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Happy Jane's Yoga Journey: #1 The Zoom Problem

Customer Success Team
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"Let's start a new live-streaming class on Zoom next week..", is what Jane says first thing into the routine Sunday meeting she has with her team to review the previous week's work and plan for the next.

"Really? Why now?", asks Shirley, an instructor at the studio and one of Jane's closest friends ever since they met 3 years back when she was just opening up the studio.

"Why not though? I know it might sound a little intimidating, but I have been thinking about it for quite some time. I have the whole thing thought through."

"What's the plan?"

"Shirley, this live streaming thing is really popular these days. There's a whole new group of  people out there who we can reach out to, especially those who want to start doing yoga from their homes. This is just like giving our customers more options apart from our in-studio classes."

"I understand, but the entire process of setting it up, informing old clients, getting new ones, and what not...isn't that too much to do with the classes we have already?"

"Maybe, but you know what we can do, let's just start with a class or two and see what kind of response we get?"

"But Jane, we already tried it once and you know the kind of mess we got on our hands."

"Yeah, I know that our experience with live streaming hasn't been that great before but after our recent sign up on this Bookee software, I feel we can actually make some good use of their resources..."

"If we wish to go ahead with this, what exactly would it mean for us instructors and our pre-class prep?"

"Um, basically nothing? Just open the Zoom app and start the class."

"That's all? But we'll still have to create meetings in Zoom and then share the link with our clients before every class, right?"

"No we don't have to do any of that with Bookee. It automatically creates your class schedule in Zoom with unique links for each class. All you need to do is open Zoom and start the class."

"Seriously? Okay wow. But what about emailing the zoom link to clients. You know yourself that some clients never find the link in their inbox."

"Alright, so the software also takes care of that. Once the class is created, it automatically appears in our class schedules on the website and our mobile apps from where the clients can book it. "


"And before an hour or so from the class, clients who book the class will see the button to join it right from our website and even the app."

"Uh wow...nice."

"I know right..we don't even need to send emails with links anymore. Clients can go straight from our studio's website to the live zoom class"

"That sounds pretty cool. But what if I still want to send an email?"

"So Bookee has this entire email automation thing, you can easily automate the whole process of sending out links before every class"

"Awesome! I didn't know Zoom integration could do so much."

"Told you, we basically have to do nothing new for live-streaming our yoga class. It's all integrated. You have to watch it in action to believe it."

"Again, how did we land on something that is actually too good to be true.."

"Well, I found out about it from this email that Bookee sent -"  

"I was being rhetorical!"

Jane smiles cheekily at Shirley and the rest of her team, she sees that she has everyone convinced for the new live-stream class and is herself quite excited to see how this new venture will turn out.

She feels that apart from the new ones, her existing clients will also like it, especially on those days when they need some brushing up or maybe just a light calming session.

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