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How Bookee Can Help Your Barre Studio Grow by 100%

Vaishwi Sinha
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There is a reason barre has become among the most popular fitness practices in the world - inclusiveness. A mixture of dance exercises, yoga, and pilates, barre is a low-impact form of exercise that people of all age groups and sexes find easy to practice.

However, growing a barre studio business and expanding it is hardly as easy as practicing barre. Here’s a quick look at some of the obstacles barre studio owners such as yourself face, and how Bookee can help your barre studio grow.

Challenges faced by barre studio owners

Let’s begin with a quick overview of three challenges barre studio owners face that often prevent these studios from reaching their full potential.

  1. Managing bookings and payments
  2. Attracting new customers
  3. Retaining existing customers

Here’s a more detailed look at each of these growth obstacles.

Managing bookings and payments

These are two interrelated aspects that make a huge difference to the overall customer experience your brand provides. While many barre studios do have websites that allow prospective members to register themselves for classes, the process of registration and making payments is often lengthy and complicated.

Common distractions during this process are pop-up advertisements and unnecessary information. A complicated registration and payment process is enough to deter customers from signing up for your barre studio membership altogether.

Attracting new customers

One of the parameters that the growth of any business is measured by is by how many new customers register month on month. This holds good for barre studios as well.

However, a lot of studios find bringing in new customers easier said than done. They lack the expertise, and often, the tools needed to market their services and connect with their target audience, making it worth their while to sign up for barre classes at these studios.

Retaining existing customers

Another common issue that plagues fitness businesses is that while bringing in new customers is hard enough, they find it even harder to retain existing ones. Existing customers could leave for a variety of reasons, ranging from poor customer experiences to a lack of motivation and financial constraints.

While new customers are a great source of new income, it is the existing customers that ideally ought to pay to keep the bare studio afloat. When studios find it hard to retain customers, it isn’t unlikely to find them struggling to stay afloat.

How Bookee can help your barre studio grow

When you choose Bookee, you get a lot more than just the most comprehensive fitness studio management software. You get a growth partner with the experience and expertise to ensure your barre studio grows.

Here are four ways Bookee will help your barre studio grow.

  1. Streamline booking management
  2. Boost customer retention
  3. Increase revenue
  4. Streamline marketing

Let’s now dissect each of these specialized services we offer, and how they will help you grow your barre studio.

Streamline booking management

  • We at Bookee will build you a unique and easy-to-navigate business website, replete with your branding. Your customers will be able to see all your services and register for classes in the blink of an eye.

  • We will also build you a smartphone app, allowing your members to register for classes and control their relationship with your barre studio even when they’re on the move.

  • The website and app both have POS and payment gateways that will save your members’ payment preferences. That way, every payment will be fast and intuitive.

  • The website and app will show class schedules, trainer availability, and special offers, making it easy for members to choose convenient slots.

  • If a slot is booked out, our best-in-class waitlist function will automatically notify interested members about dropouts, allowing them to utilize the freed slot. This will also ensure your classes are never empty.

  • All of these features ensure your members and prospective customers have seamless booking experiences, and positive interactions consistently with your barre studio, irrespective of the platform. This is a proven way to increase bookings and improve customer satisfaction.

Boost customer retention

  • Bookee’s member management function helps you save member preferences, including their pet peeves. This allows you to ensure your and your staff’s interactions with each of your members are personalized and special.

  • With monthly billing automated, your customers never have to stress about making payments on time. Furthermore, membership management allows you to throw in an extra discount or a freebie to entice customers who may be planning to leave into staying.

  • Our system will allow you to celebrate special occasions, such as birthdays, and anniversaries and even reach fitness goals through messages and on social media. This goes a long way in creating a feeling of bonhomie and building positive experiences, all of which help with customer retention.

  • Keep a tab on member attendance, and check in on customers who seem to be slacking off. This kind of proactive interaction builds trust and improves retention.

  • Our waitlist feature ensures everyone has transparency about class schedules and trainer availability. This helps reduce friction about lack of access to resources and helps create a more cohesive barre community in your studio.

Increase revenue

  • Bookee’s POS solution is both in-store and online, making it easy for you to track payments from multiple locations and sources on a single platform.

  • Members can choose automatic billing, which means unless they specifically choose to discontinue it, membership renewal happens automatically month on month.

Our revenue reporting feature allows you insights as to which services or outlets are generating the most revenue and which areas are lacking for your barre brand. You can use intelligent data from these reports to address areas of concern and build strategies to strengthen your revenue flow based on these reports.

Marketing tools

  • Bookee’s marketing suite offers you SMS, email, and social media marketing tools to help you widen your reach, target the correct demographic and scale up your barre studio through increased brand awareness.

  • Use Bookee to create and manage email and phone databases.

  • Our ensuite marketing tools allow you to send bulk SMS messages, emails, and newsletters in a jiffy. We even have attractive templates to make your marketing content more appealing.

Bookee offers you a single platform from which you can have total control over your social media accounts and social media marketing budgets. Leverage social media to reach untouched audiences and ensure growth for your barre studio.

Come onboard with Bookee today

Now that we’ve given you an insight into some of the ways Bookee can help you grow your barres studio business, it’s time for you to book a demo with our experts.

You will discover what makes Bookee the most comprehensive management software for fitness businesses, and why we are the perfect growth partners to plan your future with.

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