time Jane reached home, she was thinking it all over again. Stressed out already, she finally resorted to this safe thought that it was just one client who she had lost.

She could also try and convince Sarah not to leave. In case she failed to bring her back, she did have several other loyal customers who could help her sustain the business for the times yet to come.

That’s when she entered her house and settled down on her sofa, taking a sigh of relief. Although only a few seconds later, her moment of complacence turned into a sudden guilt that compelled her to pick up the phone and drop Sarah a text asking why she was leaving.

Within seconds she received a reply. Over their conversation Jane came to know the reason why Sarah wouldn’t be continuing with her studio. It was because she had found another yoga class a few blocks away, which although was expensive but had a better claim.

Jane couldn't convince her to opt back in. Only if she could have known what Sarah was seeking a few months ago, she could have incorporated such expectations in her sessions or perhaps offered her a free private class centered on that specific pain-point.

All this was happening during a time when Jane had already on boarded with Bookee software and was partly aware of it’s notification features. But she never had found a reason to use it before.

The very next moment Jane got on a call with Bookee’s support executive who set-up push notifications for her clients within 15 minutes.

Now Jane’s Yoga Studio would automate the process of reaching out to clients every two weeks, requesting their feedback about how they have been finding the course, what their levels of motivation are, and if their learning expectations are on track or not.

The notification text was personally written by Jane so it wouldn't look like coming through a bot. The client name, their class type and other dynamic text made it appear nothing less than real.

The notification system also wouldn’t barge her clients with endless spam, but only what Jane considered necessary. That helped her reduce the manual labor of reaching out to everyone personally, and also enhanced the experience for her clients.

With the extra few hours that Jane saved in the next month, she devoted that time towards enriching her class teachings and delivering a better value to her clients.

Although the notification send-outs looked like a small inclusion at start, overtime as Jane kept on with them, she did reap her results. Over the next six months, her churn rates dropped dramatically, and her revenue started to stabilize.

Her experience with notifications made Jane attest her belief in the fact that if customers are approached at the right point in their journey, they can definitely be retained for the long run.

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