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Happy Jane's Yoga Journey: #2 Class Schedules

Customer Success Team
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As she finishes her morning cup of herbal tea, Jane lifts her head up to find the face of her 8 year old daughter Hannah, looking at her so excitedly for their yoga session, and once again she reflects back on the memories of her mother.

One of the fondest memories Jane has of her mother is when they used to do early morning yoga together. It was a simple beginner routine that they followed every weekend in the neighboring park with a group of other women which became the first of many that Jane went on to master.

It is the same routine that she does with her daughter, as well as while teaching the beginner's class in her own studio that she recently opened up, an ode to her mother who passed away 3 years ago.

Jane and Hannah finish their morning class, and then go to their respective rooms to get ready for the day. As Jane finishes getting ready, she opens up the class calendar on her Bookee app and makes sure that her first class is scheduled as planned.

She finds 18 of the 20 vacancies filled, and that brings a smile to her face. Right then Hannah comes out of her room dressed up for school. Since Jane has enough time before her first class, she walks her daughter to the school before making way to her studio.

10 minutes before the class begins, she again opens up the app and checks the list of the people who will be coming for the class. Her software makes this so easy as she glances at some of the familiar names with their active user tags.

That helps her know before-hand about people who are new or would require some kind of special attention.

She notices that this class in particular has a lot of different tags with 4 people who require extra care given their age,  and two others who have had an old injury.

Most of her Sunday regulars also have either student or corporate tags, and it might be useful teaching them some yoga techniques that can help them deal with stress and burnouts better.

As the class begins, she is reminded how grateful she is of the ease that comes with real-time user attendance and helpful user tags. Ah, the joy of a good yoga studio software.

She puts special efforts in this class, not only because the beginners need extra attention but because she personally enjoys teaching this class without the hassle of dealing with all the repetitive admin stuff.

The calendar feature ensures that Jane can devote her focus on her teaching her students and leave everything else for Bookee to take care of. : )

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